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The Awkward Girl’s Guide to Sleeping in Rollers

So, you bought yourself some of those sleep in rollers you’re always seeing on TikTok. Or maybe even one of those weird heatless curlers that look a bit like one of those draught excluders from the 80s, but which will apparently give you big, bouncy curls, overnight.

Good for you.

Now, how are you going to actually SLEEP in rollers? Because that’s the question, isn’t it? They’re designed to be worn overnight, after all. When most of us are, you know, sleeping. So, how do you do it?

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How do you sleep in rollers?

OK, I’m going to be kind and give you a really quick answer on this, as opposed to the kid of extremely long answer I’m generally known for.

You don’t. You cannot sleep in rollers, guys: or not easily, anyway. And definitely not well.

Sleep In Rollers are, as I’m sure you already know, rollers. That you sleep in. The name kinda gives it away, huh? This is not, obviously, a new idea: little old ladies and 50s-housewives have been sleeping in their rollers since time began (or since rollers were invented, I guess), but lately they’ve become popular thanks to the cast of TOWIE, and other reality TV shows. Or so I’m told, anyway: I don’t actually watch TOWIE (I had to Google it to find out what it was, when people started mentioning it on Twitter etc. I thought it was some kind of internet-speak, like LOL, or something. “Haha, that’s so funny, TOWIE”. God, I feel old sometimes.), so the first I knew about overnight Rollers was when beauty bloggers starting reviewing them, and honestly? I wasn’t particularly sold on the idea.

The idea behind Sleep In Rollers, just for those of you who haven’t heard of them, is that you put them in before bed, go to sleep, and wake up to a head full of bouncy, voluminous hair. Sounds great in theory, but I’m a light sleeper at the best of times, and although these rollers are specifically designed to allow you to sleep in them, I somehow doubted that would happen for me.

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Also, although I just said that TOWIE etc makes me feel old, I don’t yet feel QUITE old enough to be heading to bed in rollers and a hairnet, you know? Even if I did, I normally try to work out in the mornings, before I get showered and dressed for the day (“try” being the operative word here…), so any bouncy curls I managed to cultivate overnight would be lost to the sweat and the shower, so it didn’t really seem worth the sleepless night I suspected I’d be subjecting myself to.


So I bought them anyway. Because OF COURSE I did. (These are the ones I bought, just in case you’re interested.)

When I first got into bed with these in, I had no idea how I’d ever manage to sleep in them, because although they feel spongy and soft when you’re putting them in, once I tried to actually lie down in them, they felt as hard as rocks. Part of the issue is that they’re so bulky that when you lie down, your neck isn’t supported by the pillow.

I solved this problem by taking a travel pillow and placing it on top of my regular pillow. By doing that, I was able to lie on my back with my neck supported, and my head just resting on the pillow. It wasn’t the most comfortable night’s sleep I’ve ever had (I find it difficult to sleep on my back even when I’m NOT wearing a head-full of rollers…) but I actually fell asleep quicker than I’d expected to, so it wasn’t TOO awful.

Honestly, though, it’s not something I’d want to be doing on the regular, so if you have any better suggestions for how to sleep with curlers in your hair, I’d love to hear them

sleep in rollers before and after

So, is it worth buying a set of sleep in rollers?

Actually, yes, I think it is . Although I don’t use these overnight, or on wet hair, I do use them at least a few times every week, and find they really help my poker-straight hair look smoother, and, well, BIGGER. For day-to-day use, I’ll put them in while I’m doing my makeup etc, and that’s generally long enough to create a little bit of bounce, and also to define my layers a bit. For a night-out, meanwhile, I’ll leave them in for as long as possible – as with most sleep rollers, the longer you leave them, the better the effect.

Although I wouldn’t want to be without these now, I don’t think you need to buy this exact brand: they are, after all, not anything revolutionary. Velcro overnight rollers have been around for a long time, and there are now a few other options on the market for those of us who want to be able to go to bed and wake up with big, bouncy, hair. Let’s Take a look at just a few of them…

Some alternatives to sleep in hair rollers to give you overnight heatless curls

  1. Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set

These innovative curlers are made from high-quality satin material, which is designed to be kind to your hair and easy to sleep on. These are the curlers you’ve seen all over TikTok: simply wrap sections of your hair around the curlers, secure in place, and let them work their magic overnight or throughout the day. When you take them out in the morning, you should have bouncy, ringlet style curls, which you can, of course, brush out for a more relaxed look. (According to TikTok, most people seem to remove them in the lift on their way to work or at the petrol pump for some reason, but honestly… no.)  [BUY THEM HERE]

2. Kitsch Jumbo Heatless Hair Curler

At first glance these might sound exactly the same as the product above, but while they’re based on the same idea (satin-covered foam that you wrap your hair around before bed), they’re both shorter and fatter, which means that – depending on the length of your hair – you’ll get more of a bouncy blowout look than the ‘Disney Princess’ ringlets the first set will give you. [BUY THEM HERE]

5 . Superdrug Heatless Curl Kit

6. Brushworks heatless curling scrunchie

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep In Rollers and Other Heatless Curls

How can I achieve curls without using heat?

There are several ways to achieve curls without using heat. Some popular methods include braiding damp hair before bed, using foam rollers, and using flexi rods. These methods can create beautiful curls without the damage caused by heat styling.

What are some easy ways to get heatless curls?

One easy way to get heatless curls is by using a headband. Simply place the headband over your hair and roll sections of hair around it, securing with bobby pins. Another easy method is by using a sock bun. Wrap sections of damp hair around a sock bun and secure with bobby pins before bed. In the morning, remove the bun for beautiful curls.

What are the best techniques for heatless curls?

The best techniques for heatless curls depend on your hair type and desired outcome. However, some popular techniques include braiding, twisting, and using curlformers. Experiment with different methods to find what works best for you.

Are there any products that can help with heatless curls?

Yes, there are several products that can help with heatless curls. Some popular products include curling creams, mousse, and setting sprays. These products can help enhance and hold your curls without the need for heat.

Can I get heatless curls with just a scrunchie?

Yes, you can get heatless curls with just a scrunchie. This method is known as the “plopping” technique. Simply gather your hair into a loose ponytail on top of your head, and secure with a scrunchie. Allow your hair to dry in this position for beautiful, natural-looking curls.

What are some popular heatless curl methods on TikTok?

Some popular heatless curl methods on TikTok include using a hair straightener to create waves, using a t-shirt to create curls, and using a headband to create curls. These methods are often quick and easy, making them perfect for everyday styling.

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  • Flavia Unterman


    Oh my God! Your hair is gorgeous! I know you’re a natural redhead but do you use something to enhance your hair color?

    August 18, 2014
  • The volume you achieved is quite good though! I have been wondering about sleep in rollers, I generally have course hair, being half African, so they’re not ideal for me to use on my dry hair. I was wondering if you have ever tried using them while your hair is wet or half dry?

    August 18, 2014
      • My hair takes forever to dry too. I used to spritz it very lightly with water before setting waves overnight and it usually managed to dry ok if the weather was warm. It does give a much better result.

        I saw a suggestion somewhere to have a hot shower in the evening, keeping your hair bundled up in a cap to stay ‘dry’. The steam from the air should add just enough moisture evenly through your hair to help set the curl. I’ve been meaning to give that a try…

        August 29, 2014
      • Christa


        Is it possible to sleep on hot rollers…. like if you put them in then let them cool then go to bed…??

        March 29, 2017
  • Ooh this reminded me I have some Velcro rollers that will solve my volume issues for my hair since I cut it! I usually cheat the time by aiming a blow dryer in the cool setting at the base of the rollers. It takes less time for the same effect that way.
    Your hair looks gorgeous, but I can’t believe you slept in them!

    Fashion and Happy Things

    August 18, 2014
  • Nina


    I don’t know if I missed it but you did put them on when your hair was wet, right? If you didn’t you should at least try it once because that’s how you get those nice and bouncy curls. If your hair is dry it won’t work! 🙂

    I hope I didn’t miss it if you did say that you used them on wet hair. Your hair looks amazing anyway! 🙂

    August 19, 2014
      • Nina


        You could always try to put them on when your hair is damp or wet and then blow dry it. Your hair looks great ether way, curly or straight! 🙂

        August 23, 2014
  • These don’t sound worth the effort at all – I could just imagine it would take me hours to get to sleep and then if I don’t wake up looking like I’ve had a professional blow dry, what’s the point?! I like the effect it gave you, but as you say, if it happens after two hours anyway… I’m still convinced the best rollers are heated ones, so easy and so quick compared to all this nonsense!

    August 19, 2014
  • Oh, that is a really act of bravery! I love the effect of using the rollers but with my type of hair I need to spend hours in them to see it…Thanks for useful info!;)
    And tnx for visiting my blog dear!!!

    August 19, 2014
  • Looks pretty cool, I have these, but haven´t used them in this way, only on my fringe to lift it up a bit, must try in on the weekend. Thanks!

    August 20, 2014
  • Ken Courtice


    Hi Amber, another very informative professionally produced video. I don’t curl my locks , BUT if I did , I would value this info , and feel I could pull it off!! Another Great info Gab

    June 6, 2015
  • TraciT


    Thanks so much for this! After looking around a bit online and reading various reviews, I got Sleep In Rollers not only for me (bra-strap length, blonde, fine) but for my BF (shoulder-length, auburn, thick) as well. We both love them — he actually sleeps in them more often than I do. We found that having hair slightly damp when we put our rollers in, and using a bonnet dryer for 15 mins or so on our sets before bed, really helps the volume and wave. I also give our sets a good spray before taking the rollers out. It gives us a lot of flexibility in how we style our next-day hair (up, down, back in a headband, etc.) and we get compliments and “How do you do your hair?” questions all the time.

    June 23, 2015
  • Staci Roslein


    I have been sleeping in rollers my whole life, my mom set my hair from a very early age every night and I still do. If you want to see a different you need the hard plastic rollers in different sizes to get the effect you want volume curl or volume on top and curls on bottom. Set your hair wet but dry with some heat to set the hair before you go sleep use a couple roller pins or roller clips to secure each roller. Before you go to sleep place a roller net over your rollers and you might want a scarf as well. It takes a few times before you get used to sleeping in head full of rollers. Honestly back in the day women had amazing hair that held forever, but there was a price. If you go to a real salon they do the old way hard plastic rollers and pins on wet hair under big hair dryer. No quick Velcro or sleep in rollers

    June 28, 2015
  • Isobelle


    How long do the curls/volume last?

    May 27, 2018
  • Chris


    I really would recommend a hairnet just in case.

    April 24, 2020