march homewear wislist

Quick homewear wishlist

march homewear wislist

One of the unfortunate consequences of wanting to buy fewer clothes right now is that I now want to buy tons of homewear and makeup instead.

I think it’s fair to say I’ll never be a true “minimalist”, huh?

Anyway, this is a wishlist in the true sense of that word: I don’t think Terry would be too happy if I tried to introduce YET MORE CUSHIONS into the house, somehow, and he probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about the Smeg kettle, either. I mean, he’d LOVE the kettle itself, just not the £129 I’d have had to pay for it. “Who would spend £129 on a kettle?” he would cry, incredulously. (I know, because we’ve been there…) And, “UR WIFE” would be the answer, because if I HAD £129 to spend on a kettle, I would totally spend £129 on a kettle.

ANYWAY. Here’s what I’m NOT going to be buying for the house this month…

01. The Smeg kettle of dreams

Honestly, I kinda wish I hadn’t mentioned this, because it’s just making me want the kettle again. In my defence, we DO need a new kettle, and I’ve wanted this one for absolutely ages. And at least it’s cheaper than a Smeg fridge, isn’t it? See: I’m actually being THRIFTY here! (P.S. I also want the toaster. I already have a perfectly nice toaster, but I want this one now. Sucks to be me, huh?)

02. A completely pointless thermal mug

I mean, I would NEVER use this. Because I work from home, and it’s not like my coffee’s going to get cold on the journey between kitchen and desk, is it? I would still buy it, though, because it’s cute: do I need another excuse?

03. Yet another cushion

Maybe Terry won’t even notice?

04. A cosy throw

Just because it’s spring, it doesn’t mean it’s warm, does it?

05. A retro alarm clock

Because I want to be alarmed in a retro way from now on.

06. A really freaking cool chair

Again, I have a perfectly nice office chair, and I still really like it, so I don’t even know why I was looking at this, to be honest. I think because I liked the colour? Also, I’ve intimated to Terry that the office is now high on my list of “rooms I would like to totally change” (Actually, my exact words were, “I want the office to look more like something from Pinterest…”), which means I’m spending a lot of time looking at office furniture. It passes the time.

07. A plant pot

Now that I have all those succulents in my life, I obviously need cute pots to put them in, otherwise they won’t look good on Instagram. And if a succulent falls in the woods, but there’s no one there to Instagram it, did it even happen? (Answer: LOLS, obviously not!)

08. A Yankee candle

I feel like I spend quite a lot of time talking about Yankee candles in my homewear posts, but I spend a lot of time talking about them in real life, too, so it’s OK. It’s one of my #LIFEGOALS to have a drawer in my kitchen that’s just totally full of Yankee candles, actually. And then, every morning I get up, and I’m all, “Hmm, what kind of day is it today? Is it a ‘Clean Cotton’ kind of day?” and if it is, I go into my candle drawer, and I get out my “Clean Cotton” candle, and that’s the one I use.

Er, sorry, I suspect that’s one of those thoughts that should’ve just stayed INSIDE my head? Anyway, this particular candle is, indeed, called ‘Clean Cotton’, and it smells exactly like your laundry does when it’s been hanging outside on a blustery day. It really reminds me of my childhood, actually, which I guess is because my parents used to make me scrub the laundry until my knuckles bled, and then carry it on my back to the drying green, where I would… wait, no, that’s Victorian times I’m thinking of, isn’t it? This candle reminds me of MY childhood, too, though, which was really quite different, and I have to say that, because my mum’s currently reading this line and turning to shout to my dad, “John, she’s embarrassing us on the internet again!”

You should all totally buy that candle, though.

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  • I have a yankee candle addiction and have more than a drawer filled ( like a whole shelf in the wine cellar filled with Jar Candles.. I adore smells)

    March 12, 2016
  • Rotem


    Can you fall in love with a kettle? Because I think I just did.
    As a renter, I’m always torn between wanting to make the place more homey, and thinking how useless it is to purchase stuff that I will eventually have to shove into boxes and pray I have room for in my next apartment. Maybe I should make a wishlist too, on the off chance that one day I might actually feel good enough about an apartment, I won’t see myself leaving it.

    March 12, 2016
  • I’ve just recently gotten some Yankee Candles (xmas gifts) and I now get the hype. And their catalogs come with scratch and sniff! I know need the lemon girl scout cookie one, because I like everything that smells like sugar.

    My friends always joke about my cushion situation too, because every time (I feel like its not EVERY TIME, but eh) they come over they say I have more cushions on my couch.

    March 12, 2016
  • Amanda


    I laughed out loud, loudly too, at the alarm clock description. That was brilliant.

    March 12, 2016
  • If you think Yankee Candle is amazing, go and have a sniff of the True Grace candles next time you’re in a John Lewis. I bought the Library candle. M dream office is all low light, tonnes of books (check) a Chesterfield to curl up in and the library candle smells Just. Like. That. It’s like an old fashioned gentleman’s club (not that new kind that smells of mint and animals) that smells of wood fire and leather and booky and gorgeous just set fire to itself.
    The True Grace Seashore candle is next on my list to buy…

    March 13, 2016
  • When I was in Massachusetts visiting kids, my son insisted we visit the Yankee Candle store. Turns out it’s the original one or something, but it is a tourist destination and you could spend a good amount of time (and money) visiting it. On the outside of the building in huge letters it says, “Yankee Candles — The Scenter of the World.” Inside, there are many rooms of many things, including a snowstorm every three minutes in the Christmas one.

    March 13, 2016
  • Justina


    I feel you so hard on all of these things! I am in the throws of wanting my house to be all decorated and perfect, which means I spend way too much time looking at furniture that is way too expensive… and not enough time actually folding my clothes and putting them away.
    I do kind of have the candle life you dream of, except all of my candles are scattered across my house. I have a weakness for candles that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

    March 15, 2016
  • That SMEG kettle is so pretty! I can’t believe I just wrote that a kettle is pretty, but it is!! 🙂 I love everything on this list, especially the chair 🙂 x

    March 16, 2016
  • OMG I totally recognize myself, hahaha

    March 16, 2016