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Visting Inchmahome Island and Inchmahome Priory





white straw fedoraapproaching Inchmahome Island by boatruined stone archwaythe ruins of Inchmahome Priory, Scotlandvisiting Inchmahome Islandthe ruins of Inchmahome Priorycream skirt and stripe bardot top


Last week we continued our bid to follow the sun around the country, almost as if the sun was some kind of touring rock band, and we its slightly crazy groupies.

Our previous adventures this summer have taken us east and west, so this time we decided to head north, following our idol, The Sun, up to the Lake of Menteith (It’s Scotland’s only lake, fact fans! All the others are “lochs”, you see…), and then taking the short boat ride across to Inchmahome Island, home of a ruined 13th century priory called – you guessed it – Inchmahome Priory.

Cute story: the man who took us over to the island (Sailed us? Captained us? I mean, I was wearing a vaguely nautical outfit: you’d think I’d know my nautical terminology..) (You wouldn’t actually think that at all, would you? You’re actually amazed I even remember my own name most of the time…) was called John, and by the time we reached the island, Terry had played true to form, and he and John were BFFs. Anyway, John told us to look out for these stone effigies of the Earl of Menteith and his wife, who, rather unusually, are depicted lying with their arms around each other. Kinda sweet, no? In an “effigies of dead people” kind of way.

stone effigiesOur new friend John was also the person responsible for covering these two up at night, to protect them from the bats which occupy the priory, and he told us that when he uncovers them every morning, he likes to say a quick “hello” to them: I loved that, because it’s exactly the kind of thing I’d do myself. The people they depict have been dead for over 700 years, but I expect it would comfort them to know they were being remembered, all these years later, and, indeed, blogged about. OK, maybe not that last bit.

(John also told us he likes to imagine that when everyone’s left the island for the night, the statues throw off their covering, get up, and do whatever it is stone effigies do for fun these days. I like to think that, too. Because it’s true, obviously…)



Anyway! Inchmahome Priory is situated on the island of Inchmahome in the Lake of Menteith, which is in the Stirling Council area of Scotland. Here’s some more information about it, if you’re thinking of visitng…


When was Inchmahome Priory built?

Inchmahome Priory was founded in 1238 by the Earl of Menteith, Walter Comyn. The abbey’s construction continued over the following decades.


Who founded Inchmahome Priory?

Inchmahome Priory was founded by Walter Comyn, the Earl of Menteith, in 1238.


How can I visit Inchmahome Priory?

Visitors can reach Inchmahome Priory by taking a boat to the island. Boats are available from the nearby village of Port of Menteith.


Can visitors explore the interior of the priory?

Yes, visitors can explore the ruins of Inchmahome Priory, including the interior of the chapter house and other parts of the structure.


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  • Great hat – I am so after one like this, why did it have to be from Target?!

    July 16, 2014
  • Selina


    I like John. I also greet inanimate objects. More people should do that

    July 16, 2014
  • Such a lovely outfit Amber!

    July 16, 2014
  • This is probably one of the cooler looking places you’ve shown us. And the stone effigies but is really cool.
    I absolutely love that top. It’s reminded me that sometimes f21 has some good things.

    Fashion and Happy Things

    July 16, 2014
  • I’ve been swapped up with uni so have been off blogging a bit. Glad to see summer has been so adventurous for you. Are you planning a US holiday? (Or have I missed it?)
    I really like how the top looks in that first photo (how it’s on your shoulders).

    July 27, 2014
  • Gorgeous outfit! I love the quilted skirt. Looks like a lovely place. xxx

    August 4, 2014