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Dressing for the Weather With Lands’ End

One of the most liberating things to have happened to me in the last few years has been the sudden realisation that I can dress for the weather, rather than the season.

Now, I know, I know: this is, indeed, a very basic realisation to have come to at my advanced age, and it’s something most of you have probably known forever. I, however, am a recovering fashion blogger. I’ve spent years of my life thinking about how clothes will look in photos, as opposed to how they actually perform in real life, and, embarrassing though it is to admit it, it’s left me with some weirdly rigid ideas about how to dress.

For instance, until recently, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to wear a winter coat in summer – even though Scottish “summers” aren’t much warmer than our winters. Autumn, meanwhile, has always been trench coat season as far as I’m concerned, and, even in the depths of winter, I’d frequently be trying my best to make a smart wool coat seem like a better option than the wearable duvet that would’ve been a much better choice.

You’ll be pleased to know I’m over all of that now.

Yes, a few years ago – just before Max was born, in fact – I suddenly decided I was done with being cold all the time. So I bought me a padded puffer jacket, and I never looked back. This summer, I frequently wore my winter coat on the school run. I no longer bring “fancy” shoes with me on beach holidays. And last week, when I was packing for our trip to the Highlands, this Land’s End down coat was the first thing on my list:

Land's End hooded down coat

This coat comes in no less than 6 different colours. I’m wearing ‘Forest Moss’ here, but it was a toss-up between this, “Warm Tawny Brown”, and good ol’ black, and let’s just say it was a long, angst-filled process of deliberation for me, because I know I’d have gotten a lot of wear out of all three of those options. (I have to admit, I was pretty pleased with my choice when I realised what a good match it was for this jumper, though…)

An easier choice for me was with the sizing. Because I’m short, coats tend to drown me, especially in the shoulders, which are always too wide, and the sleeves, which are normally much too long. This coat, however, is available in Petite, Regular and Plus sizes: I went for the Petite version, and it’s a perfect fit, which is something I don’t often get to say about outerwear.

Land's End coat review

I wore this several times during our week in the Highlands (I did take another coat with me, because I might like being warm, but I also like options. I mean, I’m not a martyr…), which I figured would be a pretty good test for it, given that the weather there is… not warm. Sure enough, it was cold and rainy all week, but I was nice and warm in my coat, which is also water resistant. I particularly like the hood, which really helped keep the rain off me, plus the fact that, although the coat is thick enough to keep you toasty, it’s actually really lightweight, so it doesn’t feel bulky or heavy to wear.

dressing for the HIghlands

Want to try one for yourself? You’ll find it here, plus a wide selection of other coats and jackets.

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  • Myra


    Good choice – always comfort before style

    October 20, 2022
  • D


    Stylish and cozy, how perfect is that?! I admired your coat in your original post so I’m delighted to read about it.

    October 20, 2022
  • Carla W.


    Agree with everything you write about the LE coat. I have the very same in merlot, and though I’ve had it for two winters, I’m looking forward to bringing it out shortly when the temps dip. Warmth without weight, and gorgeous colour! I bookend mine with a pair of similar coloured stompy boots and a knit beanie hat – and I’m good to go! Wears so well, it looks like new – even after two seasons. Good pick, Amber. The moss colour is lovely and the outfit is effortlessly chic in the best casual way!

    October 20, 2022
  • Melissa


    I was wondering about the coat too, looks fab. Is Max’s coat also from Lands End?

    October 20, 2022
  • Nita


    This is super cute and looks so warm and snuggly! What’s the pocket situation like? Inside pockets or extra pockets up top for keys, lip balm etc are a sure way to win me over

    November 3, 2022