Max's first photo… to Max John Miaoulis, born at 11:51 this morning – 7 pounds 6 ounces of perfect.

I have lots more to say, obviously, but I also have a gorgeous baby boy to stare at, so I know you’ll all forgive me for the quick update: Max and I are both doing well, though, and Terry and I are absolutely besotted with our new arrival, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of photos in the days to come!

  1. Congrats Amber and Terry!

    My little girl, Everly, is 4 weeks old today! She also came into the world C Section (after being 2 weeks late!) and if you have any questions or concerns about recovery please feel free to ask (I also have health anxiety so hopefully we can relate to each other 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you all! I thought of you this morning – it’s so wonderful you have shared your fantastic news and delighted to hear you are all doing well.

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of this gorgeous treasure! He looks so amazingly cute. Best wishes for all of you! <3

    With kindness,

  4. Been thinking about you all day as I shopped for things for my currently-just-a-small-bump! So happy for all three of you! You did it!! Well done Xxx

  5. Congratulations! I was definitely thinking of you and I’m glad to see it seems things went fine, and that you can now enjoy being besotted to your heart’s content. 🙂

  6. Congratulations to all you and your family! I have been following your updates as someone who identifies very strongly with the fears you have had with the pregnancy etc and you have definitely helped me be more aware of my issues!

    Have a well deserved new year and celebrations!

  7. Congratulations to you both, he is gorgeous. Well done and take it easy, enjoy these first few weeks getting to know each other xxxx

  8. Congratulations! I am so happy for you both that I actually teared up a little when I saw this post. I’m so glad to know that both you and your little baby boy are doing well. Max is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. You did it! He’s amazing, a little bundle of cuteness. Happy birthday to Max and huuuge congrats to you and Terry! (I might be crying a bit right now…)

  10. Huge congratulations to you both. Such a gorgeous photo and loving the name! Was actually thinking of you yesterday wondering how you were going. Thanks for sharing your special news and enjoy this magical time x

  11. Such an adorable baby face. I’m glad you are both doing so well and I look forward to yourupdates, when ypu can tear yourself away from baba x

  12. Well done!! Beautiful, beautiful boy. I’ve been following your blog since before you got married, and with every bit of happy news my heart leaps for you. Enjoy that sweet baby 💗

  13. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! You did an awesome job and you can be so proud of yourself (I am terrified of C-sections and I admire everyone going through with one). May your recovery be easy! Ivwish you and Terry the best of luck with all new baby things, you will make great parents! Max is extremely cute!

  14. Congratulations to all of you. I was overjoyed to log on and see this picture of your beautiful new son with his Dad! Well done Amber. I’m so happy for you!

  15. Huge congratulations to you both on your new arrival! He is so adorable!!

    Can’t wait to see a picture of the new family of three!

    You bloody went and did it!! So so happy for you!!

  16. I am so delighted that you baby boy has arrived safely. I love his name (obviously, and as your mum, Max’s new gran said, now we both have a Max).
    I am sure he will be every bit as much fun as ours and as loving.
    Congratulations to you all and very well done. I am so proud of how you overcame your fears to bring Max into the world.

  17. Congratulations!! I got chills when I saw your Insta update earlier. So happy for your family. Enjoy every precious moment 🙂

  18. I wasn’t going to post a comment, because I don’t have anything original to post, but I just HAD to say congratulations! He looks absolutely perfect! And I’m pleased you have obviously come through OK too. Hugs to all 😊❤

  19. The biggest of congratulations to you and Terry, Amber! Although I really never comment, I’ve been following this pregnancy from the beginning and you’ve been in my thoughts so much over the last few days! I’ve been sending all my positive thoughts and finger-crossing from halfway around the world, even though I know it’s silly I hoped all of our support could be felt and help in some way. I’m SO incredibly happy that you are both doing so well, and so excited to see more of Max! Hugs xx

  20. He’s beautiful Amber! Congratulations to you and Terry. What an amazing achievement – you should be super proud of yourself. Hell, I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you!

  21. Hurray for Max! And hurray for his parents, Amber and Terry! He is charming and beautiful and all that babies should be. Thank you so much for sharing the photo and


  22. Congratulations to you and Terry. I was thinking about you on the day and I am so glad to see that everything is fine. He looks a real little beauty already and you must be so pleased. What a great start to the new year. Thank you for keeping us updated on how it went.
    Take care and all the best.

  23. Many congratulations Amber and Terry, welcome little Max, thankyou for the gorgeous photo.
    I wish the THREE of you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

  24. Yaaaaaaaay!!! Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you both!!!! As you’ve shared with us, this was such a scary hurdle for you, and I’m really so happy that both you and your adorable little Max are doing okay 🙂 He’s soooo cute! Wishing you and your lovely family a very happy new year, and all the best for a restful recovery! ❤️

  25. He is so beautiful! Congratulations! Thank you for keeping us updated. I was thinking of you, Terry and Max. Enjoy bonding. ((hugs)) He’s so adorable!

  26. OMG that MIGHT be the cutest baby I have ever seen! Look at how alert he is!!! Great name, too, by the way! Congratulations to you all!

  27. Congratulations, Amber and Terry. Max is gorgeous! I’m very sorry to hear about Terry’s Mum. I’ve been following your blog on and off for a few months now, after finding it by accident. You have a great mix of articles and I sympathise about your anxiety issues, but the way you write about them is absolutely hilarious. You do know yourself. Anyway, congratulations again, and parenthood is the wonderfullest (I know), scariest, funniest thing, and I hope you enjoy every moment of it. Dawn

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