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5 Things I De-cluttered This Week

This week I’ve been on a bit of a de-cluttering kick: even more so than usual, I mean. 

As some of you probably know by now, I like things neat, which means I frequently go through phases of clearing out and organising things: it’s like my version of meditation. Or, you know, therapy. The urge to organise gets particularly strong when I’m very busy with other stuff: which is a bit of a pain, really, because it makes me feel like I can’t actually DO the other stuff until I’ve organised whatever it is that’s nagging at me. Yeah, you’re right, I should probably just GET therapy, shouldn’t I?

Instead, I de-cluttered. And damn, it felt good: because that’s the kind of rock n’roll lifestyle I lead. Here are 5 things I de-cluttered this week…

5 things to de-clutter this week

The bathroom cabinet

My bathroom cabinet is one of those under-the-sink ones, which means the stuff at the back isn’t particularly accessible, and it tends to turn into a bit of a product graveyard. I started by pulling everything out, and getting rid of all of the products I never use, then, having discovered that the Ikea storage box I’d been using to organise some of that stuff had split right down the middle (WOE!), I threw THAT out too, and used the drawers from my old Muji storage units instead – plus one random acrylic box which is origin unknown, but I’m going to take a wild guess and

organising the bathroom cabinet

The Muji drawer unit used to hold my makeup, until I got my dressing table last year: unfortunately the space under the sink is kinda awkward, so I could only fit one two-drawer unit into it, plus this single drawer. I actually might like this arrangement better, though: at least I can see everything I’ve got now! Speaking of my dressing table.

dressing table drawer

02.Dressing table / makeup storage

This was long-since due a clear-out: again, I took everything out, got rid of the products I don’t ever use, and re-organised the ones that were left. I should probably be more worried than I am about the fact that this is what passes for a fun afternoon activity for me…

03. Desk drawers

organised desk drawer

Next up was my desk drawers, which are where every item small enough to fit in them seems to end up at some point. As I’ve mentioned before, I like to use old Birchboxes to organise the contents of drawers, so everything has it’s own little compartment, rather than being thrown in together. (I keep on telling myself I’m going to upgrade to ones like this at some point, but nah, doesn’t seem to be happening…) This is also the case for…

04. The lingerie drawer(s)

how to organise your bras

Let’s just take a quick moment to reflect on the fact that I’m now posting photos of my underwear on the internet: my parents will be so proud!  (Also, please insert your own “drawers” joke here…) Anyway, yeah, as you can see, this is how I like to organise my bras: inside a collection of smaller boxes, and “filed”, a bit like documents. Works for me…


05. Wallet / handbag

pink wallet

Because I like to carry different handbags depending on my outfit (and also because I work from home, so don’t need to carry a ton of stuff around with me every day), I normally empty each bag after using it, which means I don’t accumulate a bunch of stuff in them. My wallet, on the other hand, is another matter altogether, and ends up crammed full of receipts and long-expired cards, so I like to go through it every so often and declutter. I like to think this will help make room for all the money I’ll be keeping in it, but LOL, nope.

Now I just need to find another five things to declutter NEXT week…

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  • Emma
    February 18, 2016

    Your bra filing system is so clever I immediately got up and filed my own bras, and while I was in the bedroom I emptied the bin, which led me through the kitchen, where I put away the dishes and emptied the tumble dryer, and while I was at it I carried on and put all the clothes away. So thanks Amber, if you could go ahead and post one ingenious tidying tip every day, you’ll not only have the satisfaction of your own house being tidy, but also of tidying mine by proxy 😉

  • Chiarina
    February 18, 2016

    Ooh, I am trying to declutter too… I am days from having my second child and my nesting instinct took the form “everything in the house must be orderly and PERFECT” (which is not always easy with a toddler running around)! Drawers, shoe cabinets and the big challenge… my closet! I need the mental order that comes with physical order. Space for the body and mind!

  • Anna International
    February 18, 2016

    Yep. This is me. Organising a little bit of mess in my house makes me feel so much better every time. Especially since overall, the entire house is a tip right now (we’re renovating, it is literally a building site, full of power tools and bits of wood and plasterboard), it is great to know that one little corner is organised and neat. In fact, this makes me want to go have a wardrobe clearout! Argh! We’ve got six people coming to stay tonight before heading off for a weekend in Glasgow for a wedding…I can probably satisfy myself with another tidy and clean of the guestrooms!

  • Deanna
    February 18, 2016

    I am totally with you on the bathroom cabinets and the wallet! Also my pile of papers/mail continues to reproduce – why is that one so difficult to deal with??????? You’ve just inspired me to go finish my bathroom cabinet clear out that I started five weeks ago 🙂

  • Becky
    February 18, 2016

    I love organising and decluttering and I’m exactly like you: I can’t focus on anything until it’s done. Even really easy stuff like watching TV. It has to happen so I can relax. I’m actually saving decluttering my wardrobe for a weekend treat.

  • Andrea Thomas
    February 18, 2016

    Oh I love de-cluttering too. Sometimes I have been known to spend a happy hour arranging my desk with the post its sorted into size and colour. My fiancé thinks this is pointless but he has CDs sorted alphabetically by artist so he can talk. Sadly our freezer died this morning so I have been de-cluttering frozen peas and croissants…oh I love frozen croissants but NOTwhen they have gone squidgy.. Ugh.

  • Nicole
    February 18, 2016

    I “file” all my socks inside an old shoebox! It helps keep them compact and separate from my underwear, which shares that drawer.

  • Aneta
    February 18, 2016

    Hello hello,
    oh, how much I understand. De-cluttering is not a chore, it is a true hobby…
    I want to buy the Ikea table you have, can I ask how many of those plastic little boxes fit inside? I want them too 😀
    Have a nice one 🙂

    • Amber
      February 18, 2016

      Do you mean the trays in the dressing table? I have four trays in it, but they have different types, so you might be able to get more depending on what you’re looking for…

      • Aneta
        February 21, 2016

        yes, that is what I meant, I feel like I will not only buy the table, but also alex chest of drawers to fit everyting in 😉 😀

  • Pia (@gymbagsjetlags)
    February 18, 2016

    I love decluttering! But I find it so hard when it comes to things like makeup; I know I never use some products but feel so bad throwing them out if they’re totally full or I miiiiiiight use them again…..
    xx, Pia


  • Mana
    February 18, 2016

    I keep all my makeup in my makeup drawer seperated in birchboxes. And I have a spot on my dressing table that has my favourite perfume and my favourite necklace in its box in a glossy box lid.
    It’s my favourite spot in my whole house.


  • Myra
    February 18, 2016

    There is a name for what you do when you have real stuff to do, but don’t want to get started, so you find something else to do instead. It’s called a “displacement activity”, and your decluttering made you feel virtuous because it was a useful thing to do.

    I did a spot of decluttering myself the other day, when the sun shone (yes, for one whole day). I swept up the last of the Christmas tree branches and pine needles that were piled on the patio, but a lot had been dragged onto the lawn by the puppy, Teddy, a cockapoo, who chews everything (including right through the cables for the Christmas tree lights) and drags anything he can find outside. So, I feel good that mess is cleared up. Sorry to have wasted Teddy’s fun in that pile though.

  • Isabelle Kate
    February 19, 2016

    There’s nothing better to me than having a good clear out and knowing you now have something which is organised. I have a purse clean out every so often and it feels so refreshing to just look in there and see organisation!

    Isabelle | http://www.isabellekategm.co.uk

  • char
    February 19, 2016

    I have a huge list of things to declutter. I’ve recently moved the heap of shoeboxes out to make way for the new shoe shelves which has meant that I’ve been left with an actual mountain of empty shoeboxes to get rid of. Those really need decluttering but it seems such a shame to throw them all out, so I’ve been trying to offload some of them by sending out care packages and items that I’ve sold in wardrobe clearout sessions – so many of those lately as well, the amount of “stuff” I seem to have is just getting to be too much. I’m not very good at getting rid of things though.

  • Myra
    April 30, 2016

    Decluttering – not for me. I spend my days watching Raymond leave everything he touches exactly where he left it. I always know what’s he’s been doing in the kitchen as he leaves the cupboard doors open, cups and plates, cutlery, wrappers, peelings etc etc. it’s no wonder we’re getting ants in when he leaves crumbs everywhere. They love it. You can imagine my response when he asks me where his glasses, wallet, coat, shoes or car keys are. “Where you left them,” I say, but that makes him angry. After being married to him for over forty years, I don’t think there’s a solution, but would be happy to hear any suggestions. (I’ve tried hiding them, but that doesn’t work, nor does picking them up and putting a away, so now I just leave them where heft them.)

  • Nikki
    March 31, 2017

    I’ve just found your blog (via Pinterest) and I’m thrilled. Someone who likes organising things as much as I do haha! Where did you get your clear plastic chair from? The one with the shoes on in your pictures above. I’m creating an office in my house for an upcoming course I’ve decided to do – and been looking for a lovely chair for weeks x

    • Amber
      March 31, 2017

      It was from Tesco, but it’s a few years old now!