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Swarovski crystal puppy dog brooch


[This post is a collaboration with Eternal Collection.]

When the people at Eternal Collection got in touch last week and asked if I’d like to try a piece of their lovely jewellery, I went straight to the brooch section, and then straight to this little Swarovski crystal puppy dog… which just so happens to look just like my own little puppy – although it has to be said that the brooch is definitely a whole lot cleaner.

I may not have a great track record with brooches, but I do love them, and they’re one of the few pieces of jewellery I wear on a regular basis. I’ve always been lazy about accessories: I love the look of pretty bracelets and necklaces, but brooches seem to work better with my personal style, and I love the way they can make a plain sweater seem special, or brighten up a winter coat.

This little guy didn’t take much justifying on my part, though – he just reminds me so much of Rubin, from the sweet little face to the exuberant personality, that my mind was made up as soon as I laid eyes on him. (And yes, I DO think of this brooch as a “him”…) With that said, there was also a cat, a horse, an elephant and a penguin which caught my eye – I’ve had to stop looking, or I’ll end up with a brooch menagerie. Well, you all know how I feel about Things That Have Faces

As I said, there are many ways in which I like to wear brooches, but for ‘Rubin’ here’s first outing, I chose to use him to fasten a faux-fur collar:

full green skirt and black sweater

bichon frise brooch on sweater

green full midi skirt and red hair

This collar actually came with the black leather jacket I bought a few months ago: I haven’t worn it with the jacket yet, but I have worn it a few times with cardigans and sweaters: unfortunately you can’t see it too well against this one, as they’re both black, but it creates a bit of a vintage effect, as does the brooch. Which I promise I’ll take very good care of, and not drop on the ground, like I did with the last brooch I featured here. Ahem.

You can check out the Eternal Collection’s brooch collection at their website, which also carries a range of beautiful jewellery and other accessories. If you do end up buying yourself a brooch with a face, don’t forget to tell me which one you choose!

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WEARING: Green Choies skirt*, ancient sweater, Topshop collar, Buffalo shoe boots*

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  • Fran


    D’aww, it really looks like Rubin! Love the outfit with the green pop of colour and the sparkling quality of the brooch, very elegant.

    January 28, 2015
  • The Rubin brooch is cute, definitely not as cute as the real thing though it definitely won’t run mud all inside your house.

    January 28, 2015
  • Dog brooches are basically the best brooches. I have an Erstwilder one of my future dog (seeing as I can’t have a real one right now) and it makes any outfit instantly brighter. Funnily enough, I’ve been wearing it particularly on my black faux fur short jacket! I love yours on a furry collar though, such a nice touch.

    January 28, 2015
  • Lovely outfit! The brooch is really pretty. xxx

    January 31, 2015
  • I’m in big love with that skirt on you, although it looks nothing like the company’s own pictures of it!

    February 1, 2015
  • “If you do end up buying yourself a brooch with a face”…then what? ^_^

    February 6, 2015