Black, white and red outfit

A reprieve! A reprieve!

black and white stripe bardot top with red skater skirt and black peep toes

full red skirt with black high heel peep toe shoes


A few weeks ago, my blog friend Emma tweeted me to say she’d come across someone using my photos to sell a dress on Depop. (This dress, in fact. People, if you ever see photos of me being used to sell this dress, rest assured it is not me, because AS IF I’d sell Dolores. That dress has been through enough without me adding to her troubles, for God’s sake!)

That’s not what this post is about, by the way: it’s not one of those ones where I complain about Bad People stealing my photos again (although Bad People should really stop doing that, for reals.): I contacted the person and asked her to remove the photo, she did, The End. In order to be able to contact her, though, I had to first of all download and register for Depop, which, as you probably know, is kind of an Instagram/Ebay hybrid, where people can list their old clothes for sale, without having to surrender their firstborn child, sign over the deeds to their house, or whatever it is eBay require sellers to do now, in exchange for the privilege of selling a dress for 99p. Ahem.

I had intended to just dowload the Depop app for as long as it took to get this person to stop using my photos (I don’t really know why, but there’s just something really creepy about finding a photo of yourself being used to sell something. Like, HOW do people not think that’s wrong?), but, well, there were clothes for sale there, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick look. Fast-forward to a few minutes later, when I’d added some stuff to my watchlist, and all of a sudden was thinking, “Hey, you know what would be cool? What would be cool would be if I sold some of my OWN old clothes here, and then used the money I made to buy someone else’s old clothes!” Because that wouldn’t even be like shopping, would it? That would be like… recycling? Yes, let’s go with that.)

Now, as it happens, I’d been planning to do a bit of a closet-clearout anyway, and I had a few things in mind that I was planning to get rid of, so why not give this Depop a bit of a whirl? Well, I’ll tell you why not: because when I went to my closet and pulled out the items I figured had outstayed their welcome, I thought I may as well try them on first – just to be sure, you know? This skirt was one of them: I got it from ASOS a couple of years ago, and can’t even remember the last time I wore it, so it was a prime candidate for Depop. I have a lot of clothes, you see, but you might be surprised to know that I’m not much of a hoarder: I do have a few “special” dresses that I don’t get to wear often, but keep anyway because they’re just too beautiful to part with, but, for the most part, I like my clothes to earn their keep, so if something isn’t being worn, out it goes.

Not this skirt, though. Because I quickly tried it on, and… seriously, guys, why have I not been wearing this skirt? I LOVE this skirt. It fits perfectly, is just the right shape for maximum twirling potential, doesn’t crease, has pockets… it would be hard to find a skirt that’s more “me”, really. It doesn’t, however, photograph very well, which I suspect is what’s been putting me off wearing it. Not that I only wear clothes that look good in photos, obviously, but as you can probably see, it looks almost like the colour has been photoshopped on here, as it did the last time I took photos of it, which means that every time I’ve looked back at those photos I’ve been unhappy with them, and have blamed the skirt. Actually, though, the skirt is innocent of all charges: in real life, it’s pretty much perfect, which is why it was returned to my closet, where it will live happily ever after. Along with all of the OTHER items I tried on that day, only to think, “Why don’t I wear this? This is awesome!”

On the plus side, I rediscovered more than a few items I’d been totally overlooking for months now, which made me feel a bit like I had a whole new wardrobe. On the minus side, however, it looks like I’m not going to be making my fortune on Depop anytime soon…

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WEARING: ASOS skirt; Miss Selfridge stripe bardot top; Studio TMLS peep toes*; Ted Baker sunglasses

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  • *raises hand*
    My name is Cory, and I’m a hoarder. Okay, so in my defense, I’ve been relatively the same size for the last decade, and for the most part, I purchase clothing that can transcend trends and seasons. The point is that I don’t get rid of much. BUT I KEEP BUYING THINGS. My closet is now the monster that ate all other closets. So much so that I made a commitment to BUY NO THINGS this year and instead create 365 unique looks out of what I already own. The disturbing thing is that I’m going to manage to do this. Easily.
    Anyway, the point of my comment is to say thank you for bringing Depop to my attention. I hadn’t heard of it before, and at the end of my challenge, I plan to do a huge closet cleanout. I want to donate a lot of it, but I think some of the nicest pieces will go to Depop. Because yay recycling!

    August 31, 2015
  • I would be so pleased if I found a red skirt like this lurking in my wardrobe as I’ve been after one! I tend to be the same though, if I try the stuff on that I’m throwing out I remember why I used to love it and generally start loving it all over again. Hence I’ve never even bothered kidding myself I’ll ever sell ANYTHING!

    August 31, 2015
  • Glad you kept the skirt, it’s lovely!

    August 31, 2015
  • I spotted one last night on eBay selling the Nancy dress using your pictures. I’d seen the title of this post in Bloglovin’ but not read it so assumed it was about that. Happy to have a dig through eBay again if you want to tell that seller off! It came up under Boden dresses 10 😉

    September 1, 2015
  • I have that skirt in blue, and I can confirm the twirling potential! I even made a gif of it at some point. I also haven’t worn it in a while, I should fix that…

    September 2, 2015