white 50s style dress

A Tale of Two Dresses

Last week was all bare legs, ice-cream and, well, electric fences. But we don’t talk about that. Much.

This week, by contrast,was more like this:

cold day in april

It snowed. And hailed. And was just generally cold and miserable, and OMG, WHERE IS SPRING? I was not amused. I mean, I don’t like the cold at the best of times, but it’s even worse when it comes right after a long(ish) period of warmth. You’ve just gotten used to waking up in the morning with sunlight flooding the room, wearing your favourite clothes, going outside without feeling like you’re going to die, when all of a sudden it’s cruelly snatched away from you, and you’re thrown abruptly back in time to darker days. I felt a bit like a child whose new toy had been taken away, although, on the plus side, the bad weather did keep me well away from the countryside, and any electric fences it might contain, so there was that, too.

Seeing as county walks and running through golden fields was off the agenda, we decided to crack on with the first stage in the “redecorating the bedroom” project I’ve alluded to a couple of times, by painting the magnolia walls white. Because OF COURSE we went with white: are there other colours? I hadn’t noticed.


I say REdecorating the bedroom: it actually wasn’t decorated to start with: the walls were still builder’s beige, and up until this week we’d done absolutely nothing to the room other than changing the light fitting and placing our furniture. Not that there was much furniture to place, mind you: our old bedroom was so small that all we had space for was the bed, two tallboy drawer units, and the white wicker basket which holds all of my electricals, and serves as a (rubbish) bedside table. I don’t have a dressing table, or a chest of drawers large enough to hold more than just lingerie, and we have no bedside tables or anything like that. We put a chair that used to be in our old living room in the corner of the room, just to fill the space, and there’s also that TV that’s STILL on the floor (nope, no TV unit either), but… that’s it.

Now, however, we’re getting ready to start working on this room, and although it’s going to be a very gradual process, I’m super-excited about it, because, as I said to Terry, it will totally revolutionise my life. Just being able to sit at an actual dressing table to put my makeup on and do my hair, rather than standing in front of the bathroom mirror, or kneeling awkwardly on the floor (when I’m curling my hair or something) will feel like total luxury to me, and as for being able to put my morning coffee on a flat surface, rather than balancing it precariously on top of that stupid basket? Life-changing. Literally.*


Speaking of my new dressing table: we don’t have the table itself yet, but this week we DID buy a chair for it, for the princely sum of £2:

clear chair and cute pup

Yes, £2. I know! The chair in question is this one from Tesco, and it SHOULD have cost £50, but we had some Clubcard points saved up (For those of you not in the UK, or not Tesco shoppers, the Clubcard is a loyalty card scheme: we buy our groceries and fuel from Tesco every week, and you get points which you can then redeem against purchases.), so it ended up costing £2, and that included the delivery – pretty sweet! I’m not sure they used enough packaging, though:

packaging for new chair

When we started planning the room, I knew I wanted a clear chair for the dressing table: I’d looked at tons of them, and it was really lucky that the one I liked best also happened to be the cheapest. I mean, normally it works out the exact opposite of that scenario, so it’s a good job we buy so much from Tesco every week, huh?

The chair wasn’t the only thing to arrive this week. There was also the small matter of the two ASOS dresses. Look, there was a 10% discount, OK? And remember the perfect white dress I mentioned back in this post? Well, it started to show up in my saved list as “low stock” in my size. So, discount code + the certain knowledge that if I didn’t buy it then, I wouldn’t get to buy it at all: you can tell how this ends, can’t you?
white 50s dress


As some of you might recall, I was also rather partial to the white dress in this post, but it was out of stock in my size at the time (came right back in as soon as I ordered this one, naturally), so that made the decision easier. I’m actually glad I got this one, though, because I really, really love it – it’s basically the perfect, 50s-inspired shape, in a nice, thick fabric (I’m not sure why, but a lot of the white dresses I’ve looked at seem to be in a really flimsy fabric, that I can tell would crease as soon as I looked at it), and although it’s not exactly casual, it’s not quite as fancy as the other one, so hopefully I’ll get some use out of it this summer. I know a lot of people think pale girls aren’t “allowed” to wear white, but… meh. I can’t bring myself to care, to be honest. I’m sure some would say it’s draining, but I find white kinda reflects light back at my face, so it’s less draining than some darker colours, and I like the drama of it. Because, well, I like the drama.

Don’t worry, though, I bought a green one, too: unfortunately I was completely unable to photograph this without it looking like a black blob (when, in fact, its’ green, and not-a-blob), but it’s a nice dress, and because the skirt on it isn’t as gigantic as most of the ones I wear, it’s a bit more casual, too. I might wear it tonight, in fact. But then again, maybe not.

Once the dust had settled from all of the deliveries, it was time for the next stage in the redecorating project, which involved painting those two two tallboy units I mentioned, transforming them from “distressed white” to “not-so-distressed white”:

tallboy units

This isn’t a great photo – there’s actually more of a difference in real life, but you’re just going to have to take my word for that. These were one of the first pieces of furniture we bought for our first house, and they’re old enough now that I can’t even remember where we got them. I do know they were pretty cheap, and, like most of the stuff we bought for that house, we intended to just use them for a couple of years or so, before upgrading them. Then we realised they were the only pieces of furniture that would fit our old bedroom (along with the bed, obviously), and we ended up staying in that house for much longer than we’d planned, so we kept them, and now here they are, still going strong! We could probably replace them now if we wanted to, but, I dunno, I’ve gotten quite attached to them, so we’ll keep them for now. And possibly forever.

And that was my week. Tonight Terry and I are off out to party, which will round the week off nicely. I’m hoping to avoid a repeat of what happened the last time we were invited to a party, but honestly, I’m not hopeful. I’ll report back next week…

  • Love the white walls. We’ve painted all our walls white last year when we bought the house. It looks so much better, isn’t it? x

    May 2, 2015
  • Ah, you’re living my dream, painting everything in your bedroom white! And also, completely with you on Tesco for having some amazing furniture every now and then. I have the most adorable white (of course), sort of rattan style wardrobe (that makes it sound horrible, it’s not!) that I got in a Tesco sale for £125 knocked down from £400. That’s probably still the bargain of my life – it’s SO well made and the rattan (honestly, it’s nice!) makes it a bit different and quirky next to all the boring, also white, furniture in my room. I don’t know why I felt the need to tell you all that… Your chair is cool, anyway. I’m also off to a party tonight but I’m spared the hair-doing agony as I’m going to be wearing a wig, as it’s fancy dress. I specifically chose a costume where I’d have to wear a wig, so that I didn’t have to do my hair. Winning at life.

    May 2, 2015
  • TinaD


    I remember Tesco’s–they were amazing. They didn’t have one of everything, but they did always have one or two things you didn’t know you needed until you fell over them. I imagine that has only gotten more so since. Large, steady night tables are the bomb, btw; I took a leaf out of (pre-prison) Martha’s book and put in a small desk instead of a proper nightstand, and, though the sides of the bed are a bit asymmetrical now, (which bugs me, because I’m like that) I have room for all the electronics, all the cords, all the books I’m reading, AND a cup of tea. It’ll be a really nice room when it is done, I think (yours, not mine. Mine still sifts plaster on my head.) Are you leaving the floors floor-y, or will they go white as well?

    May 2, 2015
  • Lisa


    Everything in white can be very nice (although a little voice in my mind mourns the beautiful floor^^)! It’s not my kind of style but that means only that I adore it in other people’s homes while I try to improve my tiny flat with even more shabby chic decoration. So I’m looking forward to the results!

    May 2, 2015
  • When we moved to a house with only one bathroom, we knew that me using it for hair and makeup just wasn’t going to work. I turned an old desk and upholstered stool into a dressing table and absolutely love it. As well as being practical it feels so glamorous.

    May 2, 2015