LED face mask review

I Tried An LED Face Mask So You Don’t Have To

Well, folks, it’s almost Halloween, so here’s a quick look at my costume:

LED face mask review

OK, I jest: it’s the CurrentBody Skin LED face mask, and it’s actually designed to make me look better, rather than worse. And let’s be honest, in terms of scary photos I’ve shown you here, nothing can beat those Russian Volume Eyelashes from a few years ago, huh?

(If you clicked that link, you’re probably going to need a minute or two to recover. It’s OK, I’ll wait…)

LED light therapy has become a Big Thing in the world of skincare lately, so, naturally I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and find out if THIS Big Thing was the Big Thing that was finally going to make me look 20 years younger.

(Spoiler: nothing can do that. Despite what all of those weird adverts on Instagram might try to tell you.)

What is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy is a treatment which basically involves exposing your skin to different wavelengths of light, in a bid to do everything from boosting collagen production to helping treat acne and other skin conditions. As the light waves penetrate beneath the surface of the skin, this treatment should theoretically do much more for you than any kind of skincare lotion or potion you can buy, and it’s used to generally slow down visible signs of ageing, and generally try to bring back that youthful glow.

Until recently, this would be the kind of treatment you’d have to go to a salon for, but at-home masks are becoming more and more popular, and the one I tried is designed to deliver the same wavelengths as the ones used by professionals.

Here’s what it looks like:


The mask is made from a thick, flexible silicone, and has an adjustable velcro strap at the back of the head, to allow you to wear it. (This was actually the only real issue I had with it: I’m not sure if my hair is just unusually slippy or something, but I found it a bit tricky to keep it in place as the strap would keep slipping down at the back of my head.)

Along with the mask, I was also sent the CurrentBody Power of Four Skincare Set, which contains four different serums:

CurrentBody Power of Four Skincare SetCurrentBody Power of Four Skincare Set

I have every intention of trying all of these, but I have to be honest and admit I just can’t get past the hyaluronic acid serum, which I’ve been using morning and night for a few weeks now. I personally feel that hyaluronic acid is one of the few ingredients I can rely on to make a noticeable difference to my skin, although, as I started using the LED light therapy mask at the same time, though, it’s hard to know whether that improvement is down to the serum, or to this:

CurrentBody LED light therapy mask(Or possibly it’s a combination of the two?)

The LED mask itself is really easy to use, and, for me, one of the benefits of it as opposed to some of the other beauty gadgets I own, like the Foreo Bear, for example, is that you literally don’t have to do ANYTHING other than put it on your head, switch it on, and then wait for the 10 minutes it takes to work its magic.

Here’s what it looks like while that’s happening:

trying out LED light therapy for the first time

Although this obviously looks a bit weird, it honestly doesn’t feel it. There’s a pair of eye goggles included in the box, just in case you need them; I’d assumed I almost definitely would need them as my eyes are very light-sensitive, but I was quite surprised to find that I didn’t, and my eyes aren’t bothered by the mask at all. In terms of comfort, you feel a little bit of warmth on the skin while it’s working, but it doesn’t leave any marks or redness (I should have mentioned here that you’re advised to try it out on your arm first, just to make sure it’s not going to cause any reactions), so you can use it, then just get on with your day.

The results

The mask is safe to use up to twice a day. I have to confess that I haven’t quite managed to get into a routine with it yet, as we were away for a week, and life’s been generally quite chaotic lately, so, for me, it’s been more like once every couple of days, which will obviously mean I can expect slower results.

With that said, I have definitely noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin in the few weeks since I started using this. When it arrived, my skin was going through an oddly blotchy phase, and I’d also acquired a couple of spots, which is actually quite unusual for me, but which I’m blaming my quite frankly terrible diet lately on. I’ve also recently had to stop taking my usual collagen supplements as I just can’t justify the cost at the moment, and that had left my skin looking duller and just generally less healthy than usual.

All of that, however, cleared up within a couple of uses of this, and, as I said above, my skin feels both tighter and smoother since I started using it – a difference which is particularly notable to me given the lack of care I’ve been taking of it.

Right now, the hyaluronic acid that came as part of this set is really the only skincare I’ve been using other than cleanser. Since I started taking collagen, and trying out treatments like this one, I’ve found I’ve become really skeptical about traditional creams and lotions. I’m just less and less convinced they actually make much of a difference compared to the other things I’ve been using, so while I still use SPF religiously (And have since I was in my teens), this device + serum is literally the only thing I’m doing in terms of skincare at the moment, and my skin is currently better than it was when I was layering it up with tons of products every day, so take from that what you will.

The CurrentBody Skin LED Mask can be found here, and you can get 15% off by using the code ‘AMBER’ at checkout: don’t forget to come back at tell me what you thought of it!

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