Forever Amber

(Dress, River Island last year; Shoes, TK Maxx, about 6 years ago.)

For some reason, sunny weather (Oh, hey, did I mention we’ve been having sunny weather recently? Did I? Because I feel like I haven’t gushed about it quite enough yet…) brings out my inner fashion blogger, and if I’m not prancing around in a field of flowers, there I’ll be: jumping. And jumping in that “look! I’m hovering!” kinda way that you only ever see fashion bloggers do, too. I hope you’ll all join me next week, when I will be touching my hair while gazing pensively at my feet. Oh no, wait: I’ve already done that. I’ll just try to behave like a normal person, in that case. It’ll be hard, but I’ll try.

These photos were taken on Tuesday, when it was once again sunny and warm (Did I mention it’s been sunny and warm?) and Terry and I decided to go for a walk in the country with the dog.

walking the dog

We walked for a bit, sticking to the nice, easy footpath you see in the photo above. And then… we abruptly left that path, and plunged into the undergrowth, where we became instantly lost, and had to wander around for ages, trying to find our way back to the car. Our circuitous route took us up hill, down dale, and also over quite a few of those stupid wire fences, which Terry had to lift both Rubin and I over. And all the while, I was expecting to come face to face with a farmer with a shotgun, going, “Ger orfa ma land, varmints!”

But we didn’t. And I lived to jump another day.

Forever Amber

Forever Amber

Tomorrow is our fifth wedding anniversary, which is something I still can’t quite get my head around. I mean, five whole years? Really? That’s, like, half a DECADE. I seriously feel like my life is on fast-forward or something, and I’ll wake up next week and be 90. (Actually, sometimes I LOOK like I’m 90 when I wake up, so that’s not too far fetched, really.) Terry and I will be celebrating with my best friend, Stephanie, who’s in town for the weekend with her husband Nick and their gorgeous little boy, Dylan. Stephanie lives in the south of England, and the last time she made it this far north was ALSO five years ago tomorrow, when she did a reading at my wedding while just a few months pregnant with Dylan. We have seen them since then, but this will be the first time we’ll be re-uniting on our old turf (Steph and I met on our first day at Edinburgh university) so it’ll be fantastic to catch up. Naturally, the beautiful weather is forecast to come to a screeching halt at roughly the same time their train pulls into the station, but hey, we enjoyed it while we had it. And you, my friends, will get to enjoy EVEN MORE OF IT next week, when I post the approximately 45,567 other photos I took of it. It’ll be like the sunshine never ended…

Forever Amber

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  1. Congrats to you both on your wedding anniversary! Awww, 5 years, I remember mine……a little while ago….now we’re onto our 16th year. TBH I’m surprised I haven’t killed him yet! 😛

    And congrats for being able to levitate!

  2. Ahaha, fashion blogger poses are truly bizarre when you stop to think about it, rather than just thinking ‘she looks pretty, nice outfit!’

    … Speaking of which – you look pretty, nice outfit! 😉

    Congrats on your anniversary! I hope you have a wonderful time. And congrats on the sunny weather too!

  3. Congratulations for your wedding anniversary! I’m wishing you many many years of happiness together.
    Your photos are once again really beautiful, and I’m jealous that you managed to wear a sleeveless dress already. I hadn’t even gone out with t-shirts yet, but I’m sure I will really soon.

  4. Congratulations to you and Terry! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary weekend 🙂 You look gorgeous as ever in that dress – it’s such a lovely one in the warm weather and so pretty, although I hadn’t thought before of wearing it with a yellow belt, but it looks fab.

  5. I hope you have a fantastic five year anniversary tomorrow. With any luck, the weather should continue to be awesome and Not Cold.

    Have you seen Natsumi Hayashi’s blog? She posts photos of herself levitating and it is all kinds of amazing. The best bit is that she takes most of the photos in public places (the ones where she’s getting off trains are my favourites). No-one ever seems to take any notice of her, though.

      1. @Katie: Thanks for the link – amazing photographs!

        @Amber: All the best for your anniversary and for the years to come! You’re a great couple 🙂

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