I've written this post in advance, so think of me today as a kind of ghostly voice from the past, if you will. (Aside: every time I schedule posts in advance for this site, I always worry about what will happen if I somehow manage to die between the time of writing and the time of publication, and my grieving friends are subjected to seeing me pop up on the Internets and start babbling about some random crap. I guess that would make it seem like even more of a ghostly voice from the past, hmm?) Today is the 10th anniversary of my first "date" with Terry. I've put that word in quotations because... let's just say it was an office Christmas party and I'll let your minds fill in the blanks. We've been together ever since, however, and while we're off celebrating in the sun, hopefully with champagne and extravagant gifts, I thought I'd leave you all with a quick retrospective of our previous anniversaries: the Ghost Of Anniversaries Past, you could say. So, I get the champagne, you get this blog post. Yeah, you kinda drew the short straw there, didn't you? Here goes: