Where to see Lavender fields in Scotland

Where to See Lavender Fields in Scotland

lavender fields Scotland

Full disclosure: these photos are almost two years old now – I didn’t post them at the time for reasons I now can’t recall, but which were probably pretty stupid, tbh (They didn’t fit my Instagram aesthetic at the time? I didn’t like what I was wearing? Who knows…), but as we enter lavender season in this part of the world, I figured it was time to stop gatekeeping this gorgeous Scottish lavender field, and show you some photos, just in case you want to go see it for yourself…

 A lavender field in Scotland…

lavender fields Scotland :vistig Scottisg lavender oils

Visiting the lavender fields at Scottish Lavender oils

Lavender field selfieWhy yes, I DID feel like I was in some kind of romantic novel, actually. Well, if you’re going to be frolicking around in lavender fields, you might as well look the part, no? 

The lavender fields in question are owned by Scottish Lavender Oils, who use the lavender to make perfumes and other products. They’re based in Kinross, in Fife, and as the lavender fields are only open for five weeks of the year, you’ll have to book your visit in advance (and then just hope and pray it’s not pouring with rain on the day…). We visited in 2021, just after the pandemic, and were allowed to just wander around and take photos: I believe you can still do that if you want, but I see from the company’s website that they also offer guided tours, where you can learn more about the distillation process they use to create their lavender oil, as well as just posing with it. 

red hair in the sun

Where to see Lavender fields in ScotlandAlthough I’ve cunningly made it look like I was there all on my lonesome, don’t be deceived by my photo-trickery, folks: it was actually quite busy, which made it a little bit tricky to get a photo without tons of people in it, as you can see from the shot below…

lavender fields in Fife, Scotland

lavender fields, Scotland

(Yes, I felt stupid running around like that. Yes I did.)

Although the lavender itself is obviously the main attraction here, though, the farm also has some wildflower fields, plus this really quite stunning chamomile lawn, which I spent far too much time in…

camomile lawn

Chamomile lawn in Fife, Scotland

It’s an Instagrammer’s dream, basically. If only Instagram was still a “thing”, huh? 

This year the lavender fields are open from July 1st until August 5th, and entrance is £9.99 for adults and £3.99 for children: book your ticket here, then start praying for some Scottish sunshine…

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