Shopbop sale

Shopbop October Sale Wishlist

As some of you know, Shopbop are longtime sponsors of all of my blogs, which means I get to have a wish list as long as my arm over there.

(Er, that’s not a requirement of the sponsorship, by the way: it’s just something I’ve taken it upon myself to do. Also, it’s not as long as my arm: it’s WAY longer than that…)

Today, the October sale starts, so I guess this would have been a good time for me to have saved up all of my available credit for, huh? Because I am the least patient person in the entire world, however, I’ve already gone and spent it all, so I’m just going to have to window-shop this one. And you’re going to have to watch me do it. So, here’s what’s on my Shopbop Wish List this month…

Shopbop October Wish List 01. Club Monaco ‘Remlee‘ tie-front sweater dress

If you like this dress as much as I do, then all I can say is I am so, so sorry: there was only one left in stock at the time I wrote this post, so if it’s not your size, or if some other lucky sod has gone ahead and bought it by now, then I’m afraid we’ve all missed out. Let’s join hands and take a moment to think about that, shall we? On the plus side, however, my top tip for stalking – sorry, I mean shopping – the Shopbop website is to literally stalk the item you’re after by adding it to your wish list as soon as you see it, then never, ever removing it, as long as ye both shall live – not even if it sells out. More often than not, that item WILL return to you: sometimes it’ll happen quickly, other times you might have to wait weeks, but softly softly catchee monkey and all that. (This one is similar, and still available, though: the day is saved!)

02. Kate Spade Perfume Coin Purse

I never carry cash: I’m a bit like the Queen like that. Or like that really annoying friend who’s always all, “Oh noes, I don’t have any cash on me, and I don’t want to use my debit card for such a small transaction! What do do?!” Yeah, I know, I hate me, too. Because of this sorry state of affairs, I have no use for this Kate Spade coin purse: none whatsoever. Do I still want it, though? The answer to that question can be found in the words ‘Kate Spade coin purse’, and the answer is ‘HELL YES’.

03. Snaplight Vanity Light Phone Case

After I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen, Terry told me that unless I either bought a case, or stopped throwing the phone around, we would be getting a divorce. I can’t seem to stop randomly throwing my phone around, though, so I DID get a case for it: that case does NOT, however, have either a backlight or a power bank, so I’d much rather have this one instead. Also, it’s rose gold, and if a thing is rose gold, I’m probably going to want to buy it: it’s just the way it is.

04. SchutzWelly‘ strappy pumps

I’m sure you’re all probably sick to death of seeing me wearing those nude Office pumps that appear in most of my posts right now. I’m not sick of wearing them, though, so maybe these would be a slightly different kind of nude pump for me to wear to death?

05. Kate Spade Small Penelope Saddle Bag

Tiny little bags! Why has it taken me so long to realise how cute and dinky they are! And no, you might not be able to carry a ton of stuff in them, true, but that’s… better for your back. And cute! Did I mention cute?

OK, I’m going to stop now before I get any more carried away than I already am. You, however, may go forth and shop the sale, details of which you’ll find below: happy hunting!

Shopbop sale