polka dot midi skirt with slogan sweater and high heels

Au Revoir, Mon Amour slogan sweater

full midi skirt with slogan sweater

Au Revoir, Mon Amour

So, first up, the good news: Terry had his checkup, and everything is looking good – stand down the vigil, folks!

The slightly less good news, on the other hand? Well, remember that cold I said we were both totally cured of? It came back with a vengeance. On the very day I announced its demise, no less. And, I mean, sure, it’s no big deal, all things considered, but having spent yet another weekend feeling like death warmed up, I’m now well and truly done with being sick, thanks very much. And I know everyone who’s had the misfortune of having to deal with me over the past few days is well and truly done with my whining about it, too, so can we please catch a break here, 2016? Or just a single weekend in which everyone in the house is healthy at the same time? Because that would be AWESOME, seriously…

Anyway, these photos were taken just before the lurgy kicked back in. I bought this sweater in a Mango outlet in Tenerife earlier this year, and I’ve probably worn it at least once a week since then, although never with heels and a midi skirt, it has to be said. I’m wearing it as I write this, actually. With leggings. See? I TOLD YOU I WAS ILL.

I do really like the look of a full skirt with a slogan sweater, though, so I’m actually just surprised it took me this long to get around to matching one grey item in my closet with another grey item in my closet. It’s just the kind of thing I do, you know? This was also an inaugural outing for my new Michael Kors mini tote, which I spent some Shopbop credit on last month. Well, I’d been carrying my Selma Stud bag all summer long (Literally to the point where I started to feel like I should be apologising for its repeat appearances here…), and I really like the size of it, so I wanted to get a darker version for winter. Most of my other handbags are satchels, and as much as I love them, I sometimes get a bit tired of lugging a giant handbag around with me everywhere I go, so this seemed perfect. It’s just big enough to hold my phone, sunglasses and wallet, and that’s all I really need most of the time, so I’m glad I got it – and I apologise in advance for all of the times you’re probably going to see it this autumn/winter.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve a bottle of Chesty Cough Mixture calling my name…

Michael Kors Mercer Mini Tote


Topshop skirt

Mango sweatshirt (really love this one and this one)

Office ‘Natalie’ courts

Michael Kors ‘Mercer’ mini tote*

  1. I don’t know if wearing a sweater saying “Goodbye my love” is the most auspicious thing to do in a post about your husband health checkup. But I’m happy that you both have nothing more serious than a cold!

  2. I’ve been lurking through your instagram and blog for too much time now after recently discovering it, and I just realized I have a make-up question. I’m not sure where to ask so I choose your latest post. What, if anything, do you use to fill in your eyebrows? My hair is a bit darker than yours, and for years I haven’t managed to find anything that fits. Brown just looks weird with the red hair, at least on me, but your eyebrows always seem nicely shaped and defined and the correct colour? Thanks in advance.

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