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OK, so I may have banned any more Zara purchases, but no one said anything about Mango, did they?

Yesterday we went for a walk around town (in absolutely glorious, hot sunshine, I might add), and our route happened to take us past one of the many Mango stores they have on this island. This dress was in the window, and as there just so happened to be a sparkly midi-dress shaped hole in my life at the time, well, it would’ve been rude not to have at least tried it on, wouldn’t it? As you can see, I did s little bit more than just “trying on”, but sadly the photos just don’t do this dress justice: it’s a lovely brown and gold colour, with sparkly thread woven through it, and it’s in a lovely thick wool (with sleeves!) which, as well as being ideal for home, is also perfect for the chilly evenings out here. Score. No more Mango now either, though. In fact, no more shopping AT ALL, or they’ll never let me back onto the plane…

(Um, I’m only really wearing dresses in the evening at the moment, hence all of the photos of me on the balcony at night. I promise we ARE doing other things too, it’s just that I don’t have time to tell you about them right now, so I’m concentrating on the dresses!)

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, my Internet access is pretty limited, so I’m going to have to cut this one short, too. Suffice to say, we’re having a fantastic time, with better weather than we’d even dared to hope for (in fact, we can’t seem to stop looking at each other and saying, “Look, sunshine! Isn’t this amazing!”) Mind you, after the weather we left behind, it could honestly rain for a fortnight and I’d STILL think we got a pretty good deal…

(Oh, and although I forgot to bring any jewellery and hardly any accessories with me, I DID bring some gold nail polish, which matched my dress perfectly. Little things like this make me happy…)

  1. I’m impressed you’re keeping up with the challenge! And shopping, well, isn’t that what holidays are all about?! (we’re off to Tenerife in August, I’m going to have to make sure I pack light and shop hard!)

    Keep having fun!

  2. I always have slight sparkly-stuff panic, fearing overdoing it, but this is really pretty. Well done for keeping up with the challenge and looking gorgeous doing it!

  3. As a result of seeing this post, my finger *may* have slipped in the mango sale. I just got the dress today and it’s gorgeous! I would never have been tempted from the website but you did a fantastic job of selling it. Cheers!

      1. I think it’s going to be much worn by me too. It is, unusual in my wardrobe, both pretty AND warm – so might replace the current working at home uniform of several pairs of leggings and big jumpers!

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