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Muji makeup storage: 5 drawer set

Meet my Mujis, everyone!

Wait: that sounded a bit weird, didn’t it? OK, let’s start again…

Remember when I showed you my snazzy new Ikea storage box, which I’m using for my skincare and nail polish? I mentioned in that post that I’d also re-organised the rest of my makeup, and this is how I did it: with a couple of Muji’s 5 drawer acrylic makeup storage boxes.

If you read beauty blogs, or have a Pinterest account, you’ll probably be reasonably familiar with the sight of acrylic makeup storage drawers stuffed full of makeup. Indeed, it was on Pinterest that I first discovered these (Pinterest has been to blame for quite a few things recently, huh?), and before I knew what had happened, several hours had passed, and I’d convinced myself I just couldn’t live without a set of acrylic drawers. Let’s all just hope I never start searching Pinterest for Lamborghinis, or yachts, or something…

Anyway, at £25 per set, these acrylic drawers aren’t the cheapest makeup storage out there, so I did a bit of price comparison at sites like eBay and… well, eBay, basically…  before taking the plunge. As it happens, there are tons of acrylic cosmetic organizers out there, and some of them are pretty cheap, too, but somehow I kept winding up back at the Muji online store, eyeballing their 5 drawer boxes.

I knew I wanted a clear makeup organizer rather than one I’d have to keep opening up every time I wanted to find something, and I also wanted fairly shallow drawers, to minimise the amount of rummaging I’d have to do to find stuff. These seemed to fulfill that criteria, and also came highly recommended by more-or-less everyone, so Muji it was.

Muji makeup storage

Muji makeup storage review

Acrylic makeup storage from Muji

As you can see, after a whole lot of agonizing over what kind of set-up to go for (there are tons of different options on the site), I decided to go for two of the 5-drawer sets, which I’ve  stacked one on top of the other, to save space . (Don’t worry, they’re designed to be stacked if required, so they’re pretty secure, and I haven’t yet sent everything flying. YET.) In retrospect, I’m not sure that was QUITE the right decision: as you can see, there’s still plenty of room left in some of the drawers (which is great, given my shopaholic tendencies), but while I love the shallow drawers, which allow me to organize everything in such a way as to totally eliminate the hated rummaging, the drawers proved too shallow for a few items in my collection.

My foundation bottles, for instance, don’t fit into these drawers, and nor do a couple of my other, larger items: luckily it’s just a few things, so I’m now thinking of adding one of the wider two drawer sets to my collection for those. I guess the fact that I’m referring to this setup as a “collection” tells you everything you need to know about my feelings on this, really, doesn’t it? I’m well on my way to a Muji obsession, folks. And I haven’t even got started on all of the other types of makeup storage they sell…

acrylic makeup organiser

makeup organizer from Muji

  1. I remember looking at these before I moved because they seem like a fantastic way to organise stuff (yes I saw them on Pinterest too) but then I bought a vintage dressing table with tons of drawers so didn’t need to, but they are perfect I think.

  2. I also love transparent storage for make-up – I refuse to have a single case/container in active use that’s not see-through, as I’ve wasted too many hours of my life trying to find things and failing, only to work out they were where I was looking all along. These drawers are a great idea – the best thing about them being that you can stack them, surely… I think I’d basically need a skyscraper for all of my make-up though… I’ve currently got a transparent ‘chest’ from Sephora that merely contains my pink and red lipsticks *in active use*…

  3. I go to Muji’s website every now and then and always find myself staring at those wonderful organizers..they will be mine someday!!
    I think i’m gonna need a bigger one, too.

  4. I recently discovered Muji for storing my make-up and it’s been a life changing experience….seriously! I used to have several make-up bags (bacteria heaven yuck) and became really anxious as I never found anything. So I would stick to the same products/shades over an over, forgetting about some gems I had lying around.
    In my case, I have less make-up than you 🙂 so I decided to start with two boxes, one is a double drawer type, with the top that flips open, and the other is a chunky double simple pull out double drawer, maybe like yours. I’m in love, and never going back to storing make up in bags.

    PS. I also discovered these via Pinterest 😉

  5. There are a lot of more affordable acrylic options than Muji’s, but the price difference is seen in the quality. The Muji ones have more of a heft to them. Unfortunately I feel they are the same in terms of the upkeep, you’d still have to dust and wipe around a bit.

  6. I wanted these muji boxes for so long, but their shipping to Greece costs twice as much so I can’t really order them. 🙁 Since then I’ve been searching for something similar in my country but haven’t found anything as pretty.
    I really loved how it looks. You organized everything perfectly.

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