pink and white bedsheets on New England Superking bed

I Like Big Beds and I Cannot Lie

New England Superking bed with WISH sign and pink and grey cushions

white wooden super kingsize bed

'dream' sign on wooden bedstead

white New England superking bed in grey and white bedroom

Soooo, picking a new bed: harder than you might think, huh?

At least, it was for us, anyway, although, to be fair, we do have form with this. Our previous bed, you see, was an accidental purchase – which I know sounds like the kind of thing that could only happen to us (I mean, sure, I once accidentally bought a dress, but a BED? Seriously?), but yes, that happened: we ordered a bed, the company sent the wrong one, and neither Terry nor I noticed. D’OH.

In our defence, this was back when we bought our first house, and we’d had to buy every item of furniture for it simultaneously, which meant there were boxes and boxes of stuff arriving every day. The bed we got was very similar to the one we’d ordered, so, once we realised (Actually, it was my mum who realised: we’d probably have just remained oblivious…), we decided it would be less hassle to just keep it, than to try to get it exchanged.

So we did. And we’ve wanted to replace it ever since, because while it was a perfectly nice bed (And yes, I DID get a bit sad as I watched it being dismantled this week…), it was a very small double (I swear that bed was smaller than a regular double: it definitely felt it…), and the fact was, we’d really wanted a superking. Actually, I’d have totally just gone ahead and bought a superking (I had one picked out and everything…) but while we could have gotten it into our bedroom at the time, it would’ve been ALL we’d been able to get in there – as in, the entire room would’ve been BED – and Terry convinced me that wasn’t really a great idea.

Anyway, fast-forward a good few years and now we have a much larger bedroom, which finally has all the space we need for a big ass bed: what could probably be the problem?

pink and white bedsheets on New England Superking bedEr, me, basically: I would be the problem there. Because I am fussy, but also notoriously fickle – so I can have my heart absolutely set on one thing, but then I’ll see something completely different, and all of a sudden I want THAT instead. And so it goes on.

In this case, my complete indecisiveness meant we’d spent literally years looking for a new bed (Not non-stop, obviously: I mean, we did take the occasional break…), without being able to agree on one. Then we happened upon Wayfair, and a whole new world of bed-searching opened up to us, because these guys have hundreds of beds, and, as Terry told me many, many times, if I hadn’t been able to find something I liked with THAT many options to choose from, we’d basically have had to give up altogether and accept that there was no pleasing me.

But we did not give up. Instead, I dedicated a large part of my life to endlessly searching the Wayfair bed section (with occasional excursions into the nursery section, because, hey Terry, guess which room’s next on my list?), and making shortlist after shortlist (So, pretty long lists, then…) of beds, which I would then send to Terry to be rejected. Meanwhile, Terry did the same thing, and that’s been our lives for WEEKS now, seriously.

I had my heart set on a grey upholstered bed. I’d decided on a grey and pink colour scheme for the room (So basic, so don’t care…), and I figured that would be the best way to get it. The problem was, however, that I had a very, very specific bed in mind, and could I find it? No, I could not. Every one I found was either too dark, or too light, or too chunky, or not chunky enough, or… you get the picture, I’m sure. I did find a few that were almost right, but they were only available as doubles, and one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted a REEEEALLLLY big bed. A bed so big you could basically set sail in it if you wanted to. So I searched for that grey upholstered bed for weeks, and then one day I found this white wooden bed, and was all, “Actually, I want THIS bed instead now: we can just paint the wall grey instead!”

How I’m still married, I will never know.

Anyway, if you’ve been following my Instagram stories lately, you might know that the bed arrived last week, and I’ve been almost indecently excited at the prospect of ALL THAT SPACE that would soon be mine. (And, OK, also Terry’s, but seriously, the bed is so big that I sometimes forget he’s in it…) So, we finally got it set up a couple of days ago, and guys, it is all kinds of awesome. As in, I would totally just live in it if I could. I more or less have been, in fact: it’s just amazing to be able to totally stretch out, to have space for that giant pregnancy pillow I’m currently permanently attached to, and, in Terry’s case, to not always feel like his feet are dangling out the bottom of the bed.


New England Superking bed with WISH sign and pink and grey cushionsDid I mention that this bed also comes in ‘Emperor’ which is a size up from Superking? Honestly, I’d have gone for that one (Because the bigger the bed, the happier the Amber, basically), if it wouldn’t have been so hard to find bedding for it. Speaking of which, getting a super-sized bed also meant we needed super-sized bedding to go with it, so we also got a duvet and superking pillows, along with the matching superking pillow cases and fitted sheet. To dress it, I wanted to keep things really simple, so I went for a plain white duvet cover, which I can accessorise with any colour of cushions I want (Er, probably always grey and pink, though, if my current obsession continues…), plus this gorgeous throw, which is hand-knitted, and just so snuggly and perfect: yes, even at the end of August – this is Scotland, remember?

grey "All You Need is Love" cushion

Conclusion? We’re really happy with our new bed: and I’d say I can’t wait to crawl into it tonight, but actually? I’m already in it…

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Fitted sheet

Superking pillows

Normal Pillows

Normal pillow cases

King pillow cases

Duvet Cover

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  • I’m totally with you on the big bed front. We went to Mexico a few years ago and slept in an enormous bed, and had the best sleep both of us had ever had. The result was that we needed to get one when we got home and ended up custom ordering. It is a superking size, and (this is the bit that always makes people go slightly cross eyed) 3 foot high. 2 foot base, 1 foot deep mattress. We adore it, and the only problem comes when we need to move it out of the room (we had to sacrifice part of the landing ceiling when we moved house and replastered it afterwards as otherwise we couldn’t get it out). As I get bigger with this pregnancy it is also getting harder to get into it (I need to kind of jump in as it is as if I was climbing onto a horse) and will have to get a step soo, but it is so,so worth it. Bottom line – big beds are the absolute best! I wish you many, many nights blissful rest in yours (even when the baby comes!)

    August 25, 2017
  • I can’t let Ben see this post because since going to Florida earlier in the year and staying in one of their giant beds (I know their sizing works differently to ours, but it was HUGE), he’s been wanting one, but we only got our current bed just over a year ago, so I just can’t justify getting another. But after reading this, I SO badly want to!! I move around a lot in bed so I can see why he wants to be as far away from me as possible, and one of our cats also thinks she is human size and keeps laying horizontally across the bed while we’re in it so we basically have a space the size of a single bed for ourselves!
    On another note, I love these photos – you look so happy and cosy in the bed! And that knitted throw is gorgeous – I want to buy one of those super chunky ones but they’re so expensive that I think this would definitely be the next best thing 🙂

    August 25, 2017
  • Gillian


    Ooh love it and the colour scheme but you do realise the wee baby ?? will take up most of the space in the bed with you and Terry hanging out the sides lol ? – beds are never big enough when then kiddos arrive xx

    August 25, 2017
  • Erin


    Gorgeous bed!

    August 25, 2017
  • lalie


    Congratulations! It looks fab. Babies and toddlers take so much space in a bed that it is worth buying the biggest one you possibly can. Even if you have decided not to allow your child in your bed – yours might have totally different ideas, and who’s in charge in the house!

    August 25, 2017
  • Myra Boyle


    It’s fab, I love bid beds too, but we had to get rid of one bed when we moved and it was our super king size one because it was so old, and we had the super size duvets and pillows and I miss it. We now have two double beds and the third room is so tiny it will just fit a single bed in it .

    It will be perfect when your little boy is sleeping horizontally across it too,and he will, trust me, as well as for Sunday morning family cuddle/play sessions. Good buy and love the throw

    August 25, 2017
  • Barbara West


    It’s gorgeous. I really, really like beadboard.

    August 25, 2017
  • Brenda


    We have a king bed and honestly, it was the best purchase ever! I resisted for a long time because it meant changing out our bedside tables and lamps which were fairly new… but it didn’t take long to get over that sting!

    August 25, 2017
  • Lori


    Amber, I adore your new bed. It is absolutely beautiful. I would love to have the space for a bed that size!

    August 26, 2017