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Maternity Style | The Black Ankle Pants

maternity style: black cropped trousers with leather biker jacket and high heels

maternity outfit: black leather jacket and trousers

walking in heels

red hair and black biker jacket

True confession # 1:  I totally had a pair of ballet flats stashed in my handbag the day we took these photos. I mean, sure, my feet don’t feel any different right now, and nor does my centre of balance, so walking in heels feels exactly the same as it always has – FOR NOW – but this was one of the days I had to walk approximately five miles* (*Very slight exaggeration) through the hospital, and I might be stupid, but I’m not quite THAT stupid… so, yeah, the flats came out not long after these were taken, in a rare display of good sense from me. They didn’t look nearly as good, but at least they allowed me to avoid all of those patronising comments from people wanting to know HOW ON EARTH I can still walk in heels (Answer: the same way I always have. Also, you literally just asked me to confirm that I can WALK, and I honestly can’t think of a non-snarky answer to that right now, so please don’t provoke the hormonal pregnant woman, and just trust me to know how to dress myself, like the grown adult I occasionally am…), so it was all good. Or, actually, not, because…

True confession # 2: When I took the aforementioned ballet flats off later that day, I realised that, although they were identical, they were a little bit TOO identical, in that they were both for the left foot. So, basically, I have two pairs of identical flats (Because, if the shoe fits, buy a backup pair, amiright?), and I recently threw one of those pairs out, as they were starting to look a little the worse for wear. Well, I THOUGHT I’d thrown one pair out, anyway: as it turns out, I’d actually thrown out one shoe from each pair, and now I was left with two left feet. So those heels might look impractical, but they were a whole lot more comfortable than the flats, trust me…

(This story obviously directly contradicts my “good sense” and “totally know how to dress myself,” statements above, yes. Awkward.)

(I didn’t realise until later that day because the flats in questions are fairly soft, and have a pointed toe, so they actually didn’t LOOK like they were two left feet while I was wearing them. I DID think something felt a bit off when I first put them on, but I was in a hurry at the time, so I just soldiered on regardless. I’m going to stop talking about this now, because I’m REALLY not making this sound any better, am I?)

True confession # 3: the jacket ended up coming off too, because although you probably wouldn’t think it from these photos, we’ve been having one of those random warm spells that Scotland is subject to at this time of year, and, as welcome as that is, it makes leather jackets a pretty bad idea, really. Honestly, I’m overheating just thinking about it.

Anyway! Jacket, shoes, and random acts of stupidity aside, this is another outfit that you’re seeing thanks to the wonder that is the ASOS Maternity line. Both the cropped trousers and the grey sweater came from there: I’ve linked the regular version of the trousers, but I’m wearing the now sold-out petite version, and, yet again, am singing ASOS’s praises for being one of the few maternity brands that actually HAS some petite versions, so I don’t have to hem my pants. Thanks, ASOS: er, I don’t suppose you also sell your plain black ballet flats in just the right foot, do you?

maternity style: black trousers and biker jacket

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ASOS Maternity cropped trousers

ASOS Maternity sweater

Office ‘On To Point’ shoes

Michael Kors handbag*

Tom Ford sunglasses*

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  • Kate
    October 2, 2017

    Simply gorgeous! I LOVE your jacket. <3

  • Emerald
    October 2, 2017

    Lovely outfit!

    People need to find something else to focus on than telling grown women how to dress. And I’m sure you get more of it when you’re pregnant, but I think that women know their own bodies.

    My body isn’t used to high heels anymore, so I’m happy enough with flats these days. But I did get a ticking off when I used to wear them with a rather cross woman telling me how bad they were for your back. “Yes, but they make your legs looks great!” I snarked.

  • Brenda
    October 2, 2017

    You look freaking fabulous. Love that outfit AND the fact that you can still wear heels. Sorry about your flats though!

  • Myra
    October 2, 2017

    Love this outfit, how to look gloriously pregnant.

  • Ginger
    October 3, 2017

    I laughed out loud about your two left shoes. That is SO easy to do, I’m amazed it’s not more common! And I’m surprised you didn’t notice right away, either. Unlike a friend of my mother’s, who one day got up and went to church for 3+ hours with two different navy pumps on. She didn’t notice until someone pointed it out at the restaurant after church. And they had different heel heights!

    • Ginger
      October 3, 2017

      Grr, I meant to say I’m NOT surprised you didn’t notice the two left shoes. I know those soft slippers, and they really do shape to the foot.

    • Amber
      October 3, 2017

      Haha, I once went out with two different black boots on! It was just a small difference in heel height, but I was so embarrassed I had to take a detour to New Look for a cheap pair of flats 😳

      • Ginger
        October 3, 2017

        I would have, too!

  • Nikkori
    October 6, 2017

    I just wanted to say that you look so beautiful and stylish in these photos. So cool!

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Maternity Style | The Black Ankle Pants