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Good morning, everyone!

This week I’m providing some chocolate lollipops to go with the Morning Coffee: or rather, Zalando are. They sent me these as a belated Valentine’s gift a couple of days ago, and, as it turned out, they were actually the closest I got to celebrating Valentine’s Day, because you know that whole, “We’ll just go out next week, instead!” stuff I was saying last week? Yeah, that totally didn’t happen.

The official reason for our complete lack of Valentine’s celebrations was that since booking our flights last week, we’re now trying our best to be sensible, and save our money for our California trip.  (Er, those two dresses I ordered are TOTALLY “sensible”, I swear it…) The real reason, though (apart from the fact that we can be pretty half-assed about socially-mandated holidays) is that we both gained a few pounds over the Christmas break, and are now attempting to lose them: an attempt which I for one will definitely be starting just as soon as I finish eating this chocolate, I promise…

As for what we DID do this week, well, in my case the week was mostly characterised by my attempts to continue with the writing of my book: an attempt which was almost thwarted on Tuesday night, when I sat and dutifully typed out over 2,000 words, only to save the document, and realise I’d somehow managed to delete every single one of those words in the process. There was a lot of shouting and swearing, followed by a frustrating 20 minutes in which I attempted to find out where the programme I’m using (Scrivener, if you’re interested…) saves its automatic backups. I finally located the backups, and went through them, only to confirm what I’d suspected: the latest 2,000 words weren’t there. Woe!

There was more shouting, more swearing, and then a session of angry typing, in which I sat down and re-wrote the whole thing, before I forgot it. The second version, naturally, wasn’t NEARLY as good as the first version had been (they never are, are they? Why are the pieces of writing you lose always your Best! Work! Ever!?), but I figured it was better than nothing, so I carefully saved it, backed it up, backed-up the backup… then opened the document, and OH JOY, there were my original 2,000 words, miraculously back from the dead! Somehow I’d managed to type them onto the START of my document, rather than at the end of it, where they were supposed to go, which is how I’d managed to miss finding them in the backups. (Yes, I DID search the document for some key words. No, I STILL didn’t find it.)

I was less thrilled than you’d think by the re-appearance of my lost work, because a) it wasn’t as good as I’d remembered it (Again, it NEVER IS, is it?) and b) I’d just sat and typed more-or-less the same 2,000 words, twice, when I could have been eating chocolate lollipops instead. GAH.

In other news, we woke up one morning this week to find that this guy had mysteriously appeared in our garden overnight:

rude gnome

If you’ve been following my gnome saga, you might recall that Terry and I have an ongoing gnome infestation problem. It started with the arrival of three little gnomes back in September (which my parents finally admitted to planting), then one large, evil gnome a short while later (which my parents continue to deny all knowledge of, but which we think our friend Steven knows more about than he’s letting on…).

Suspicion surrounding the latest gnome has, once again, fallen on my parents, and specifically on my mum. As you can see, this gnome is cheerfully flipping us all the bird, and that, my friends, has my mum ALL OVER IT. Er, to give that statement some context: Terry and my mum have an in-joke in which they will each try to flip each other the bird, in some sly kind of way. It’s more amusing than it sounds, which is good, because to be perfectly honest, it sounds pretty weird when you actually write it down. But anyway! This running joke, combined with the winking, bird-flipping gnome, makes me think my parents are up to their old tricks: they, of course, deny it, but the evidence speaks for itself, don’t you think?

And that was my week! How was yours?

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  • Aww no, it sounds like your week’s been a bit frustrating, at least you’ve got chocolate lollipops to get you though now! x

    February 21, 2015
  • Hi! I’m sorry to hear about your week, but the little gnome made me laugh so hard … x Josune, Your Beauty Script

    February 21, 2015
  • Sounds like a frustrating time at your PC! At least you had chocolate to cheer you up – if you hadn’t eaten it beforehand that is!

    February 21, 2015
  • DANA


    When I first saw the little yellow fella on Twitter, I thought it was Mr. Spring giving a special “salute” to Winter.
    Now, reading the backstory, I appreciate his appearance even more :o)

    February 21, 2015
  • Ghalia


    The new gnome is definitely my favourite. Thanks for the laughs – your family is too funny!

    February 24, 2015