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AD | Five Toddler Beds for Kids With Amazing Imaginations

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As a first time mum, I was completely clueless about how quickly babies change and grow. Like, completely clueless. I thought, for instance, that once we set up Max’s nursery, it would just stay like that for a few years, at least – so I had quite the surprise in store when I happened to check the baby monitor one day last December just in time to see him straddling the bars of his cot, in the process of climbing out of it. We took the side off the cot off that same day, and have been using it as a bed, but lately he’s started referring to it as his “old bed”, and asking us when he’ll be getting a new one. (No, I have no idea…) Now, we’re obviously not about to rush out and buy him a new bed just because he asked for one, but I have been starting to have a look around at the various kids’ beds on offer, for when the time comes, so here are five of my current favourite toddler beds for boys (and girls!) like Max, who like to let their imagination run riot…

Toddler beds for boys and girls who love to pretend….

wooden toddler beds

The House Bed

Like many children his age, Max loves creating little houses and dens out of pillows and other random objects, so I’m pretty sure he’d love a bed shaped like an ACTUAL house. This white wooden toddler bed frame is nice and simple (Which is essential for me), but still lots of fun (Which is essential for Max, obviously). I also like the fact that the mattress is so close to the ground: Max’s cot bed is quite high, and, when we first took the sides off it, I spent a lot of time worrying he’d fall out during the night. I mean, would you expect any less of me?

The Treehouse Bed

There are quite a few different canopy toddler beds out out there, but I think this one has to be my favourite: again, it’s really simple (Warning: this will be a bit of a theme for this post – when it comes to furniture, I will always favour white wood, clean lines, and as minimal an aesthetic as possible… I know there’s a feeling that toddler beds for boys in particular should feature lots of bright colours, but I think there are plenty of other ways to make them fun, but still stylish, and this is one of them…), but it still manages to look pretty unique, with the canopy on the top and the little windows at the side. Max would love peeking out of those windows, and would have every single one of his soft toys inside his ‘house’ as soon as it was built, so I think it’s safe to say this one would be a hit for him, too!

character bunk beds for toddlers

The Camper Van Bunk Bed

One of the biggest problems I’ve had when it comes to choosing things for Max’s room is the fact that so many toddler beds for boys seem to feature garish cartoon characters, or be shaped like racing cars or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I know Max would probably love them all, but I also suspect he’d grow out of them quite quickly, which is one of the reasons I’m hoping to find something a bit more … I’m going to go with “classic” here, but you all know I mean, “white wood, and lots of it,” don’t you? Yes.

With that said, if I WAS going to buy him a “novelty” bed – and if there were two of him, because this is obviously a bunk bed, and we have only one child – this would be the one I’d go for. Yes, it’s shaped like a vehicle, but it;’s a VW-style camper can, rather than a racing car, or Peppa Pig-mobile, and, well, I don’t hate it, guys. I really don’t hate it at all…

teepee bed frame for toddlers

The TeePee Bed

You might look at this photo and see yet another plain wooden bedframe, but I can guarantee that Max would look at it and see an opportunity to drape some of his beloved blankets over the top and create the best den EVER. Admit it: you’re thinking the same thing now, aren’t you? (Also, if you thought I was only going to feature white toddler beds here, guess again: this one’s grey! And, OK, also white, I’ll get my coat…)

toddler bed with built-in storage

The Kids Bed With Built-In Storage

OK, this is totally NOT what I was looking for when I first started my toddler bed search, but having spent most of the weekend picking Max’s LEGO and Playmobil people out of the living room rug, I’m considering moving this one to top of the list. I mean, look at it! It’s got a little perspex -fronted section in the headboard to display mini-figures (Or anything else your child is into: I think we all know Max would probably use it to display toy poops, but the less said about that, the better, really…); storage cubes in the base, building strips on the bottom… it’s basically just a giant toy, that also happens to be a bed, isn’t it? Genius. Absolute genius.

Find more toddler beds for boys and girls here.

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  • Fiona


    Brodie is 2 years and 11 months and refuses to give up his cot. It’s just a cot not even a cot bed, so it’s not that big either. Luckily he sleeps in a sleeping bag still so we haven’t had any climbing incidents (apart from at about a year when I realised I should have lowered the mattress further…)
    We have a regular single in there already (if we can persuade him to even use it) but these look way more fun.

    July 7, 2020
  • Mary Katherine


    OK, I want one of these beds for MYSELF! As far as bunkbeds, bet he’d love the choice of which one to sleep in on any given night, and at some point, he’ll have friends for sleepovers. Any of those with structures overhead can be draped with sheets, fairy lights – endless possibilities! In any case, getting him to go to bed should be easy until the novelty wears off…

    July 8, 2020
  • Alice


    These are lovely – though to be honest I think I will just move my daughter into an adult bed, eventually.
    (unless we have another in which case it will be the bunk bed!)

    She still sleeps in our double bed, we did ask her recently what she thought about having her own bed and she said “but where would you sleep?”. Clearly she imagined she would keep “her” bed and we would move elsewhere! She has never slept a night in her cot……

    July 8, 2020
  • Myra


    I love all of these beds, but I think I’d wait until he was a bit older for the bus with the climbing steps lol. It won’t matter which one you buy, the bed will become whatever he wants in any given day or night.

    July 8, 2020
  • Lise


    Wouldn’t Max try to climb onto the top of the first 3 beds? My kids would have when they were his age. I’d worry about falls from a height too much to go with either of them, but I definitely prefer the appearance of the house bed and the teepee bed. I share your white aesthetic preference.

    July 8, 2020