inside my 2015 time capsule

Inside My 2015 Time Capsule

what I'd put in my 2015 time capsule

A few weeks ago, Terry showed me a You Tube video in which a man who buried a time capsule back in 1976 goes back to dig it up.

The whole thing really captured my imagination. I’ve always loved the idea of time capsules, but this one was particularly interesting to me, because it was uncovered by the same person who’d burried it, almost 40 years earlier, so he got a really unique opportunity to look back into the mind of his younger self, and see all of the things that he’d considered important back then.

So, this obviously got me thinking. I’m not about to start burying my possessions, obviously (I mean, the very thought!), but with the end of the year approaching, wouldn’t it be cool to at least think about the things I’d put into my 2015 time capsule? For this, I wanted to focus on personal items: the things that will always remind me of this year in particular, rather than reminders of world events, or anything like that. It won’t be hard for people in hundreds of years, after all, to find out what was in the news in 2015 (and actually, thanks to the internet it probably won’t be hard to find out what people’s lives were like either), but the minutiae of day-to-day life is something that often gets forgotten (sometimes even by ourselves), which is a shame, because the little things can be just as intersting as the big ones.

(Er, not in this case, though. This is really just a collection of my STUFF: I just want to make that clear, so you’re not disappointed…)

Working out what I’d put in my 2015 time capsule was actually harder than I’d thought it would be when I came up with the idea. It was tricky to narrow it down to things that would remind me of this year specifically, for instance, because a lot of things have remained the same. I also found that most of the things I came up with related to our holiday to California this year: I guess the events that are in some way out-of-the-ordinary will always be more memorable than the things you do every day. I’ve done my best to strike a balance between the two, though, and with that lengthy preamble out of the way, here are the things I’d put inside my 2015 time capsule…

white dressing table on white wood floor

01. My dressing table

Yeah, OK, OK, it’s going to be a really freaking large time capsule: HUGE, in fact. And the first thing I’d put in it would be my new (because it still feels new to me, even although I’ve had it for months now…) dressing table. Re-decorating our bedroom was the biggest change we made to the house this year, and although I’ll obviously still be using this dressing table for years to come, this was the year I bought it, and it will always remind me of it. I sit at this table every single day, and it’s one of my favourite things in the house, so as ridiculous as it might sound, it’s going in the time capsule, and you can’t stop me. So there.

black leather biker jacket

02. My black leather biker jacket

I know you’re all probably sick to death of seeing this jacket by now, but not only was it my favourite clothing purchase of the year, and something I’ve been wearing constantly since I got it, the fact that I bought it on the first day of our holiday means it will always remind me of that, too.

careful or you'll end up in my novel

03. My book

One of my biggest achievements of 2015 was finally finishing the first draft of that book I’ve been wanting to write for, oh, my entire life, basically. It’s not a novel, and it’s also not yet made it out of “rough draft” stage, which is why I’ve used this handy sign to represent it, rather than the book itself. Hopefully one year I’ll have a REAL book to put in the time capsule, but 2015 will always be The Year of the First Draft, and that’s something I’d like to remember it for.

sugar lip balm

04. This lip balm

Scent and taste are such powerful memory triggers, aren’t they? To this day, there are certain scents that take me instantly back to my childhood: this lip balm, meanwhile, will always take me back to 2015, and, specifically, to that holiday in California, which is where I bought it. Well, I did warn you there would be quite a few mementos of THAT holiday, didn’t I?

blog planner

05. My blog planner

Including my own blog in the time capsule feels a bit like the kind of thing Kanye West would do (If he was me, I mean. I very much doubt Kanye would include my blog in his OWN capsule, although it would be pretty cool if he did…), but hey! 2015 was the year I really started to focus on growing this blog, which had previously always been a bit of an afterthought. I didn’t manage to hit the goals I’d set myself, but I did make a lot of progress towards them, and this planner holds all of the posts, all of the ideas, and probably quite a few of the tears of frustration I shed along the way. I didn’t really intend for it to become a record of my blogging days, but it’s good to have one, all the same!

polka dot coffee mug

07. This coffee mug

So, it seems a bit uninspired to include something as everyday as a coffee mug in a time capsule, but like I said, sometimes the little details are the ones I most enjoy recording, so here it is. I’ve always thought it was a bit sad that something can be part of your everyday life for years, but still end up being totally forgotten about: I use this mug (or one of a few like it) on a daily basis, but, clumsy as I am, I know I’ll end up breaking it sooner or later, so at least I know it’ll live on in my time capsule! (Er, that WAS a bit weird, wasn’t it? Moving on…)

fitbit bracelets

08. My Fitbit

I got totally obsessed with my Fitbit this year: so much so that I can barely even look at it right now without feeling guilty, and like I should get up and start doing laps around the room or something. I’ve managed to wean myself off it now, but while I may well go back to it, I’ll always connect it with 2015!

cava cork

09. The cork from the bottle of cava we drank on the 10th anniversary of T-Day

You know what? I really need to stop keeping corks as mementos of special occasions, because how on earth are you supposed to remember which one’s which? Full disclosure: this may or may not be the ACTUAL cork used. But it’s A cork, at least. So it will remind me of … something.

the chicken

10. The Chicken

This is The Chicken. He mysteriously appeared in my bathroom one morning when we were on holiday, and everyone in my family denied putting him there. I got my own back by insisting on taking him with me everywhere after that, and photographing him enjoying the sights of California and Las Vegas. The Chicken and I had an awesome trip together – and this is the last time I’ll mention it in this post, I promise.


star wars

11. Our tickets to the midnight showing of Star Wars 

… which brings up right up to date!

And now I have to ask:

What would you put in your 2015 time capsule? 

  • My 2015 time capsule would include sushi since it’s the best thing ever, my faux fur coat and something to remind me of how far I actually have come this year./Ida

    December 28, 2015
  • Sarah


    My friend’s family keep corks! They write the date on them and put them in a vase or something (I honestly can’t remember, but someone I know keeps them in a vase as decoration)

    My time capsule would include my favourite lipstick, my black wedge boots, the silver necklace my best friend bought me, a Black Magic chocolate box and a photo from a celebration earlier this year.

    December 28, 2015
  • Lisa I.


    My 2015 time capsule would include the collars of my two elderly dogs that I had to put to sleep in April and July, and the autographs my Dad and I collected at an Asleep at the Wheel concert on his 81st birthday (Dad passed away suddenly three weeks later). 2015 has not been completely kind.

    HOWEVER, I’d have to include the adoption papers for Sunny, my new canine darling (a completely unplanned, but wonderful event), the perfume my husband gave me for our 10th anniversary, and a quilt I made this year. And coffee and chocolate, because. Just because!

    December 28, 2015
  • My time capsule would have the first dress that I made this year because it was my bestest make ever – and a good reminder of how far I’ve come as far as dressmaking. A pair of boots because this was the year I really started looking for some other than Docs. Some Captain Morgan Cannon Blast rum because it will forever remind me of our Florida vacation. A bottle of my homemade wine. And, my gym gloves because this was the year I really started lifting weights. Whoa, that was hard to narrow down for a comment. ?
    I’ve enjoyed your blog very much this year, as always. I’m looking forward to what you have for us in 2016.

    December 28, 2015
  • Mana


    My 2015 time capsule would include a bottle of blue hair dye because for the first half of the year I had blue hair, and a bottle of red, because that was the rest of the year, and a note to remind me to never dye my whole head again because that blue would. not. come. out.
    One of the letters my best friend in Australia sent me. A pair of socks I knit, because I learned the fair isle technique this year, a copy of the stepford wives because it’s been my favorite book this year, and finally a list of all the cute precious things Howl learned this year.

    December 28, 2015
  • I really enjoyed this post! My parents moved house this year – the old house was where I grew up so if I had a time capsule I’d want to put my house key from there. At least, would if I had been allowed to keep it!

    December 28, 2015
  • What a lovely idea for a blog post, Time Capusules are definitely pretty cool – imagine digging it up and all the memories you’d have. It sounds like you have had a great year. I’d put in a copy of my graduation certificate, a cinema ticket too as we joined cineworld and have been loads, as well as something to do with my job (my first eveer!) and a key because I moved in with my boyfriend this year! Thanks for sparking me to think of what I’d include.

    December 28, 2015
  • What an awesome idea!
    I would put in my ticket to San Diego which was my first time flying by myself, a sample of paint for my first time trying to fix something on the house, the mug I bought in Santa Cruz with my sister, the mini beer keg bought in Vegas, and one of the cocktail picks from my after Christmas party I had with friends.

    December 28, 2015
  • Trudy


    I’ve never done a time capsule, but years and years ago, when I was about 12, I read in a L. M. Montgomery book about a heroine (I can’t even remember her name now!) who wrote herself a letter for the future, to be opened in 10 years time. The letter was all about what had happened in the past year. I thought it was a terrific idea, and sat down to write my own letter to the future. When I actually opened it, 10 years later, it was just cringeworthy, full of pre-teen angst. I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough! If I had done a time capsule to be opened in 10 years time, it would have been far more interesting. Now I find myself wondering what I would have put in a time capsule back then, as well as what I would do now! Perhaps you could do a capsule with photos of the objects, rather than the actual objects? I’m not sure what I would put in mine. The year seems to have gone past in a bit of a blur, and there’s some bits I’d rather not remember! Here’s hoping for a better 2016, for all mankind 🙂

    December 29, 2015
  • Andrea


    This is a really great idea. I’m actually going to go and make a DVD with photos of the important stuff for me this year, so thanks Amber. On it there would have to be a picture of poor old Bilbo, the cat who owned our flat before we moved in, and graciously allowed us to stay for the last 4 years until old age got the better, but much more positively it must include a picture of Frodo ( my fiancée’s choice of names I’m afraid) our brand new Ginger Tom Kitten. Awwwwwwww!
    Plus it would have to include a graduation picture ( what a day that was..rained all day and my Mother-in-law to be sprained her ankle..) AND a picture of my first day teaching.

    December 30, 2015
  • i love this idea!

    December 30, 2015
  • What a great idea for a year-end post! I loved it so much, I copied it on my own blog (with crediting you for the idea, of course!).
    Here are my 10 favourite items of 2015:
    Have a wonderful New Year Amber!

    December 30, 2015