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Hunter boots

Jacket: Zara kids // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity c/o Shopbop // Hat: H&M // Boots: Hunter c/o Sarenza // dog leash: Rubin’s own

WHAT? Oh, come on: you didn’t seriously think I’d prance around in stilettos in REAL snow, did you? I mean, not even I would be quite that stupid, although I’m willing to admit that it does SEEM like the kind of thing I’d do. In fact, just last year, I was contacted by a journalist from a national newspaper, who wanted to include me in a feature about women who love heels. I got really excited about this… until I realised the journalist in question was mentally adding the words “too much” to the end of that sentence. And the headline of the piece wasn’t even going to be “Women Who Love Heels”: it was going to be something more along the lines of “Crazy Woman is Crazy”. And I was going to be the crazy woman. Yes.

My suspicions about this were first aroused when the journalist asked me to send her some photos of me as a child, wearing stilettos. I mean, I didn’t even know they MADE stilettos for children, and even if they had, my younger self was far too busy being a showjumping detective and wearing a swimming cap in public to even think about such things. “Well, do you have any photos of yourself wearing high heels to, like, a sports day, say?” she asked. “Or while walking on a tightrope or something?” Now, as amused as I was by the suggestion that I would ever voluntarily take part in sports, I have to admit, I was a little annoyed that she obviously thought I was too stupid to see where this was going, and where it was going was a sad spread in a Sunday paper featuring yours truly wearing stilettos while milking a cow or something. Look, I used to be a journalist myself: it takes one to know one.

Naturally I declined to be involved at that point, because while I DO wear heels most of the time (certainly more than average, I’m guessing), and find them perfectly comfortable and practical for MOST of the things I get up to in life, I don’t insist on wearing them for everything any more.  And when it comes to walking the wolf in ankle-deep snow, I do what any self-respecting fashion blogger does: I reach for the Hunters. And also a gigantic, puffy gold jacket which I bought in Zara’s children’s department last year, in  a  rare moment of practicality which I still feel smug about now, because it cost 50% less than the identical adult jacket, which was the exact same size. And also because my intuition was correct for once, and we have indeed reached that low point of the winter where I cast aside fashion and JUST WANT TO BE WARM. Even if it DOES mean walking around wearing a sleeping bag.

“You look a bit bedraggled,” said Terry, the charmer, while he was taking these photos. What he neglected to tell me, however, was that I also looked like a big-footed hunchback*, and that’s why I don’t post photos of myself in wellies and sleeping bag-style jackets very often. I’ve already shown you the kind of thing I wear to walk the dog in autumn, though, so I thought I might as well show you the corresponding “dog walking in winter” outfit. I don’t really know WHY I thought that, if I’m honest. I mean, it’s not like I have tons of readers all lining up to say, “Let’s see what you wear to walk the dog in all the seasons, Amber!”, but then again, you didn’t ask for ANY of this, did you? Not the dresses, or the shoes, or all those polka dots. None of it. God, I feel sorry for you all, sometimes.

As you can see, Rubin is also wearing a coat in these photos, much to Terry’s disgust. I realise the sight of animals in clothes is kinda freaky to a lot of you, and I apologise for that, but rest assured, I didn’t put it on him because I thought it looked cute: I did it because the snow attaches to his fur like velcro, and then forms huge snowballs which can’t possibly be comfortable for him. He DOES look cute, though, there’s no getting away from it.

And not the least bit like a big-footed hunchback, either. Lucky him.


*It’s not my posture, honestly: I was wearing at least three other layers under that coat, one of which was almost equally chunky. I could hardly move my arms, seriously. If the cops had turned up and told us to put our hands up, I’d have ended up getting shot because I just couldn’t have done it. I know you’re thinking that’s OK because really, what are the odds of Terry and I being involved in a shoot-out while walking the dog? But then, what are the odds of Terry being accused of stalking me, either, huh? You just never know, is all I’m saying.

    1. Haha, I think she meant to take part in the actual sports, though, not just to watch them! (I would totally wear them to watch a sports day too, if that was something that ever came up. Or wedges at least. And I have a pair of the high heeled Hunters on my wish list, although I REALLY want the bright red Louis Vuitton ones that had a 6″ heel or something…)

    1. I would love a pair of red ones – I never really “got” why people liked them so much until it started snowing every winter: now I quite fancy another pair!

    1. This attempt at snark would only be effective if I hadn’t already noted that fact myself … Or if I didn’t know that this is YET ANOTHER sock puppet account being used by “Andrea”, also known as Louise, also known as Izzy, also known as “that woman who has a creepy obsession with my blog and keeps making up fake names in order to leave snarky comments.” Seriously, Andrea: I don’t for a second expect everyone who reads this blog to like me or what I wear, but coming back repeatedly and making up lots of fake names in order to be rude to me is just plain trolling, and it’s becoming pathetic. It doesn’t matter how many names you use: I can still see that they all come from the same person and I’m not hurt by your comments, I’m just embarrassed for you that you can’t seem to stop yourself doing this, no matter how many times I call you out on it. Seriously, I get it: you don’t like me. You want to hurt me by leaving snarky comments. It’s not going to work, though, because I know you’re deliberately trolling me, so please, seek help, or find another blog that you DO like to read instead.

      To anyone else reading this: I know this comment doesn’t seem to warrant this kind of response (and yes, she’s right, I DO look like I’m wearing a duvet), but this woman has been harassing me for over a year now and has left some really nasty comments here under various names, and I just want her to know I’m not fooled by it, and am not going to tolerate it any longer.

        1. It is pretty sad. And as I said, I don’t for a second expect everyone to like me, and I fully understand that by posting photos online, I’m opening myself up to some negative comments. But if you find yourself visiting a blog you don’t like over and over again, purely so you can try to ruin someone’s day by posting snark under a bunch of different names, it might be time to consider finding a different hobby.

          Also, just to re-iterate, the “duvet” comment didn’t upset me, and if anyone else had said it I would’ve just ignored it: for one thing, I said something very similar myself, but honestly, at this point I don’t take any of Andrea/Lisa’s comments seriously, because I know they’re motivated purely by malice. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with my coat, or my hair, or my writing, or whatever it is she’s taking a pop at this time: it’s all just about her, and her ugly need to try to upset someone on the internet.

          1. Nasty people are only bitter because they are sad and jealous. When you have time, you can feel sorry for them.
            Now let’s celebrate duvet day! How do you manage to look lovely on snow day? You will push me to make more efforts, thanks for showing it is actually possible.
            Please keep your blog, you are giving a lovely time to all your readers (minus 1 apparently)

            1. Hi Manon,

              I’m not considering getting rid of the blog: Andrea/Lisa is not a reader, she’s a troll whose comments are a reflection of her own need to be vindictive, not of anything I’ve done: I think they say a lot about her, and nothing about me. I’m definitely not going to stop blogging because of her. I don’t think that people who dislike me are jealous (there are lots of people I don’t like, and it’s definitely not because I’m jealous of them!), but I do think people who spend their time making up fake identities in order to target someone over and over again deserve pity more than anything else. Then again, some people are just plain nasty!

            2. Also, FWIW: I have one of these Zara coats, and it DOES look like a duvet, and THAT IS WHY IT IS AMAZING. So double snark fail. 😛 It is literally my favourite coat ever.

  1. I don’t know much about the journalism world (yet) so this girl sounds really weird to me! On the other hand, she should come to Rotterdam in Spring, we have some kind of a sprint-in-stilettos running event, where she could see a lot of girls spending a sports day in heels!:)
    Thanks for the idea to shop at children’s department, I always forget to check out mens/childrens departments when shopping, although they’re sometimes full of treasures:)


    1. Yeah, I think most cities seem to have that now! I got the strong impression from the emails I had with her that although she wanted me to think it was going to be a “Yay, shoes!” story, it was actually going to end up more along the lines of “Look at this idiot insisting on wearing heels even when it’s dangerous!” She also kept asking me if I’d ever got into debt over shoes, or had a relationship end because of them or something, so I figured it wasn’t going to be a sympathetic piece exactly! I could be wrong, though, it was just a hunch from the kind of questions she was asking!

  2. The pics of Rubin are SEH presh! (Have I gone too Valley? “so precious” in case anyone was wonderin’. I really shouldn’t have explained should I? *sigh*)

    I think you look fab wearing your duvet.

  3. oh you DO look cute and warm in wellies and winter coat, and of course we asked for polka dots AND heels AND walk-the-dog-winterwear too!
    “If the cops had turned up and told us to put our hands up, I’d have ended up getting shot because I just couldn’t have done it.” geez, that’s winter layering! 😀
    About Zara kids, I feel silly even looking at that department since I don’t have kids and I am not exactly a petite.. still, I find things over there too, from time to time. Yep, half the price. I think that zara kids style looks too often more edgy adult than the normal zara (where is the stylish and playful and colorful kids? why do they wear all those grays and blacks?), and on the other end, you can find many kids style clothes on the woman department, expecially at TRF. Just sayin’..

    1. I’ve noticed that too about Zara Kids – they definitely seem to cater to the more fashion-forward child: not nearly as many fluffy teddy bears and ducks on their clothes, but lots of greys and metallics!

      1. just the fact I desire (and buy!) something that’s in a kids department.. makes me wonder! Yep, fashion forward kids. Maybe a little too much? I saw leopard print for little girls in the newest collection.. wowza! But also a couple of striped dresses that I’d buy for me (if I didn’t had boobs to fit in!) eheh!
        Well, after all last year I bought me combat boots at the Zara Kids dept… 😀

  4. I totally understand some days warmth over fashion is just the way to go. 🙂 I find myself also wearing rain boots lately, especially since a dog has entered my life, but mine are not warm at all. How insulated are these, or this particular brand because I see them a lot online?
    Also, Rubin is adorable in the snow!

  5. There is actually a photo of me somewhere, aged about 11, trying to master a pair of silver stilletoes that are too big for me… In our garden, oh the shame.

  6. I actually really like this outfit on you, when it is this cold you need to be warm so to be able to carry off warmth with any kind of style (which you have) is admirable. I didn’t realise Zara kid’s clothes were so nice, I just checked them out (I am only 5’3″ so I wear a lot of kids clothes but Zara Kids isn’t a place I had considered). Plus I see no hunchback, but then again I haven’t seen the outtakes like you say haha.

    Aw Rubin is so cute in his clothes, he looks like he really enjoyed wearing it too which is always good. My sisters dog tears anything apart that I try to put on her. I bought her a lovely santa scarf and hat for Christmas last year (yes she has her own stocking) and she destroyed it, but she liked the incredible hulk doll I also got her and takes really good care of that (she takes it to bed with her). Clothes obviously aren’t her thing!

    I remember reading the post when you were choosing what colour Hunters to get and you chose these, you are right they go with nearly all colours! Good choice 🙂

    Janine xx
    Giveaway Post >>>

    1. Zara Kids is definitely worth checking out – I’m just a touch under 5″4 (that “just a touch” totally counts!) and their stuff fits me, so it should definitely fit you, too: they quite often have things like blazers, trenchcoats etc which are pretty much identical to the ones in the Zara Woman line, just half the price!

      I don’t think Rubin exactly enjoys wearing clothes, but as soon as he knows he’s going on a walk, we could probably put him in a dress and he’d be too excited to even notice! He also gets a Christmas stocking: I think ripping this year’s apart was the highlight of his year!

  7. You just can’t beat wellies when it comes to this weather. I have been wearing mine and bringing my proper shoes in a bag to change into when I get indoors – it’s quite good actually because I can wear shoes I wouldn’t normally be able to wear at this time of the year!

    I’ve got to that screw style stage of winter, too. The last few days I have been aaaaall about the wellies, the wooly hat with a face on and the too-big but so warm duffel coat. It’ll warm up eventually and I’m entertaining myself in the meantime by making summery dresses!

    1. Yeah, there comes a point where practicality has to come first… If it was up to me I’d just hibernate, but Rubin just can’t be persuaded to curl up with a book when it’s below zero, so out into the woods we go! I’m seriously sick of having to dress like this every time I leave the house, though – I like my wellies, but God, I miss “proper” shoes!

  8. Trust you to have nice pretty hunters Amber, mine are a dull navy and absolutely boggin with muck. I posted a snow outfit with them a few days ago and I look like a bag lady compared to u! 😉

    1. I went and looked, and you look NOTHING like a bag lady – you look gorgeous! I really like the navy boots, too: I debated for ages which colour to get and went for these ones in the end because I thought they’d go with most of the colours I wear. I quite fancy another pair now, though!

  9. You’re both really cute! I like your outfit, and I don’t see a hunchback in these photos! But too much layering to fight the cold can make you feel like one. I was waiting to see your new hunter boots, because I really love this color, and I haven’t seen anyone else wearing these. So pretty.
    Also, that journalist sounds really weird, asking you all these questions. I think it was a good decision to decline.

  10. Let’s see what you wear to walk the dog in all the seasons, Amber! Now waiting on spring and summer, I do believe…

    Seriously, jealous of the fact that with a small dog (Rubin is just adorable) you CAN wear heels. So not practical with our enormous hounds. Or the uneven ground in the nature reserve that we back onto 🙁

    1. Oh, you’ve already seen the spring/summer ones – I just wear whatever I have on that day! It’s only when it’s freezing/snowing outside that a change of clothes is required!

  11. Lolz at the trolling. I don’t understand why people bother reading blogs they don’t like. Sigh.

    That first picture of Rubin is SO CUTE. I want to pinch his little dog cheeks and make weird cutesie noises. Maybe.

    You don’t need to wear heels to be stylin’, glad you are enjoying the snow!

    Corinne x

  12. I was toying with the idea of getting some cute rain boots for this time of year, but being that I’m in California, I’ve been able to put off that purchase until I saw these pics that inspired me.
    I know, I know dogs in outfits is in some respects kind of demeaning for the dog,but nobody can deny how fetching Rubin looks! Plus, I give you “puppy in footie pajamas:

    Is there any wonder why we revel in dressing our dogs when “necessity” calls for it?

  13. I realize this is an old post but I felt like I needed to share my input on keeping warm in winter. I moved to Sweden about four years ago and have had to learn how to dress for extremely cold weather (-20 C) after living in Florida. It is not easy.. especially if you want to look cute. I tried taking the practical approach at first but I could not stand looking and feeling like the Michelin man. After some trial and error I have learned some things. Layers, especially wool are key. Mittens are way warmer than gloves. Thick scarves are so important. Shoes with a wool liner and/or thicker soles help to keep feet warm. Wool socks! I reeaaallyyy love wool now. Last year I bought a 1950s vintage princess in you guessed it.. a thick wool fabric. They just don’t make coats like this anymore, it is sooo heavy. The high quality of the fabric coupled with the longer length keep me toasty while the feminine shape help me feel pretty in the dark winter months.

    By the way, I think you look cute in these pictures but just wanted to share my two cents in case it can be of some help. I love your blog. Your fashion sense and humor are inspiring.

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