AD | A Coverless Duvet Has Changed My Life, and I Need to Tell You About It

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Hands up who hates duvet covers?

I’ve got both hands firmly in the air here (I know, how am I typing?!), and if you’re wondering why, allow me to direct you to this post from 2014, in which I talked at length about my burning hatred of duvet covers, and how, every time I change our bedding, I have to set aside at least half a day for it because that’s how hard it is to get the stupid duvet into its stupid cover. Yeah I touch on all of the biggest issues of the day on this site, don’t I? I wonder why I’m not famous yet?

Anyway, the fact is, I know you’re NOT wondering why I hate duvet covers, because EVERYONE hates duvet covers, don’t they? I mean, surely? Because duvet covers are made of evil. Sure, they might look nice once they’re on the bed, but, as well as the full-body workout that’s required to actually do that (Did I mention our bed is a superking? Because our bed is a superking…), I find that once the duvet cover is in place, it never really stays that way for long.

On our bed, for instance, no matter what I do, there always seems to be a part of the cover that has no duvet in it. HATE THAT. So every morning when I make the bed, I have to stand there for ages, shaking the duvet in a bid to make sure it fills the cover properly. And yet, every night when I’m about to go to sleep, I’ll pull up the duvet, and all I’ll have in my hands is an empty cover, with the duvet itself lurking somewhere inside it, smugly refusing to come out.

This effect is even worse on Max’s bed. He moves around so much during the night that by the time he wakes up, his duvet is often balled up in the bottom of its cover, like a rock in a sack. That cannot be comfortable.

Now, I’m very aware that this is very much a First World Problem I’m describing here. I get it. I do. All the same, though, duvet management falls firmly into the category of ‘Minor Things That Are Nonetheless Annoying’, so when the people at The Fine Bedding Company got in touch to let me know there was a solution, and they’d found it, it was the most exciting thing that had happened to me in months. I’m honestly not exaggerating. I really wish I was.

Here is the solution:

coverless duvet from The Fine Bedding Company

It’s a coverless duvet, people. A duvet that does not have a cover. More specifically, it’s the Night Owl coverless duvet, and it has changed my life. No, really, it has.

Now, I realise the words “coverless duvet” are fairly self-explanatory here, but, just in case they’re not, this is a duvet that doesn’t require a cover of any kind. I mean, I’m sure you could put one on it if you really wanted to, but it’s designed to be simply put on the bed as it is, no grappling required. When it’s time to wash it, meanwhile, it goes straight into the machine and then dries in 90 minutes, at which point you can just plop it straight back onto the bed.


It’s a complete and utter game-changer folks – especially given that (And please don’t yell at me for this), I’ve only recently managed to wean myself away from the need to iron the bedcovers, and honestly, I’m NOT OK with it. Because yes, you CAN tell they haven’t been ironed? And no, the creases DON’T just fall out anyway?

Night Owl Coverless Duvet

Not only is the duvet super low-maintenance, however, it’s also really comfortable to sleep under. For one thing, there’s no shifting about of the duvet inside the cover, so you’re always guaranteed even coverage with it. For another, though, it’s so light and fluffy that it’s basically like sleeping under a giant cloud. And who wouldn’t love THAT, I ask you?

I chose the white seersucker option for our room (Spoiler alert: I now want to buy all the rest, too). It comes in either 4.5 tog or 10.5 tog (We have the 10.5, because, Scotland…), and it arrives rolled up in a bag, so it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space if you’re storing it:

Night Owl Duvets

Next to it in this photo is the Night Owl Junior Duvet and Pillowcase Set, which I got for Max’s room. The idea here is exactly the same – this duvet is a 4.5 tog, but it’s also coverless and machine washable, which, given how often we seem to need to change Max’s bedding, is a blessing indeed.

Night Owl Coverless DuvetNight Owl Coverless DuvetNight Owl Coverless DuvetNight Owl Coverless DuvetNight Owl Coverless Duvet

This duvet is, admittedly a little too large for Max’s current bed, as we’ve been embarrassingly slow about making the transition to Big Boy Bed. That’s coming soon, though, and in the meantime, he was super-excited by the arrival of his new duvet. (If that sounds like something I’m just saying for the post, let me remind you that Max is something of a duvet connoisseur. He uses them in his pillow forts, and frequently has to be dissuaded from dragging one around the house for this purpose, so his excitement about this one was 100% genuine, and matched only by the thrill of coming downstairs this morning to discover two new cushions on the sofa which were delivered after he went to bed last night. Oh, to be four years old, and somewhat weirdly obsessed with soft furnishings!)

As for me, meanwhile, although these duvets were kindly gifted by The Fine Bedding Company, they’ve proved life-changing enough that I’m planning to buy at least one more colour, so I can have one on the bed while the other is in the wash. And also because I just want more colours, basically.

I will never go back to “regular” old duvets again, in other words. Now, I wonder what other small, yet life-changing inventions I can find to make my life just a little bit easier?

toddler in a superking bed

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  • Hayley


    In the US we calls these comforters and they are the more common bedding option at least where I live. I never saw a duvet until I was in high school and I still think of it as the fancier option because of that. But I have gone back to comforters for the same reasons you hate duvets 🙂

    February 2, 2022
      • Ro


        Completely unrelated, (sorry), but what colour depositing products do you use to maintain your hair colour? I’m a “bottle redhead” and superdrug has changed the formula of their colour effects rich red product and I’m at a loose end ;(

        February 4, 2022
  • Fi


    We use a top sheet on our bed so that we don’t have to change the duvet cover as frequently. We have a super-king duvet on our kingsize bed so if you thought a king duvet was bad…!

    February 2, 2022
  • Rachel N


    Silly question, but how do you wash such a large thing regularly? Even a king size wouldn’t fit in my washer or if it did it wouldn’t have a very good wash tightly packed in there.

    February 2, 2022
    • Miss Kitty


      I would also like to know how you get on, we tried washing my husband’s XL size sleeping bag (about a double bed size) the other day before we went camping, and that wouldn’t go in the washing machine, we ended up cleaning it in the tub, which was backbreaking 😐 I like the general idea, but I’m not a fan of the duvet ‘lines’, to me they look like it hasn’t been covered. I also use a top sheet so I only have to wash the duvet cover about 4 times a year, but washing and ironing is still a pain, and like you I hate that they never seem to fit right. So I’m a bit torn about whether I would try these or not!

      February 3, 2022
  • Mandie


    Well what can I say…..
    I have recently received my wonderful coverless quilt in cloud grey & I am hugely impressed. Such lovely quality & very soft to touch.
    I am delighted that it comes in its own toggle bag… a great space saver when not in use!
    I intend to order more in other beautiful colours. However I really would like a king size in white for our quest bedroom but I can only see this in the seersucker range. Please could you advise if available in the printed range (same as cloud grey)? Thank you.
    These duvets, I should imagine are great also to snuggle under on the sofa!
    “A must have” in my opinion.

    January 13, 2023