There comes a time in every blogger’s life when she suddenly feels the need to take a photo of a cupcake and put it on the internet. Apparently that time has now come for me: I am so sorry.

And the reason for this sudden descent into fashion-blogger cliché? Well, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by the people at Groupon (which, for those of you who’ve never heard of it, is a website which allows you to buy discount vouchers for local businesses and services), who asked me if I’d like to choose one of the offers on the site to try out. Now, as it happens, Terry and I are big Groupon fans – in fact, we rarely seem to do anything these days without printing out a Groupon first – so of course I said yes.

As those of you who’ve used Groupon will know, you can find deals for almost anything on there. We use it a lot for restaurants, but Terry has also used the site to get discounts on the action-adventure things he liked to do (snowboarding, white-water rafting: that kind of thing), and we used it for a couple of the things we did on holiday this year, too, like the whale-watching trip we took, for instance. This time, though, we decided to spend it on cupcakes. We found an offer for afternoon tea for two at a place called The Birdcage, which is in Mussleburgh, just outside Edinburgh, and looked pretty nice. By “afternoon tea”, we discovered they meant “cocktails and Prosecco”, and that was good enough for us, so the deal was purchased, the Groupon was printed, and we were good to go. Except we weren’t, because in a strange twist of fate, we suddenly acquired a social life, and found ourselves booked solid for the next few weeks. Huh.

We finally got round to making our booking this weekend, though, and I took some blurry iPhone photos to show you what it was like. I’m all heart!

The interior of the place was really impressive: it was once a Victorian cotton mill, but it’s been painstakingly restored, and is totally modern inside. We were there late on Sunday afternoon, when it was really quiet, which was probably a good thing, because, minutes after the photo below was taken, Terry spilled half his cocktail over our table, much to my delight: I mean, it’s not often I get to see someone else be a complete klutz, is it? Seriously, every time we go out now, Terry warns me not to set anything on fire

For £18, we each got a glass of Prosecco, a cocktail (or half a cocktail, in Terry’s case) from the menu, and this to share:

I know I make fun of the whole “cupcakes n’ macarons” thing, but damn, that was a good cupcake, it really was. And the rest of the food was pretty good, too: in fact, it was so good that once we’d scoffed that lot, we decided to pay a bit extra and order some savoury snacks from the bar so we could stay a little longer, and continue stuffing ourselves silly. Which is a pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, if you ask me…

[Disclosure: our meal was partly financed by a voucher code supplied by Groupon. If you want to visit The Birdcage, you’ll find their website here. Just try NOT to throw your cocktail over your date, though…]


  1. Cupcakes are the best icing transportation method ever. However I’m not really supposed to have either cake or icing, so I settle for drooling over photos of cupcakes. And your photos are making me drool!

  2. I love Groupon too but feel I don’t use it enough. I’ve bought them as gifts for relatives before and they always go down well, but it’s a good way of enjoying a bit of a social life. Must check them out more frequently. X

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