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Further Adventures in Organisation | Lingerie and Nightwear

Posted on 3 min read

Today I’m sharing photos of my underwear on the internet: because this is what it’s come to, people.

Don’t worry, though: I’m not actually wearing the underwear in this post (I mean, I WAS actually wearing underwear when I wrote it, but… oh, you know what I mean.) – I’m not that mean. No, I do, in fact, have a purpose for these photos, and it’s to show off my new drawer organizers: lookit!

Drawer organizers for Ikea Malm dresser: dividers for knickers and other small items

This was my knicker drawer, yesterday. I can’t even tell you how calm and at peace with the world this made me fee: especially given that, prior to this weekend, every piece of lingerie and nightwear I own was crammed into one of these units:

Now, I’m guessing there are probably plenty of you who’d say that one of these units should be MORE than enough storage for one person, but if you would say that, then I’m guessing you don’t know the one person in question: i.e. ME. I outgrew this drawer unit a long time ago, and, as I have absolutely no intention of curtailing my shopping habit anytime soon, a few days ago, Terry and I headed to – WHERE ELSE? – IKEA to buy another one of these bad boys:

(This is a terrible photo: apologies, I was just too lazy to go and haul the studio lights upstairs to get a better one…) This is the IKEA Malm four-drawer unit, and, as you can see, we had one of them already. A few weeks ago, though, it occurred to us that the space was almost the perfect size for another one, and, well, why have one storage unit when you can have TWO? Exactly. (Actually, we have more than two now: the tallboy units from the other side of the room are still there, but mine holds all my hair tools and products now. Yeah, I have a lot of STUFF.) As excited as I was to be gaining some extra space, though, I was even more excited about getting to organise that space, and, to that end, I’d already ordered a bunch of drawer organizers: which brings me back to that knicker drawer.

The pink drawer organizers you can see in there are by Pereia, but I got them on eBay. They’re actually sold as office storage, but the spaces in them are the same size as the ones sold for undies and socks, and I figured the plastic ones would be sturdier, so I bought three, and was really pleased with how well they fit inside the Malm drawer. No, I don’t have much of a life.

At the same time I bought those, I also ordered some fabric drawer organizers to hold my bras: these are also by Periea, and honestly, the quality isn’t nearly as good as the plastic ones, but they were all I could find at the time, so they’ll do for now.

Finally, while we were at Ikea, I also bought a couple of packs of their Skubb drawer organizers:

Ikea Skubb drawer organizers inside Ikea Malm dresser

I have quite a few sets of these now, and I love them: the boxes come in different sizes, and all fit perfectly inside the Malm drawer, in various different combinations. I’m using these particular ones for nightwear at the moment (I either fold or roll everything, and then kind of “file” it in the boxes, rather than stacking everything one on top of the other – it just keeps everything tidy, as well as letting you see it all at a glance…..), but I also have some more which I use for things like workout clothes, hosiery, etc, so they’re awesome, really. In the way that only fabric drawer organizers can really BE awesome.

And thus ends an entire post about drawer organizers, of all things. Well, everyone has their hobbies, right?


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  • Debbie
    June 16, 2017

    I love seeing organised drawers. I tried the Marie Kondo way of folding but the drawers still look a mess. I need some boxes in my life. If tidy clothes just makes one thing in life a little calmer then I’m happy.

    Debbie x https://www.hellodeborah.co.uk

  • Erin
    June 16, 2017

    This solution seems so much better than my shoveitallinadraweranddontthinkaboutit method.

    • Lori L.
      June 16, 2017

      Your comment made me laugh out loud! That is my EXACT method of putting my lingerie away!

  • Hanka
    June 16, 2017

    Malm drawer & Skubb organizers – that´s my lingerie storage system too! 🙂

  • Bry Jaimea
    June 16, 2017

    I bought my drawer organisers from yesstyle – so many cute designs and prints to choose from!

  • Myra Boyle
    June 16, 2017

    You’re right, the bra ones don’t look as good, guess you’ll be looking for new ones soon to match the others, which look fab.

  • Raquel
    June 16, 2017

    Crap, now I want all of this….
    The first photo makes me feel really calm and excited at the same time, it’s just perfection, omgwantit!!

  • Nicole
    June 16, 2017

    All of my socks are stuffed into an old shoebox in my lingerie drawer! That’s about the extent of my organizational system 😛

  • Naomi
    June 16, 2017

    Want crazy drawer organization? I had my assistant fabricate boxes with dividers for me, that fit my drawers to the millimeter and have the slots and sections to display perfectly all my bras, panties, socks, tights, scarves, gloves, etc. like a shop display. BOOM!
    It took her 3 days I think but it came out amazing. I now fold everything properly, know what I have, and actually use it all – found items I forgot I had for years! Best DIY makeover.

  • Heather
    June 17, 2017

    I love those little organizers for undies! How perfect does that look!!! I always fold and “file” mine since working retail, but this looks so much better.

  • Raquel | Living Wellbee
    June 17, 2017

    I consider myself as a severe drawer organiser freak, love to see that I am not alone 🙂

    xx Raquel

  • Rachael Dickinson
    June 18, 2017

    OMG this looks amazing! I too use one of those tallboys (changed the handles to crystals) but I love the idea of having organised underwear drawers! I feel like this would make me more organised on a morning!

    Rachael xox

  • Candace
    July 26, 2017

    My ocd on matching underwear won’t work with those boxes. I’m sorry but its the IKEA boxes with the knickers folded in to one of the cups on the bra, then the bra folded over and placed upright in the IKEA boxes. Strangely I only have OCD over certain items and underwear is one of the them.

    • Amber
      July 26, 2017

      There aren’t any knickers folded into cups of bras, and that aren’t any bras in Ikea boxes, so I’m no idea where you’re getting any of that, but… thanks for letting me know?

Good news! We took Max to hospital this morning, and saw two different surgeons, who agreed there was no need to go ahead with the surgery as his lip is healing really well on its own 😅  He’ll definitely have a scar, unfortunately, but that would’ve been the case whether he’d had the surgery or not, and if it turns out to be worse than anticipated, we’ll have the option to have it corrected under local anaesthetic when he’s older. 
I’m still really upset that this happened in the first place, obviously, but so relieved that we don’t have to put him through a general anaesthetic, and just incredibly grateful that it wasn’t anything worse. I know some parents have to deal with much more serious stuff than this, and my heart goes out to you all: it’s been a rough couple of days, and I’m really grateful to everyone who took the time to comment on yesterday’s post - your stories were so comforting when I was panicking yesterday ❤️ (Old photo, obviously: every time Max sees the selfie camera, he thinks it’s going to be one of those filters where you open your mouth and something happens 😂) #pbloggers #mummybloggers #mummybloggersuk #ukmumblog #mumblogsuk #mumblogs #mamablog #ukparentbloggers #parentbloggersuk #ukparentingblog #parentingbloggers #motherhoodblogger #motherhoodblog #ukblogger #ukofficialblogger #happyblogger #mummyblog #bloggerclubuk #instamum

Good news! We took Max...

Totally unrelated photo, but we’ve just spent the morning in Accident & Emergency with Max, who fell on the path outside the house and split his lip open 😥 They tried to stitch it up at A&E, but it was totally impossible with him awake, so they’ve booked him in to have it done under general anaesthetic tomorrow ... Max is absolutely fine: the bleeding stopped quickly, he doesn’t seem to be in pain, and is just his normal, happy little self. I, on the other hand, am a complete wreck: the plastic surgeon he saw today reckons if we don’t have it fixed, his lip will be crooked when it heals, but I’m absolutely *terrified* of the thought of my baby having to have a GA. If you’re a long-time follower, you might know that I have a full-blown phobia of general anaesthetic (I literally had an elective c-section in order to eliminate the possibility of an emergency one, which might have had to be done under GA), so I just can’t get my head to accept that it’s safe and he’ll be fine 😥 Positive stories and advice very welcome: I’m just so terrified, I can’t even imagine how to get through the next 24 hours 😥😥😥

Totally unrelated photo, but we’ve...

#throwbackthursday to last week, when I needed a sunhat and SPF 50 to leave the house, rather than the current raincoat and wellies situation. Can you tell the post-holiday blues are still in full swing over here? 🌧 .
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#throwbackthursday to last week, when...

I posted this on Stories over the weekend, but he looked so cute in it I figured it deserved a spot on the grid, too! This is Max all ready for his friend Eleah’s 1st birthday party on Saturday: despite the jetlag and his continuing obsession with doors of all kinds (He had an entire soft play at his disposal, but he mostly just wanted to open and close the gate into it...) he had an absolute ball, and spent the whole drive home shouting, “HAPPY! HAPPY!” Thanks to @thestirlingstyle for a great party 🥳 🎈 🎉 . (Oh, and that’s his hairbrush in his hand - boy likes to look his best 😉)
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I posted this on Stories...

We’re back home in not-so-sunny Scotland, but my feed is still stuck in Florida... New post is up on the blog (direct link in Stories..), talking about how we’ve been dealing with toddler jetlag, and why I always hate coming home after a trip...
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We’re back home in not-so-sunny...

James Bond as a toddler... .
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James Bond as a toddler......

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