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retro cat eye glasses

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cat eye glasses

Houston, we have a problem. Of the “cat eye glasses” variety. (Which is the absolute WORST kind, isn’t it?)

The problem is that there don’t seem to be enough cat eye glasses in the world for me right now. They’re like the full skirts of the eye-wear world:  no matter how many pairs of them I have, there’s always just one more pair that will complete my collection nicely. Well, with this latest pair, I think my collection might finally be complete. No, really.

These were a gift from Ozeal, and yes, they’re a classic, cat eye shape. And yes, they’re really quite similar to some of my other pairs of cat eye glasses. In the few days that I’ve had them, though, these glasses have already become firm favourites (Er, don’t tell the other pairs I said that, will you?). I find the brown frames softer and more flattering than the black versions I have, and they’re a little more versatile than the purple pair (Which are my second favourites: shhh!). If I could change one thing, it would be the fact that my hand appears to be permanently stuck to the frames, but when you only have one “I’m taking an awkward selfie” pose, that’s pretty much par for the course, unfortunately.

I’m something of a veteran of online glasses-ordering now (By which I mean “I’ve done it three times, so obviously I know everything.”), and once again, the process was pain-free. Actually, it really made me wish you could have your eyes tested online too: as a hypochondriac, I find the whole eye-testing thing a complete ordeal, especially the “we will now blow air directly into your eyeball” bit. Compared to that, ordering the glasses is about as much fun as you can have when you’re shopping for something that isn’t a 50s-inspired dress. The only slightly tricky bit was having to get Terry to measure my pupillary distance, but to give Terry due credit, when I approached him with a tape measure, saying, “You have to measure the distance between my pupils now, OK?” he didn’t even bat an eyelid. (You, of course, can have this done by a professional, if you prefer. It’s probably a good idea.)

And with that, my cat eye glasses collection is complete. Probably.

cat eye glasses

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  • Ahaha, i recently fell into that “measure my pupils” trap, and had to hoick a willing volunteer passerby off the street to assist. Well, not really.

    May 7, 2014
  • I really like your collection. I find it intriguing that you buy glasses online, that’s one of the things I’ve always though you’d have to try out in person. But I guess it’s different if you have a type:) I’ve bought sunglasses online (with various success) but never prescription glasses. But then I’m cursed with a crooked nose so it’s harder to tell if the glasses will sit okay. I really like these (especially how the bottom half is clear).

    May 7, 2014
  • I don’t wear glasses but if I did, I’d go for purple ones every time. Quite possibly in a cat’s-eye shape.

    May 7, 2014
  • Stacey


    I *just* got out of the eye doctor. I’m waiting for my vision to go back to normal. I really, really wish that there could be online eye checks – it would make this much easier. No more weird eye dilation, crazy beams of light to look at or the pressure checks. My eye doctor doesn’t even do the puff of air anymore – instead I got some weird laser beam poking me in the eye. Poking me enough to where I actually pulled back saying “Um, I just got poked in the eye. Is that normal?” Apparently it is. I prefer the puff of air. And whenever I said that I hated having the beam of light in my eyes, because it made me feel like the doctor was looking for a tumor, I got “Well…. we are. It’s rare that we find one but that is what we do.”

    I like your new glasses though. I got my last pair from coastalcontacts and they’re my first pair of semi cat shaped glasses. Since I need new glasses now (yay?) I’m trying to decide if I should be brave and go for the full on retro look or stick with what I know. That is the main downside to online glasses shopping – no realistic trying on the glasses. But it beats pushy salespeople telling me that I look good in glasses when I *know* I don’t look good in that particular pair.

    May 8, 2014
  • Even your taste in eyeglasses is wonderful! I don’t think you can have too many of whatever it is you like, glasses included! Just something else with which to accessorize. 😉
    My last pair was purchased online too, and they are one of my favorites! I am due for a new pair but already have an empty set of frames (long story, involving very rude eye doctor employees), so since I just need to find some lenses, I will be going the non-online route this time.

    May 8, 2014
  • Hi Amber!!
    I have been looking around at cat eye glasses as well, ever since I did a posting with I need prescription, and am in the States, so I have my “eye” on a nice pair from a company in the states, and I do like these ones you are showing as well. The perfect shape I am looking for. Thanks for listing. I found a pair through a London company, but by the time I put in the script and then the shipping to the States, it was a bit much. So I have to see what this company charges for US shipping.

    I like these , and am going to get a pair for my birthday in July. Thanks for the post.

    May 11, 2014