Cool Girl Summer by Amber Eve

Cool Girl Summer is available to pre-order!

One thing I’m always telling myself I need to start doing is talking about my books more over here, and one thing I’m always NOT doing is… talking about my books more on here. 



This year I have a new release coming out that isn’t part of my existing series, and that seems like a pretty good excuse to show it to you. So here’s a random mockup to show you what it might look like if you were holding a copy of a book that doesn’t actually exist yet, while sitting in a window wearing a fluffy jumper dress. Admit it, you were wondering, weren’t you?

Cool Girl Sumer

So, as you can see, it’s called Cool Girl Summer, and it’s a romantic comedy beach read with enemies-to-lovers / grumpy v. sunshine vibes, plus way more Taylor Swift references than are probably good for it. 

As for the plot, it’s loosely inspired by this blog post from a few years back, in which I reminisced about that one time a Wise Old Crone approached me in a ‘fun pub’ in my hometown, with a warning to get the hell out (of the hometown, I mean, not of the fun pub, although that would’ve been a good idea, too…) before it was too late for me to make something of my life. Unfortunately for Real Life Me, I never really heeded that warning, much as I wanted to, and that’s why I currently live just outside my hometown, and got really excited this week when I found out that ALDI were selling books for £3 each. It was honestly the highlight of my week. I may or may not go back and delete that sentence before I publish this post. 


Real Life me didn’t pay attention to the Wise Old Crone: and she didn’t do a lot of the other things she once wanted to do, either –– like becoming a world-famous singer, say, or dating Matt Goss. 

But what if she DID do all of those things? Or at least try to?  

“What if you could change your life?” I wondered. What if you had a chance to do all the things you once wanted to do, but never got around to? What if you actually DID heed the warnings of the Wise Old Crone, and you just quit your job and flew to Spain in search of your first love?* And what if the guy in the line behind you at the airport kept popping up everywhere you went to mess things up, so none of that ended up going strictly to plan?

And so the idea for Cool Girl Summer was born. 

You can read more about the book at its Amazon page, which is, handily enough, also where you can pre-order it. It’s scheduled for release on May 23rd of this year, and pre-orders make me even happier than buying two books for £6 in ALDI did yesterday, so while I don’t like to beg, I am literally begging you here, please pre-order my book. I’ll be forever grateful if you do.

(But only if you’re someone who actually reads and enjoys romcoms, obviously, because I might be desperate here, but I’m not totally unreasonable…)

* Er, that wasn’t one of the things my younger self wanted to do with her life, by the way. I just made that bit up. Look, it’s fiction, not a memoir, OK? 

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