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Scottish street style blogger, Forever Amber in black leather biker jacket, cropped trousers and high heels

Don’t be fooled by the pictures, people: I might look like I have my act together, here – well, as much as I ever do, anyway – but what you can’t see from the photos is that I’m still wearing the whitening trays from the dental appointment I rushed across Glasgow from to get to my dinner reservation on time. Trust me to always bring the glamour, huh?

I feel a bit like this is a handy metaphor for my life right now, though: constantly rushing from one thing to the next, without having properly finished the first thing, and just hoping no one gets close enough to see the bags under my eyes, or the lipstick I applied in the car. But that’s possibly another post, for another day. In the meantime, why was I striding across a Glasgow street, with my tooth whitening trays still in place, I hear no one ask, but will tell you anyway?

Well, the whitening trays (Or tray, rather, because it was just the on the bottom teeth, thankfully…) were there because I’ve been having my teeth whitened at the very excellent Dentistry on the Square – and that really IS another post for another day, so if you’re thinking about tooth whitening, but have been secretly hoping I’d take one for the team and do it first (Just like I did with the magnetic eyelashes and eyebrow tattoo makeup), then stay tuned for that. (Spoiler alert: no, you don’t have to wear the trays for dinner: that was just because I stupidly booked the second appointment too close to the first, genius that I am…) The dinner reservation, meanwhile, was because Terry and I had been invited to try out the brand new Revolution bar and restaurant, on the city’s Mitchell Street, and, as my parents’ had Max for the day, we’d obviously jumped at the opportunity.

redhead in black biker jacket and grey trousers


Vero Moda trousers

Zara biker jacket

H&M sweater

Office shoes

Michael Kors handbag*

So! Revolution! Well, the first thing I have to say about the place is that it’s absolutely gorgeous – which meant that, yeah, I was totally that person running around taking photos with her phone, and going, “Look, Terry! Look how amazing it is!” Apologies, fellow diners. Seriously, though: lookit how amazing it is!

interior of Revolution, Mitchell Street, Glasgow

interior of Revolution, Mitchell Street, Glasgow

Interior of Revolution, Mitchell Street, GlasgowGlasgow locals might recognise the building as the former Tunnel nightclub, which explains the sheer size of the place, too. We were there fairly early, as we’re exhausted first-time parents who were almost home before they remembered that they were supposed to pick up the baby first (It’s OK, he was with his grandparents, and we just live five minutes away…), but we were given a quick tour after dinner, and the place just seemed to go on and on, with multiple bars and dancefloors, so I can imagine it must be absolutely amazing in the evenings, too, with DJ sets, and party rooms available to book.

As for the food, meanwhile, it was pretty amazing, too. I wouldn’t describe myself as a picky eater, exactly, but I am a very boring/predictable one, to the extent that Terry – or anyone else who knows me will – can always predict exactly what I’ll order from any given menu, as I tend to gravitate to the same old favourites, over and over again. Here, though, I would quite happily have eaten my way through the ‘Grazers’ and ‘Sharers’ section of the menu: and, hey, you know what? I have plenty more dental appointments lined over the next few weeks, so maybe I’ll use them as an excuse to do just that:

menu at Revolution, Glasgow

Having dinner at Revolution, GlasgowHaving dinner at Revolution, Glasgow

In the end, Terry and I decided to share the Dippin’ Beef Sliders, which came with a bowl of nacho cheese for dipping:

beef sliders with cheese dip at Revolution, GlasgowSO GOOD. I wish I was still eating them now, tbh.

For our mains, I’d decided on the mac n’cheese, but they’d just that second sold out, so, I went for the club sandwich, with a side of pesto and parmesan fries: both super-tasty, but the fries were so good we’re going to have to try and recreate them at home. No, I don’t think it’ll work out either, but we can but try, right? Terry, meanwhile, had the big rib, which, as you can see, was a very BIG rib – and very, very good, too, apparently:

dinner at Revolution, Glasgow

dinner at Revolution, Glasgow

And then there was this:

cookie dough and ice cream

Cookie dough s’more. Which, to quote the menu, is, “Half-baked chocolate chip cookie dough, gooey melted Nutella and toasted mini marshmallows, served with salted caramel chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream.” OH. MY. GOD. Seriously, even if I wasn’t planning to go back for lunch/dinner, I’d go back just for this, it was THAT GOOD.

I’m sure we’ll be back soon, though, for more than just the cookie dough. And hopefully without the tooth whitening trays, too…

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