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Skincare, nail polish and brush storage | Ikea Godmorgon

The Ikea Godmorgon Makeup Organizer is one of the cheapest makeup storage ideas out there: but it’s also one of the most effective. Here’s how I’ve been using mine…

Ikea Godmorgon makeup and skincare acrylic storage box

Ikea Godmorgon acrylic makeup storage

Ikea Godmorgon skincare and beauty product storage

acrylic nail polish storage from ikea

This is what I went to Ikea to buy that time I ended up buying a sofa.

It’s the Ikea Godmorgon box (for some reason it’s listed at £15 on the Ikea website, but I only paid £10 for it in-store…), and it’s part of my ongoing attempt to organise my house with military precision. Seriously, I would just move into Ikea if I possibly could: some people spend their weekends out partying – I spent part of last Sunday organising my skincare and nail products into this box… and I liked it. It made me feel all calm and zen-like, a bit like some people feel after yoga, apparently. As Sunday’s go, I’ve had worse, let’s put it that way.

Previous to this, my makeup had mostly been stored in a couple of cheap plastic storage drawers from Sainsbury’s, which had cost me £5 each. Now, those little drawers have served me well over the past few years, and they were certainly a whole lot better than the motley collection of bags and boxes my stash had previously been stored in. They weren’t totally perfect, though. For one thing, they were cheap… and they looked it. That wasn’t much of an issue in our last house, where lack of space forced me to keep them under my desk (yes, really), bringing them out every morning and carting them into the bedroom to put on my makeup. In this house, though, they’re out on display in the bathroom, and, well, they’re not the classiest looking things in the world, that’s for sure.

The other issue with them was that while the drawers allowed me to separate out my collection, and organize it more effectively, they were still deep enough for me to have to rummage for stuff, and I hate that. Don’t you just hate that?

Enter the IKEA Godmorgon makeup organizer.

This doesn’t hold all of my products, obviously. I have a different setup for my actual makeup, which I’ll be posting about soon, (Oh, the suspense!) but this box comfortably holds my small collection of nail polishes (I’m not much of a polish-wearer, so I don’t need much space for those!) and the skincare products which are in current rotation, plus all of my brushes, nail files, and other tools, which slot into the compartments at the top. Oh, and that brush compartment also flips up, revealing more storage underneath:

Ikea makeup storage


There’s not a huge amount of space there, because you need to leave room for the brush compartment to fold back down again, but it’s enough for my really quite surprising collection of nail scissors, eyelash curlers (I love a good eyelash curler) and the like. I honestly had NO IDEA I owned so many scissors until I unloaded the drawer they were originally in, and they just kept coming. It’s a good job there’s not much chance of Terry clicking through on a post about makeup, because he always seems to be looking for nail scissors, and I THINK I might have just discovered where they all are.

Anyway! For £10, I was pretty pleased with this, especially given that it fits perfectly into my bathroom cabinet (If you’re thinking my bathroom cabinet is probably ALSO from Ikea, you’re not wrong…), making it a whole lot easier for me to find my various brushes and products when I’m getting ready in the morning, or taking my makeup off at night.

Oh, and buying this storage box ALSO led to me buying my new couch. So I guess I can thank it for THAT, too.

Anyone else got an IKEA Godmorgon makeup organizer? What do you think of it?

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  • I have this too, great pick up!

    October 4, 2014
  • I love this! Must add it to my ikea list.

    October 4, 2014
  • The new Ikea catalogue turned up on my doormat this morning. It’s one of my favourite twice-yearly pleasures – sitting down on a quiet afternoon and folding down all the pages of things I want.

    October 4, 2014
  • I bloody love IKEA. My sister and I go there and jump on all the beds and pretend to live in the show rooms

    October 4, 2014
  • i think ikea are doing some adorable products at the moment, I recently bought a really cute notebook from there. As for the the storage products, this looks amazing!! Might have to pick this up soon 🙂

    October 4, 2014
  • TinaD


    I thought the Organizational Tranquilizer thing was just me. When I lived near an Ikea, I used to go down there in the morning after particularly bad weeks, sit in their tidy apartment mock ups, and pretend I was some else, someone possessed of a neat and organized existence. (And two dozen copies of the same Swedish hardback.) Then I’d go eat cheap eggs-and-bacon. What’s not to love? Congrats on finding the nail scissors.

    October 4, 2014
  • last time I went to ikea I also saw this but I didn’t have enough money to buy it 🙁
    but I really need to buy it some day!

    October 9, 2014
  • Oh I *need* that in my life. I have some perspex storage drawers from MUJI and ever since I got them I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with organisation of my dressing table! 🙂

    October 14, 2014