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One of the more annoying things about blogging about your outfits for a living (Or even as a hobby, I’d imagine) is that you very quickly get to a point where you start to feel like said outfits are being “wasted” if you wear them, but don’t manage to get a photo for your blog. Like, photos or it didn’t happen, amiright?

(One of the OTHER really annoying things about blogging about your outfits is that you sometimes find yourself typing paragraphs like the one above, almost as if it’s a totally legitimate problem to have, and then you hate yourself a bit, because SERIOUSLY AMBER, is this REALLY what it’s come to?)

Now, I obviously realise that the world isn’t going to shudder to a halt if you all don’t get to see which particular combination of polks dots and/or stripes I’m wearing each day, but all the same, I’ve been enjoying rediscovering my wardrobe again after having Max, so, given that I just don’t have the time to take “blog worthy” photos every day, I’ve been posting a selection of NON-blogworthy ones on Instagram instead. And now I’m posting them here, too! So, the non-blogworthy photos are now being blogged about, in other words: that doesn’t make them suddenly blog-worthy, you understand – most of these outfits are basic AF – but they’re what I’ve been wearing lately, so here’s a quick roundup of some of the outfits I wore in May, but didn’t have time to photograph “properly”. Well, six of the things I wore in May, anyway…

polka dot top with black capri pants

ASOS top, trousers and shoes; Phillip Lim bag*

I bought this top when I was about 12 weeks pregnant last year, and I think I only got to wear it once before it got too tight, so re-discovering it a couple of weeks ago felt a bit like getting new clothes. Unfortunately for me, I obviously bought it with my pregnancy boobs in mind rather than my usual ones, because it’s now a bit too big in the bust, and is being held together with a safety pin in this photo: classy, huh?

(Er, mum, if you’re reading this, will you fix my top? Love you!)

(Oh, and it’s actually a pale pink, rather than white, so no idea why it looks white in this photo. Or, indeed, why I’m even bothering to mention this now, given that it sold out over a year ago? I’ll shut up now…)

green pleated midi skirt with sweater

H&M sweater and skirt; Christian Louboutin shoes

Everything here other than the shoes is from H&M: the skirt was a recent purchase (Although it’s now disappeared from the website – d’oh!), while the sweater was one of those emergency post-baby-give-me-all-the-baggy-sweaters buys when I’d just had Max, and was starting to worry that I was going to look pregnant forever. This one was actually not the baggiest of the sweaters I bought back then, but it IS one of the few I’m still wearing, purely because it’s one of the few I didn’t absolutely hate once the belly finally went down. (Word to the wise: try not to make any purchasing decisions directly after having a baby, because that’s a great way to end up with a closet full of items that basically look like large, woolly tents. Trust one who knows..)

Actually, this was a pretty good purchase, as it turned out, because I kind of love it: the photo doesn’t really do it justice, but it has a gorgeous, metallic thread running through it, and I’ve worn it loads since it arrived – not bad for a sweater that I think cost me about £12 from the H&M sale section!

(Further word to the wise: don’t wear a floaty skirt on a windy day. Just… don’t.)

polka dot skirt with red shoes

Boden skirt; Dorothy Perkins top and shoes (All old)

This was the start of the gorgeous May weather, and also the start of me wearing this skirt on repeat. It’s yet another one of those items I bought just before I found out I was pregnant, and I liked it enough that, when it was also released in black (With pink spots) late last year, I took a risk and bought that one too, even although I knew it wouldn’t fit me until long after the baby was born. Luckily, this story has a happier ending than the sad case of the polka dot blouse, so both skirts are now on rotation. The blue slash-neck top, however, had a less-than-happy ending, as Max spat up on it the last time I wore it, and, for some reason, no amount of stain remover would quite shift it. I’m still clinging on to it, because it’s surprisingly difficult to find slash-neck t-shirts right now (Or ANY t-shirts that aren’t totally see-through, come to think of it: seriously, what’s WITH that?), but I fear it’s probably had its day – RIP, faithful t-shirt: taken too soon!

H&M skirt and t-shirt; Carvela shoes

More H&M, and more clothes that have been in my closet for YEARS now. This skirt made its first appearance on the blog in May 2014, and I get a surprising amount of wear out of it given that it’s the kind of item that always makes people ask why I’m “all dressed up” whenever I wear it. This time around, I made an attempt to dress it down with a basic grey t-shirt and flats for a day out in Glasgow, but, well, we stopped at Glasgow Fort on the way to use their baby change room (Glasgow Fort has really good baby change facilities, just FYI – like, 8/10 for sure…), and the baby change room just so happens to be right next to ZARA. Which just so happened to be home to a pair of pink satin shoes that were the EXACT shade of pink that this skirt is. This skirt that I was wearing rightthatverysecond. Well, it would’ve been madness to ignore that kind of a sign, obviously, and that’s how I came to find myself wandering around Glasgow Green looking like the bottom half of my body was going to a wedding, while the top half just slobbed out at home. Awesome work, Amber!

ASOS black polka dot midi dress

ASOS dress; H&M jacket; Christian Louboutin shoes

So, remember the red polka dot skirt of dreams? This is the dress version (Only in black, obvs), purchased after many long days of me doggedly refreshing the ASOS website at regular intervals, patiently waiting for it to come back into stock in my size. And then what happened? Two came along at once, folks! Isn’t that always the way of it?

To cut a long, boring, story short (But still boring: sorry.), I ended up getting this in both the regular and petite length: I actually really liked them both, and would’ve been happy with either, but the regular was ankle-length on me, and, as much as I liked it, I figured I’d get more use out of this midi-length version, so I kept the petite, and the other one went back to ASOS, so that some other persistent website-refresher could one day stumble upon it, and know that their polka dot dreams had just come true.

It IS a dream of a dress, too. I mean, sure, it’s just a thin jersey, so it’s neither the best quality, nor the most interesting design you’ll ever find, but I love it, and would wear it every day if I didn’t worry about making all the other clothes jealous. And I DO worry about that, people: of course I do.

Anyway, like its skirt sister, it’s really comfortable to wear, and would be super-easy to dress up or down, so I’m hoping they release it in some other prints soon (They do have this one, but red next to my face/hair has never been a good look on me…), so I can buy ALL THE DRESSES. Yes.

And finally…

yellow broderie anglaise summer skirt with lace top

H&M skirt; Dorothy Perkins top; Primark bag; eBay sunglasses

I had a lot to say about this outfit, but honestly, all I can think of when I look at this photo now is the fact that, a few hours after it was taken, Max spit up on the skirt, and I was JUST congratulating myself on the fact that it was just a tiny bit, that would wash out easily, when he went on to throw up DOWN THE NECK OF MY TOP, thus soaking both the top itself AND THE BRA UNDERNEATH IT. So I ended up wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but hey – at least I looked summery for a nanosecond, huh?

I’ll also just quickly ‘fess up here to the fact that, yeah, I totally bought those Saint Laurent dupe sunglasses that everyone on Instagram is wearing right now. Honestly, I kind of hate myself for it, because hey Amber, why such a copycat, but obviously not enough to have resisted ALSO buying them in white and cream. So, that’s how I came to have, not one, but THREE pairs of totally ridiculous sunglasses, but, as silly as they are, I really, really love them, so that’s my feeble defence right there.

Aaaaand this “quick” roundup has now crossed the 1,500 word mark, so I’m going to stop right there: over and out, kids…

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  • Looking fab and springlike in the Scottish sunshine! I love the green pleated skirt and am a bit miffed to hear it’s probably sold out. And yellow is a great colour on you. It does absolutely nothing for me, but it’s such a happy colour.

    Meanwhile, a colour I never thought I’d embrace has crept into my wardrobe – pink (apart from cerise). I even toyed with getting pink Adidas Gazelles, but plumped for the mint greens!

    May 30, 2018
  • I love the floaty blush H&M skirt and the heart sunglasses!
    You look lovely!
    Debs @

    May 30, 2018
  • The spit up days were the worst, whenever I felt like I was properly dressed, my kids would throw up on me Preferably down the neck of a shirt, it is such a disgusting feeling!

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca

    May 30, 2018
  • I hope your mom can fix that first top for you because it is so beautiful! The shape is perfect.

    May 30, 2018
  • Sarah


    I enjoyed this post immensely 🙂 The rambly ones always make the best reading I think. (And I thought I was the only one that worried about being ‘fair’ to my clothes!) Also I am currently very pregnant so I’ve found your tips about post-baby dressing and shopping to be really interesting.

    May 31, 2018
  • All such lovely looks. The second is my fav. You look amazing in all

    May 31, 2018