Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now

It happened again, people. I popped out to the supermarket to procure some wine and Haribo sweets for Terry and I to enjoy during tonight’s Big Brother Final. (Terry doesn’t like wine and I’d kind of eaten all the Haribo sweets by the time I got home, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, y’know?).

As I placed my items carefully on the conveyor belt thingie, ignoring the pensioner who was repeatedly slamming her trolley into my back (There’s always one, isn’t there?), though, I noticed the checkout woman clocking me suspiciously. It was then that I knew it was about to happen again: our lady of the till had clearly mistaken me for a madcap teenage tearaway, intent on scampering off to the bike sheds to “get wrecked” with my hooligan “mates”, on a bottle of Pinot Grigio. Because I bet that’s exactly the teenage binge-drinker’s tipple of choice these days, isn’t it?

Sure enough: “I’ll need to see ID” she snapped, challenging me with her eyes. I rooted through my wallet, dislodging eighteen credit cards, two press cards (WHY?) and a passport-sized picture of a slightly-demented looking Terry before finally handing over my driving license. She scrutinized it carefully before handing it back, wordlessly. “I love it when this happens,” I quipped, hilariously. And actually? I totally do. It used to offend me when I was asked for ID. Now it’s quite thrilling. The last time before this one was on Christmas Eve, when I attempted to buy one of those cheesy “A Gift from Scotland!” things that have a whisky miniature in them. Because, again, that’s exactly what I’d buy if I were an underage drinker. I mean, is it just me, or are teenage delinquents getting more sophisticated? When I were a lass (this was all fields, then) it was a can of warm shandy if you were lucky: now it’s Pinot Grigio and single malt whisky. God, I’ve made myself feel old again.

I dunno, maybe it was the Haribo sweets that did it? Or the fact that I was wearing – gasp! – a hoodie. I won’t be calling off the Botox just yet, anyway, that’s for sure. (Joking! I’m joking! I’m not considering botox. I’m considering a Hydrafil instead.)

Anyway, the wine is cooling in the fridge, the Haribo mix is chilling in my belly and I will now spend the rest of the day calling the Big Brother winner’s line repeatedly to vote for Aisleyne. I urge you all to do the same. If you need some reasons, here’s my latest post on the subject for TV Scoop.

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  • Erik


    I'm 37 and got carded about a week ago. You'll probably get carded into your 50's.

    Are Americans allowed to vote on UK Big Brother? I bet it would cause more uproar than if I voted in a general election.

    August 18, 2006
  • Oh, definitely vote! We like some controversy!

    I hope I still am getting ID'd at 50. Hopefully the botox will take care of that…

    August 18, 2006
  • I read that and chuckled rather heartily to myself, I , having the misfortune to look 14 if a day, get ID'd everywhere;) So it's nice to know I'm not alone 😉

    August 18, 2006
  • Hey Amber! Thanks for the linkage to my site! 🙂

    August 20, 2006
  • Fingers crossed I still haven't been ID'd in my life 🙂 It got even worse when I grew the beard, people already think I'm older than I am. Maddy once admitted to thinking I looked 24…when I invited her to my 21st party 🙂

    August 21, 2006