ASOS camel wiggle dress

Dressember Day 25: Christmas Day


“Christmas Day”. I think that has to be my most inspired post title ever, no? Can you tell I lay awake all night thinking up that one, folks? Why I’m not a world famous writer by now I will never know

Anyway, we’re still at my parents’ house, awaiting day two of our annual Food Fest 2010 (Apparently my parents bought so much food they decided they’d have to split it between two dinners. If anyone who lives in their town is reading this, that’s why there’s no food left in the supermarkets right now: sorry.), so I thought I’d just quickly upload my Dressember photos from yesterday, which was, of course, Christmas Day. As you can see, I decided to celebrate in the traditional way: by wearing an ASOS dress, in this case the camel version of the blue one I wore a couple of days ago. That’s why they call me “Amber of the Twist Front Dress” now.

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, then exchanged gifts with them in the morning (No pony AGAIN, but lots of great stuff all the same) before heading to Terry’s mum’s to spend some time with that side of the family. When we got there we found that Terry’s brother John (he of “kidney” fame) and his girlfriend Jolene had gotten engaged that morning, which was such a nice surprise and gave us all even more reason to celebrate. Also, my sister-in-law, Lila, got Rubin a Snuggie:

What could be better than that? Other than ponies, obviously?

I was also really pleased to find that my parents had maintained the tradition of decorating the house using some of the “amazing” hand-made decorations I carefully crafted from cereal boxes and the like when I was a child. Here, for instance, is my attempt at a Christmas wreath:

They don’t make ’em like that any more, do they? And thank Gaga for that, I hear you say! I made this when I was, I dunno, six? Seven? Twenty-four? I’ve no idea. I was obviously encouraged by my parent’s enthusiastic reception of it, though (I mean, that IS their front door it’s hanging on, although on the inside…), so I moved on to fashioning “candles” out of toilet rolls and tinfoil:

(Because most flames are purple. Are too. SHUT UP.)

Having been reacquainted with this masterpiece of mine, I’ve decided to go into production with them next year and start selling them in my “shop”. For MONEY. Get your orders in quick, though, people: these bad boys will sell out fast!

So, that was Christmas. I hope everyone had a fabulous day, whatever you were doing!

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  • So this is the other same ASOS dress in different color… I love both the colors you have. The drape details is nice…
    Btw, MERRY CHRISTMAS sweetheart!!!

    December 27, 2010

    December 27, 2010
  • My parents still have my decorations that I made. They really deserve to be chucked out by now but my mum still insists on pulling them out each year!
    I love the dress, im really into midi lengths recently. I think they add an edge of ladylike-ness (if thats even a word!) which is something I lack!
    I would have stolen the cardigan too, its a beaut!

    December 28, 2010