Visiting Pittenweem, Fife

Exploring Scotland | The Pretty Pastel Streets of Pittenweem, Fife

Colourful houses in Pittenweem, Fife

narrow street in Pittenweem, Fifeice cream shop in Pittenweem, Scotland

Well, this is awkward.

I mean, here I am: toddler at his grandparent’s house for the afternoon, coffee at my elbow, blank page open in front of me … and, whoops, turns out that, after several days of complaining that I NEVER GET ANY TIME TO WRITE ANY MORE, OMG, when I DO get that precious time, I have absolutely nothing to say for myself. Damn.

This has been a bit of a recurring theme this summer, unfortunately: I feel like the pandemic hasn’t just stolen my year from me (and everyone else, obviously…), it’s also stolen my ability to string a coherent sentence together, or make it through a full paragraph  without totally losing track of what I was … ooh, I wonder what snacks I could eat NEXT?

Wait, what was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, how Covid-19 made me totally forget how to blog. And it didn’t really, obviously, it’s just that everything I start to write at the moment comes out sounding either really obvious, really depressing, or just really, really whiny, and while I know that has never stopped me in the past (In fact, my blog is only called Forever Amber because was already taken…) it IS stopping me now, because, well, no one really needs me to point out that this year has been a bit of a bust, all things considered, do they? No one needs me to tell them that, sure, things seem OK NOW, but what will it be like in the winter, when it’s dark by 3pm, and the rain is like needles on your skin? WHAT THEN?

So, I’m not going to. Or not today, at least. Instead, I’m just going to show you some photos from our flying visit to Pittenweem, in Fife, last week. Because, seriously, look at how pretty this place is:

Visiting the Fife Coast, Scotland

Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland

Pittenweem hardbour, FIfeI say ”flying visit”: we were literally only there for around two hours or so, and we almost didn’t make it AT ALL, because we woke up to fog so thick we couldn’t even see the top of the Queensferry Crossing as we were driving over it. Miraculously, though, the mist cleared almost as soon as we got to the other side, and Fife was filled with blue skies and people in shorts and t-shirts, which made me REALLY pleased I’d decided to wear a thick jumper under my jacket that day, but also relieved that I’d at least had the sense to leave the winter coats I’d brought along for Max and me in the car. 

(I did put a t-shirt on Max under his jumper, but that’s his No. 1 Favourite Stripey Jumper he’s wearing, so he wouldn’t have taken it off even it it had been 100 degrees in the shade, seriously. We… need to get better at clothes, somehow…)

the narrow streets of Pittenweem, Scotland

We’ve visited Pittenweem before, but it’s one of those places we never get tired of, and it’s also a place that’s still easy to enjoy, even in these Covid-19 times we’re living in. Yes, there was a line of people in face masks standing outside the ice cream shop to remind us that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, but the pretty pastel houses and narrow, winding streets, are unaltered, so our couple of hours there felt like both a return to normality and a break from it combined, if that makes any sense at all.

This summer has been nothing like we hoped or planned, but we’re doing our best to make the most of it while we can, even though, to me, it all feels like a bit of a race against time. I’m just really, really aware that, with autumn and winter fast approaching, it’s going to be much trickier to enjoy days out like this (Yeah, I know, I know, we can wear wellies and splash in puddles, and do all of those other wholesome-sounding autumn activities everyone’s always suggesting: we just won’t enjoy it nearly as much when it’s dark by 3pm, and the rain is slamming into our faces like needles…), which makes days like this feel a bit like our last moments of freedom before we go back into the semi-lockdown of autumn/winter again. Oh, look, I DID manage to introduce some whininess into this post: go me!

pastel houses in Pittenweem, Fife

Anyway: that was our day in Pittenweem, and, having started this post by complaining that I’m all out of ideas for blog posts right night, I guess I may as well go ahead and end it by letting you know my latest ebook, providing you with, er, 365 blog post ideas, is available to download now. I should probably read that one myself, huh? 

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  • Mary Metcalf


    I love reading about Scotland on your blog. I’m a little obsessed with Outlander and plan to visit ASAP.

    August 24, 2020
  • Amogue


    Amazing pictures, I love Scotland and I’ve travelled to Scotland with your article thank you, will definitely travel to Scotland after the pandemic.

    August 25, 2020
  • Miss Kitty


    Funny coincidence, I was just watching an old episode of Coast this weekend, and it had a bit about Pittenweem. It looks like a gorgeous place, but I was a bit sad that they were talking to someone whose family has lived there for generations and works as a fisherman out of Pittenweem harbour, but he can’t actually afford to buy a house there now, because it has become such a popular place for people from Dundee and other cities to come and live. It happens everywhere unfortunately, it’s happening in my town, where families who have been here generations can no longer afford to buy houses here and get pushed out to other places.

    August 25, 2020
  • Mary Katherine


    What gorgeous photos! I’m savoring them like a bowl of ice cream. But for REAL – if you came off all bubbly and Ain’t Life Grand, we would all want to know Who Kidnapped Amber? and alert the local authorities. We’d have Terry questioned and be looking for fresh-turned earth in your back garden along with a receipt for a Stepford Wife Blogger Model #946. You just keep being you, dearie, and enjoy that sunshine (with extra-heavy jumpers) as long as it lasts!

    August 25, 2020
  • Julia


    What beautiful pictures full of peace and harmony <3 And that nude shoes are perfectly fitted for your style!
    Greetings from Poland!

    August 26, 2020