Leesa mattress review and unboxing

A Mattress Fit for a (Super) King

Leesa mattress review ad unboxing

I feel like all of my posts lately feature photos of me lolling around either in bed or on the couch: whoops!

The thing is, though, that is pretty much my life right now: being pregnant has given me a whole new appreciation for rest and relaxation, and, as it’s starting to get a bit uncomfortable for me to find a position I’m comfortable enough to sleep in at night, when we replaced our bed recently, picking the right mattress was one of the most important considerations.

Actually, we picked out our mattress before we’d even found a bed we liked. I’m sure no one needs me to tell them that, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s the mattress, rather than the bedframe, which makes all the difference. Ours is by Leesa, and it has 3 layers of foam to adjust to your body, providing support and pressure relief – particularly important for my poor hips right now, which are often pretty achy when I wake up in the morning! The top layer also contains cooling Avena foam, to let air circulate: this was particularly important for Terry, who sometimes found our old mattress a bit too toasty at night!

leesa mattress

Leesa mattress review and unboxing

breakfast in bedSpeaking of Terry, that man is a restless sleeper: as in, he’s basically in perpetual motion from the minute he lies down until he finally falls asleep, and the whole time I’ll just be lying there like a cork being thrown around on a rough sea, thinking WILL. YOU. JUST. LIE. STILL. But he doesn’t, so the thing I’ve been loving most about this mattress is the support I get from it, plus the fact that Terry can bounce around as much as likes over on his side, and I don’t feel a thing – seriously, it’s worth it for that reason alone!

Before the mattress arrived, I was a little bit worried about how on earth we’d get it up the two (curved) flights of stairs that lead to the master bedroom, but I needn’t have, because it arrived in a box which looked simultaneously HUGE, and also too small to possibly contain a superking sized mattress:

Leesa mattress unboxing

Unboxing it was actually kind of fun: when you get the mattress out of the box it looks really thin, like it can’t possibly be an actual, working mattress, but then that’s when the magic happens, and you get to watch it grow before your eyes into a full-fledged adult mattress: aaawww!

We’ve been sleeping on it for around a week now, and I think the best way I can describe what it’s been like is to quote Terry, who woke up on the first morning and said he felt like he’d been sleeping in a fancy hotel bed all night. That pretty much sums it up for me, too: the whole bed just feels so much more comfortable and luxurious, and I’ve had fewer pregnancy aches and pains too so far (Although ask me again in the third trimester!), which makes me really glad we decided to make the swap. Oh, and one other good point: Leesa donate one to charity for every ten they sell – so it’s a mattress with a social conscience, too!

breakfast in bed - Leesa mattress reviewLeesa mattress review and unboxing

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  • Myra Boyle


    Wow! I’ve never seen a mattress that does that, it looks very comfy too. The cooling gel top layer sounds like a good idea, I’ve seen the cooling gel pillows and have been really tempted.
    Happy sleeping

    August 28, 2017