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5 Times Collectif Broke My Heart This Month

As regular readers probably know (because I’ve been banging on about it relentlessly, lately), I’ve been kind of moving away from my usual, retro-inspired style this year, which means I haven’t been checking out some of my old favourite websites as often as I used to.

It turns out, however, that one look at the Collectif site was really all I needed to re-ignite my love of retro, and get me filling up my shopping basket with thing I absolutely, positively cannot live without. Like this dress, for instance:

Collectif Mena sparkle tweed pencil dress

Collectif Sparkle Tweed Pencil Dress

Guys, I can’t live without it. And, I mean, OK, I’ll have to figure out how to bend time, move back to 1961, and get a job in the Mad Men office in order to have an excuse to wear it, but still: I know it’ll suck having to live without the internet and all, but at least I’ll have a sparkle tweed dress, right? Sparkle. Tweed. I want it.


Collectif Mainline Blackwatch Doll dress

Collectif Mimi Blackwatch Doll Dress

We’ve now reached that special time of year when I want to dress almost exclusively in blackwatch check, and ain’t no one gonna stop me. Not even by pointing out that, hey Amber, don’t you already own a dress in this print? And yes – yes I do: but since when have I let trifling details like that stop me? Exactly.

I don’t, however, own a dress like THIS (Well, not other than in my own head, anyway: for some reason, any time I try to imagine myself doing something, I’m almost always wearing a dress exactly like this. Which basically means it’s meant to be, no?), and I’m honestly not exaggerating when I tell you there is literally nothing (Literally. Nothing.) I wouldn’t do in order to own this dress*:

Collectif Ingrid Fishtail dress

Collectif ‘Ingrid’ green fishtail dress

I’d never, ever wear it, obviously. I mean, what am I going to do: sit around my home office dressed like Keira Knightley in Atonement? (Answer: Yes, what of it?) Just owning it, however, would make my life complete. It would also make the sun shine, reverse global warming, and generally make the world a far better place.* It’s THAT kind of dress, isn’t it?

Collectif Tessa green knitted dress

Collectif ‘Tessa’ green knitted dress

I’m actually starting to suspect a conspiracy now, what with all of these redheaded models in green dresses. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to target me, isn’t it? They’re all, “Amber…. Amber… if you bought these dresses, you too would have legs up to your armpits and an actual waist! It would cost you just £53.50! Think of it as an investment!” And because I’m very suggestible, I’m just all, “Well, alrighty, then: I’ll take the black version, too!” Be glad you’re not me, people: it’s an expensive way to live, and not once have I ended up looking like the model. Not ONCE.


Collectif Matilde gingham skirt

Collectif ‘Matilde’ gingham skirt

Again, you might be thinking that I already have a gingham skirt or three, and again I’m thinking, ‘Why are you bringing this up as if it’s relevant? Sheesh!’ It seems there’s no limit to the number of gingham skirts I can lust after: it also seems that I’m very much back into the retro look again (or some elements of it, anyway…), which makes the Great Clothing Cull of ’16 seem like less of a bright idea than it did a few months ago. Luckily for me, most of the clothes I got rid of were summer ones (Which I rarely ever wore, on account of us not really getting summer any more…), so it’ll be next year before I’m able to fully regret them. And just think of all of the things I could’ve bought by then?

*Statement may contain gross exaggeration and/or outright lies. May also be totally true, though.

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  • These dresses are so pretty! I have a small collection of vintage pieces that I adore, but I have the hardest time figuring out how to rotate them into my wardrobe.

    November 11, 2016
  • Maybe I missed something, but why is your heart broken? It seems like you are head over heels in love! ? Were they out of your size? It sort of seems also that in your heart of heart you love the retro look–why deny it? So okay, the long satin emerald dress is OUT OF THIS WORLD! You could throw a 1930’s party…however, unless you’re going to a bunch of holiday black tie events, the cost per wear is going to be high! I love this style, but no way will it work for my body type–I have a really wide upper back and torso (inverted triangle size 6) so fit and flare dresses are always tight on my, and forget about high necks. Sadly, I haven’t bought many dresses lately.

    November 11, 2016
  • D. J.


    This post broke my heart, too! I LOVE the Mimi Blackwatch Doll Dress, the Ingrid Green Fishtail Dress and the Matilde Gingham Skirt. I wish I could hire you to be my stylist!

    November 18, 2016