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Back at the start of the month, I declared my resolution to finally use up some of the half-finished bottles of body lotion and other products that have been lurking at the back of the bathroom cupboard for God knows how long. Following on from that, I thought I might also do a quick roundup of which products I actually managed to use up in the course of each month: this is partly to keep me accountable (I’m hoping the thought of having to photograph a completely empty shelf one month might sour me on and help me remember to actually do this!), but it’s also so that I can tell you a little bit about some of the products I use, but don’t bother reviewing.

I’ll be honest: skincare and body lotions don’t excite me nearly as much as mascara and lipstick does. Yes, they’re useful (I’ve been using moisturiser and eye cream ever since I was a young teenager, so they’re a well-established part of my routine),  but most of the time they’re not really anything to write home about. Maybe it’s just me, but although I must have tried dozens and dozens of lotions and creams over the years, only a small handful really stand out and make me think “WOW, this product is fantastic!” Most of them are just OK: they do the job perfectly well, but they don’t really warrant a post of their own, so by doing this roundup each month, I’ll be able to give them a quick mention without having to do an in-depth review.

This months “empties” include…

CCS foot care cream

CCS Foot Care Cream [Buy it]

I have SUCH a glamorous life, huh? I was sent a couple of tubes of this, so it may well pop up again here. I think it came from a PR company, but I can’t be sure (and should probably point out that some of the products I’ll be showing here might have at some point been given to me as samples: I’ll do my best to indicate where that was the case, but if if that’s something that bothers you, you should proceed under the assumption that any or all of the items MAY have been free of charge. This doesn’t affect my opinion of them, however.). This is one of the type of products I mentioned above: it’s fine, it does, indeed moisturise my feet, but it didn’t bowl me over with amazement, or transform my toes into soft, pretty little things, so there’s not much else to say about it, really.

I also have to admit I’m not doing too well with my “get my feet in shape” resolution, either. As I mentioned in my earlier post, there just never seems to be a good time to have slippy, lotion-covered tootsies (I know most people advise the “wearing socks to bed” method for this, but I really hate wearing anything on my feet in bed, and get too warm to sleep in socks, so…), so I always seem to be telling myself I’ll start that one tomorrow. I only managed to finish up this tube because I’d already used quite a bit of it, so I must do better this month.

I’m now kinda horrified to think about the Google hits all this feet talk will get me, so moving on…

night cream

Johnson’s Face Care Rehydrating Night Cream for Normal Skin [Buy it]

I really like the Johnson’s range. It’s low-priced, very gentle, and just a good “back to basics” kinda line, with no bells or whistles. This night cream isn’t too heavy on the skin, and has a nice, subtle scent: good value for money.

E45 Endless Moisture Radiance Body Lotion

E45 Endless Moisture Radiance Body Lotion  [Buy it]

I really wanted to like this, because I’ve liked the other E45 creams I’ve used in the past. My main requirement with a body lotion, however, is that it absorb really quickly. I hate having to walk around in my dressing down, waiting for lotion to sink in, or struggle into my clothes when my skin still feels sticky, and this was a fairly heavy cream, which required a little more rubbing in/waiting to absorb time than I’d really like. Does the job once it’s on, though.

Nip + Fab night fix

Nip + Fab Night Fix Intensive Anti-Ageing Gel, £17.95   [Buy it]

I bought this a couple of months ago, having read lots of amazing claims from Nip + Fab, mostly revolving around the lines of their products being “Botox in a bottle” type potions, which would instantly restore my lost youth. I’m a complete sucker for stuff like that, so I coughed up the £17.95 and waited to be transformed. Was I? Well, what do YOU think? I did notice that my skin was smoother after a few days of using this, which meant my makeup looked better sitting on top of it. I haven’t seen any particular reduction in my fine lines, but it IS a really nice product to use: it smells lovely, and is a pleasure to use, going on smoothly and absorbing easily. I did find that I seemed to burn through it pretty quickly, but that could just have been due to over-generous application. Overall, I liked this, but haven’t rushed out to replace it, because I find Boots Protect & Perfect Serum does a better job, at a similar price point.

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, £2.59 [Buy it]

Now, this product I DID love. I’ve mentioned before that I have very dry lips, so I have lip balms scattered all over the house. This is one of my favourites: it’s only £2.59, but it has a super-moisturising effect, which really works on dry, chapped lips. The consistency is thick, and has a slightly medicinal smell, and it also creates a slight tingling sensation, a little bit like Carmex. It’s so moisturising that I only need to apply a small amount, and the effect will last for hours, so it’s excellent value for money, and one I will definitely be replacing… once I’ve completed my task of using up all of those OTHER lip balms, of course.

And those are the products I used up in January: not a bad start, I don’t think – here’s to an empty cupboard by the end of the year!

[P.S. Just in case it wasn’t clear, I didn’t use up all of these from scratch in the space of a month – most of them are products that have been opened and partially used at some point, so I’m just finishing them up!]
  1. You’ve inspired me to do the same. My bathroom cabinet is overflowing with products. The rediscovery is kind of fun. Why did I only use this once? Or, oh gosh I should’ve tossed this!

  2. I should definitely do this as well. I have a lot of half used bottles of lotions and creams. Doesn’t seem to stop me from buying new ones though. Well, actually, lately, not so much. I have been trying to save up some money so I only buy things I “need” (like those Zara wedges – yeah, totally needed those!)

    On a completely different note: have you heard of an actress named Laura Spencer? She plays in a vlog show called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and is completely awesome (she plays Jane Bennet) AND a beautiful redhead. Which obviously made me think of you;)

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