trying out prescription coloured contact lenses

I Tried Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses So You Don’t Have To

Looking for prescription coloured contact lenses uk? I got you covered…

Prescription coloured contact lenses have the power to change your eye colour as well as correcting your vision. But are they weird? Are they uncomfortable? Can you buy them online, and will anyone even notice you’re wearing them? I decided to find out…

redhead with hazel eyesMy eyes are kinda sludge coloured.

It’s a bit of a bummer, to be honest, because no one ever writes songs about girls with sludge coloured eyes, do they? I mean, can you imagine if Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds had talked about a girl with sludge-coloured eyes, rather than a girl with kaleidoscope eyes? It would’ve changed the entire course of musical history, wouldn’t it?

I grew up listening to The Beatles and wishing I had kaleidoscope eyes: instead I got a greeny-brown shade that’s neither one thing nor the other. If I’ve been crying, my eyes turn a very bright green, which is awesome. I can’t exactly go around crying all the time, though (although when I was a teenager I definitely gave it my best shot…), so I’m pretty much stuck with this colour:

closeup pf green/brown eyes

I mean, they’re not so bad, really. I feel a bit mean now for talking about them like that: it’s not their fault, after all. Nevertheless, when Lenses-Contact got in touch and offered to send me some prescription coloured contact lenses to try, I was all over that. At last, I could have the sparkly green eyes I’d always wanted! And also some sparkly blue eyes, because these come in green AND blue, and meh, why not?

coloured contact lenses

coloured contact lenses

(I’ve just realised these photos are probably a bit creepy to some of you, in an “Oh yeah, here are some eyeballs just lying on my kitchen counter,” kinda way. Well, it IS almost Halloween…)

Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses: the technical bit…

These are soft contact lenses, designed to add a touch of colour to your eyes. You can use them with a prescription or without one: I wear contact lenses anyway, so I got these in my usual prescription, but if you’ve never worn lenses before, you’ll have to visit your optician first, just to make sure they’ll be suitable for your eyes. These are monthly disposables, so you can wear them for up to a month at a time, as long as you take them out each night and clean/disinfect them (which means you’ll also have to purchase a cleaning solution for them: there’s a range of different solutions at the Lenses-Contact website, or you can find them in any chemist or larger supermarket).

As I said, I was sent both the green and blue prescription coloured contact lenses to try, and although I was most interested in the green lenses, which I hoped would boost my natural shade, without looking too “fake”, I decided to try the blue pair first, just to see if anyone would notice the difference. So I picked a day we were going to visit my parents, then popped in the blue contact lenses:

blue contact lenses - review

closeup of blue contact lenses in brown eyes

trying out prescription coloured contact lenses uk

Then I almost popped them right back out again, because at first they just looked so strange to me: I felt almost like I had alien eyes or something, and I was sure everyone who saw me would be all, “OMG UR EYES!”

Er, not so much, really.

Folks, no one noticed. AT ALL. In the end, I even went right up to my mum and pretended to have something stuck in my eye, and she STILL didn’t notice, so we went through one of those “Do you see anything different about me?” conversations, in which she asked if I’d changed my hair, my lipstick and my makeup, but didn’t even consider the fact that I might have changed my EYES. Conclusion: although the difference is obvious in the photos, and looked REALLY obvious to me in the mirror, it’s not a difference the casual observer is going to notice. Or even the casual parent, for that matter.

(In fairness, these photos were taken in bright sunlight, and my parents seen me at night, so the effect wasn’t nearly as pronounced!)

It was the green lenses I was most interested in, though: as my eyes have quite a bit of green in them anyway, I figured they’d be the most natural choice, and would probably just enhance my natural colour, rather than changing it. Which is exactly what they did:

pale redhead with green eyes

closeup of green contact lenses on brown eyes

prescription coloured contact lenses uk

There would be no chance of anyone noticing the difference here unless it was pointed out to them, but I do like the effect, and will keep on using them. Unfortunately for me, though, I’ll be mostly using these on a “special occasions only” basis: I have very dry eyes, and normally wear daily disposables rather than monthly ones. Even my usual dailes will start to dry out my eyes if I try to wear them for a long time, and I find that monthly lenses like these will make that happen even faster. That’s an issue with my eyes rather than with the lenses, obviously, but it’s another reason you should check with an optician to make sure they’ll be suitable.

To help with the dryness, I was also sent a bottle of LAIM Moisture Eye Spray, which is one of those formulas you spray onto your closed eyelids, rather than applying directly to the eye. It took me a few attempts before I could stop myself flinching away every time the spray hit my eyelid, but it does make my eyes feel more comfortable, and can be used even if you’re wearing eye makeup, which is great, because if I’m basically ALWAYS wearing eye makeup.

As for the general wear of these, there’s no real difference between them and a regular pair of lenses: you obviously don’t see the coloured part when you’re wearing them, so if you’re used to wearing contact lenses, you shouldn’t have any issues with them. And as an added bonus, if you happen to drop one, it’ll be a whole lot easier to find than a clear lens: not that I’d know anything about THAT, obviously…


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  • Alison


    Pah, just checked and they don’t extend to my level of blindness :o(

    October 21, 2015
  • Ooh, this is interesting! I’ve long wanted to try coloured lenses and my prescription is on offer – plus that’s not a bad price at all really. I don’t know what I’d go for though – my eyes are technically ‘meh’ coloured; they’re sort of grey, sort of blue, but people have accused them of being green too. I think it’s because my mum has green eyes, my dad has blue and I’ve ended up like when you mix paint together… For what it’s worth, I think I’d have noticed your eyes changing colour – but some people are just really perceptive about the little things (probably those of us obsessing over their outfits and posting them on the internet 😉 ). The blue are unusual but I really like the green on you!

    October 21, 2015
  • Chiarina


    The green ones really do enhance your natural eye colour well! You look lovely.
    I have blue-green eyes and I tried coloured contacts when I was in high school… bright violet! (Obviously, as a teenager I chose what I thought would have most shock value…) The effect was really cool, and VERY noticeable… I loved it…

    October 21, 2015
  • Miss Kitty


    I have eyes your exact same colour, green with the brown band around the middle! Only I call mine ‘hazel’, it sounds better 😉 I also have your same dry eye problem. The only eye infection I ever had was when I switched to monthly contacts, after that I went back to dailys, and I’ve since had laser eye surgery. These would be fun to do as an ‘every now and then’ thing!

    October 22, 2015
  • Lucy


    My eye color spans a wide spectrum, from “blue” to “BLUE” (haha). I’ve always been a little envious of people with eyes that truly change color, because the best I can do is more or less blue, and I’ve always thought it would be so interesting to go from blue to violet, or hazel to green, etc. Blue to bluer gets kind of boring, frankly.

    October 22, 2015
  • Elizabeth


    Can I just say, your eyes aren’t smudge coloured- they’re hazel. I’ve always really liked having jazel eyes because your eyes change colour in different lighting- but contacts work too.

    October 22, 2015