pale pink dress on pale-skinned redhead

Dressing for the Weather

pale pink dress on pale-skinned redhead

pale pink 50 style summer dress

Well, it’s a good job I took all of those outfit photos on holiday, because I haven’t managed to take a single one since I got back – over 3 weeks ago.

Actually, that’s not true: I did take some photos last week, but the outfit was so boring I didn’t bother posting them. Er, not that this outfit is particularly exciting either, obviously, but it is at least slightly more seasonally appropriate, and what I’ve been wearing since I’ve been home just… isn’t. It has however, been weather-appropriate, and that’s actually quite a big step for me, because dressing for the weather really isn’t my forte. I mean, I know it’s stupid – trust me, I do – but I normally do this thing where I’ll try to dress for the calendar, rather than the weather. So at this time of year I’ll be all, “IT’S SPRING: I WILL DRESS FOR SPRING!” rather than, you know, looking out of the window and thinking, “Oh, hey, snow! Maybe bare legs ISN’T such a good idea today?”

Anyway, this year I must have finally grown up or something, because rather than doggedly insisting on wearing lightweight dresses and open-toed sandals just because that’s what I think I SHOULD be wearing in springtime, I’ve been being all sensible, and just continuing with the winter coats and thick sweaters until further notice. If the weather warms up, then that’ll be awesome, but I’m not going to get my hopes up, and as proof of that, yesterday I ordered myself a pair of knee boots. Yes, you heard me: knee boots.

In my defence, I didn’t actually buy them to wear NOW: I’ve had my eye on them for months now, and noticed they were on clearance this week, so I decided to grab myself a pair before they sold out. The way things are going, though, you might very well see me in them sometime soon: I mean, I hope to God NOT, obviously, because I’m REALLY not loving the thought of winter boots in April, but, hey: at least I’m prepared!

In other news, I’d happily give every pair of boots I owned to be somewhere sunny right now: or even just somewhere with more than one season…

P.S. – I wrote this post – and ordered the boots – on Wednesday, so naturally on Thursday we woke up to glorious spring weather. Why couldn’t it have worked like that with the post about the memory card?!

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  • Maria


    I’ve always had the opposite tendency… Since we get hot weather from March to October (30 °C most of the time), I tend to stick with long trousers and cardigans/blazers until I can get away with them without swooning from over-heating. This year in particoular has been bad: we went from 15 °C to 24-27 °C in a matter of 2 weeks, and I went from coats to t-shirts, without the possibility of wearing all my mid-season clothes! I know, these are first world problems, but still, I’m tired of this crazy weather that either requires 3 layers or a tank top because anything else would be too much, lol!

    April 15, 2016
  • Nuria


    I just run to check the dresses you linked and sadly lost of designs in my size are already sold out T___T. It loks really good on you :). I’m satisfying my needs in modcloth right now.

    April 15, 2016
  • You look stunning and that dress is very chic! Perfect look!

    April 16, 2016
  • I have only recently realised that I should just buy winter clothes in Spring colours. That would get me through this crazy weather and satisfy my desire to dress by the calendar! Lovely shape dress on you xx

    May 1, 2016