using the Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner

REVIEW | A cordless Vacuum Cleaner With an Unlimited Run Time

Bosch Unlimited Vacuum

Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Review

Review of the Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner

using the Bosch Unlimited Vacuum CleanerOne of the first things we did when we moved into our current house was to rush out and buy a vacuum cleaner.

One of the NEXT things we did when we moved into our current house was to sell that vacuum cleaner on Gumtree, and rush out and buy a cordless one, instead.

See, we hadn’t really needed a vacuum cleaner in our previous home. It was a tiny little two-bedroom, with laminate floors throughout, and it only took a few minutes to whizz around it with a dustpan and brush and sweep the floors: job done.

Then we moved to a four-bed with a mixture of wood floors and carpets. It was pretty obvious that the good ol’ dustpan and brush combo just wasn’t going to cut it any more, so we bought a vacuum cleaner instead. (And a carpet cleaner, to allow us to wash the inevitable spillages out of the cream carpets. Let’s just say that was a pretty sound investment…)

What we hadn’t considered, though, was the fact that our new house had three floors – and we’d have to lug that heavy vacuum cleaner up two flights of stairs, AND constantly keep bending down to plug it into one socket, then change it to another one, and rinse and repeat. Yeah, that got pretty old, pretty quick.

So, as I said, we got rid of that vacuum and bought ourselves a shiny new cordless one, which totally changed my life. No more plugging and unplugging as I went around the house! No more heavy lifting! It seemed perfect!

It, er, wasn’t.

Well, I mean, it WAS, really. I have no bad things to say about that vacuum (Mostly because I’m worried it’ll hear me, and its feelings will be hurt…), and it’s served us well in the time we’ve owned it. There was one problem, though: it has a really short battery life. Like many others of its ilk, our vacuum is lightweight and cordless purely because it has a battery which only allows us to run it for about 10-15 minutes at a time, after which it just lies down on the job, basically, and has to go back to its base to, quite literally, recharge its batteries. Which takes, oooh, FOREVER, basically.

OK, I think it’s about 30 minutes. That feels like forever when you’re in the middle of a big clean-up, though, and are being forced to clean your floors in 10 minute bursts, with 30 minute rest breaks in between. Luckily we also have a robot vacuum cleaner which cleans the first floor of the house for us: I’ve gotten pretty lazy about lugging it upstairs every time I want to clean the next two floors, though, so I normally just use the cordless one upstairs. On a normal day, it’s just about do-able to clean the entire house in 10 minutes. Over the last year or so, though, we’ve done a ton of DIY – from replacing our entire kitchen and downstairs flooring, to decorating the nursery, changing the floor in the bedroom and now, at the time of writing, working on a garden project which has seriously got me wondering if I am, in fact, The Time Traveller’s Wife, because I’ll regularly walk into the livingroom, and find all of Terry’s clothes in a heap on the floor:

The Time Travellers WifeEr, I should stress here that Terry doesn’t garden naked or anything like that: he just changes into his “work clothes” in the living room, and then back out of them again in the same place – depositing droplets of mud, paint, and God knows what else, as he goes. So, I use the vacuum cleaner A LOT, is what I’m trying to say – and I normally need to use it for more than 10 minutes at a time. So when the people at Bosch got in touch to say they’d just launched a new cordless vacuum cleaner which had an unlimited run-time, and did I want to try it… well, you can see from the photos what my response was to THAT.

Bosch Unlimited Vacuum Cleaner Review

The vacuum cleaner in question is the Bosch Unlimited, and I sense your scepticism about the whole “unlimited run time” thing. Don’t worry, I felt exactly the same, but here’s how it works:

The cleaner comes with two batteries.

Each battery lasts for around 60 minutes – which is, in itself, pretty impressive for a cordless vac, really. Here’s the best bit, though:

Each of those batteries only takes 40 minutes to charge.

So, you use one battery while you’re charging the other, basically, and by the time the first battery runs out, the second one will already be charged… so you just swap them around, and off you go again. In this manner, you could literally clean FOREVER. And some days? Some days I feel like I literally DO, folks, not even joking.

The battery life alone would’ve sold this to me, but this has a few other cool features, namely:

01. It looks a bit like a Storm Trooper, in vacuum cleaner form. (Or mine does, anyway: it also comes in black (The DARTH VADER of vacuums) and silver (Er, totally run out of Star Wars references, here, sorry.).

02.  It’s really quiet – much more so than our existing vacuum – which means I can use it when Max is sleeping, without worrying that I’m going to wake him.

03. It has a turbo mode, for more intense cleaning, which I find really useful for the thick rugs we have upstairs.

04. When you pull the trigger to switch it on, it just stays on, without you having to hold the trigger down all the time. This sounds like – and, indeed, IS – such a little thing, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference, isn’t it?

05. It’s slim enough to easily get underneath the furniture:

cleaning the nursery with the Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner

06. It has a brush attachment, which is useful for cleaning things like blinds, etc:

cleaning the blinds with the Bosch Unlimited vacuum cleaner

07. And a little something I think of as ‘The Long, Bendy One’ which you can use to get into awkward spots, like down the back of the couch, for instance:

cleaning behind the sofa

Taking all of this into account, I knew I was going to love it – Bosh say their products offer uncompromising quality and technical perfection, and, having tried this one, I’d have to agree. What I didn’t anticipate, however, was Terry’s excitement when he opened up the box and realised the battery for this also works with a range of Bosch power tools.

“Er, do you HAVE any Bosch power tools?” I asked confused.

“Not YET,” came the answer. “But, you know, it would be a shame not to use this battery pack on other things, too, wouldn’t it?”

Guys, I have a feeling there’s some more DIY in my near future. HOLD ME.

(You can buy the new Bosch Unlimited Vacuum at, with prices from £389.99.)

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  • Žanete


    That vacuum cleaner sounds amazing. I have one of those with totally short run time. As my flat is not that big I usually do the vacuuming half running because it is total pain in the ass when it stops working and I have only left one room to vacuum. Also I totally love the form of your new Bosch one. It would be really convenient to just vacuum under my bed and not to use dustpan and brush for that.

    May 15, 2018
  • The only way I could get my husband excited about a vacuum is probably if it was by Bosch, too.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

    May 15, 2018
  • We’ve got a cordless vacuum and I could never go back to a wired one now! They’re so much more convenient. This Bosch one sounds fab though, as the one we’ve got now runs out after a fairly short amount of time too. I usually find the battery lasts enough but when I’m having a big clean of the whole house, it does end up running out x

    May 15, 2018
  • One of these would make my cleaning life so much easier.

    May 16, 2018
  • A cordless vacuum is 100% on my must-have list for our new place. My dogs love to chase the vacuum which always means they get tangled in the cord, it becomes unplugged, and I turn into a raging lunatic. Fun times, I tell ya. BTW…I love that I’m much more interesting on the internet sign, haha. I need that!

    May 16, 2018
  • Sounds great!

    Does it clean like a corded cleaner though? That has been the only thing stopping us from buying one (the salesman in theshop actually recomended spending 1/2 the amount on a normal cleaner as it cleaned better than the cordless at the time…)

    May 16, 2018
  • EffEm


    This is a great review and I would trust *your* opinion on vacuum cleaners over any other blogger! We have two: a Numatic Hetty for the House and a Numatic John for the cars. I won’t lie – I bought one because it’s pink and the other because it’s named after my husband. BUT I get sick of the hoses and cords, and would love something more agile!

    However, we have two long-haired and fluffy cats, which means that many smaller vacs aren’t up to the job. How do you think this would cope with pet hair?

    Thank you!

    May 16, 2018
      • EffEm


        No, I appreciate where you’re coming from! We have 100% hard floors, so the fluff doesn’t get stuck in carpet. Just the dark grey sofa… ARGH! Without committing you on the issue of pet hair, is the attachment ‘brushy’ enough to tackle sofa cushions? Thanks again 😀

        May 16, 2018
          • EffEm


            Brill – thank you!

            May 16, 2018
  • Sounds like a nifty tool! I was worried about buying a cordless Dyson because the reviews weren’t amazing. So I ended up buying a corded one. Shame I didn’t see this Bosch one before!
    Debs @

    May 16, 2018
  • Need one of these. This would make cleaning the apartment for Airbnb guests a lot quicker. Take a lot of the hassle out of it. Thanks for the review.

    May 16, 2018
  • Licking Llama


    That sounds like a very nifty gadget…….. I’ll definitely be wielding one in the next few days. Perhaps not in the nide though ?

    May 16, 2018