How to apply eyelash extensions at home

How to Apply Eyelash Extensions at Home | Individual False Eyelashes


Despite being the mascara obsessive I am, every now and then I like to dabble in the world of eyelash extensions – with some results being better than others, it has to be said. 

Now, eyelash extensions are amazing: not just because they look good, but because they mean you wake up every morning looking like you’re already wearing mascara – and what’s not to love about that? Unfortunately, it’s not recommended that you try to apply eyelash extensions at home – some things are best left in the hands of a professional, trust me – but you can get a similar effect using individual false eyelashes. These won’t last for nearly as long as real eyelash extensions, of course, but they will give you a similar effect: so here’s how to apply them…
How to apply eyelash extensions at home

Choosing your individual false lashes

There are tons of individual false eyelashes on the market right now, and they basically fall into two categories: cluster lashes, like these ones, in which the lashes come in pre-bonded clusters:

individual false eyelashes

Or single lashes, like these

eyelash extensions at home

The type of lashes you choose is obviously up to you: I find the cluster lashes quicker and easier to apply, however the individual lashes are more natural looking – or more like actual eyelash extensions, rather. Either way, however, the method of application is more-or-less the same:

Prepare your lashes

It goes without saying that your eyelashes need to be clean, dry, and absolutely free of any other products before attempting to apply your individual false lashes. If you have very fair lashes, like mine, I’d add another step to this, which is to either dye them yourself or have them dyed professionally first. If your lashes are already dark, of course, it won’t matter, but if they’re very fair, the false lashes will look a bit odd and will need mascara over the top of them to help them blend in, so before you do anything else, dye your lashes!

Pour some lash adhesive onto a piece of aluminium foil


Most individual false eyelashes will come with their own bottle of eyelash glue, just like strip lashes do. A couple of drops of this is generally more than enough here – the glue dries fairly quickly and you don’t want it to dry out while you’re applying the lashes.

Using tweezers, grab one of the lashes and dip the end into the adhesive


I actually find Tweezerman’s Point Tweezers to be best for this, because they allow for much greater accuracy, but since I dropped mine on their points and, er, ruined them, I’m having to use the slant versions instead. I’ve used just a little too much adhesive in this picture: you really just need to coat the end of the lash. Too much, and you’ll end up with a big blob of glue on the base of your lashes, and that won’t look pretty.

Press the lash onto the base of your natural lashes


This is the tricky bit. It’s a case of “practice makes perfect”, though: you’ll probably mess up the first couple of lashes, but persevere and it’ll get easier. You’re going to want to try and press the end of the false lash as close to the base of your natural lashes as possible. Eyelure recommend dragging the false lash a little of the way up the length of your own lashes first, then pushing it back down to the base of your lashline. This will coat your lashes in glue and give the fake lash a larger surface area to adhere to. And it’s easier than it sounds, trust me.

Continue adding false eyelashes

You can add as many or as few as you like here, depending on the look you’re going for: some people like to add just a few extra lashes to enhance their own lashes, and create a natural kind of look, while others will use the full set, for maximum impact: up to you!

And you’re done! I generally find that the kind of “eyelash extensions” you apply at home will only last for a day (They come off with regular eye makeup remover, and I’ll just take them out when I’m removing my makeup at night), but I know some people who claim to be able to get two to three days out of them. They definitely won’t last nearly as long as semi-permanent eyelash extensions done in a salon, though, so that’s something to bear in mind: yes, they’re a whole lot cheaper, but they won’t exactly save you time, so the “real” thing wins every time for me, with these just being something I might do occasionally, if I have a big night out planned, say, and haven’t had time to get to the salon.

Good luck!


I tried lash magnetics so you don’t have to: here’s what happened

how to apoly eyelash extensions at homeFalse_eyelashes_2

As I said above, when I’ve used individual lashes in the past, I’ve found that they last around a week before starting to come off – normally they’ll fall off when you wash your face, but I’ve never tried this new type of lash from Eyelure, and the packet claims they’ll last for four weeks, so we’ll see. You can wear mascara over the top of them if you wish. I don’t, because I don’t think they really need it, but also because removing the mascara would involve putting pressure on the false lashes, and when I’ve tried it in the past, that’s sometimes the point when they’ve dropped off. I leave them natural, and just try to avoid getting them too wet in the shower, etc. Obviously that can be tricky because you still need to clean your face, but the glue should hold even if they do get wet. I bought these from Boots, but can’t find them on the Boots website. You’ll find more information about them at the Eyelure website.

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