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7 Things To Love About Maternity Wear

New Look pink 'Actually I Can' slogan sweater

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maternity wear ideas: pink slogan sweater with black capri pantsI know I’ve been complaining a lot about maternity wear lately, so today I thought I’d be uncharacteristically positive (I do that sometimes, just to keep you on your toes…), and list some of the things I love like about it instead. For instance

(Er, having come up with this brilliant idea, I’ve just this second realised I’m choosing to illustrate this post with photos of me wearing only one item of maternity wear. Well, I mean, I don’t love it wear THAT much…)


Maternity wear has the best basics

Everyone complains about how boring maternity wear is (And yes, I do too, I know…) because it’s mostly made of up basics, but honestly, I kinda like that about it. I mean, I’m a big fan of basics, being pretty damn basic myself, really, but good basics can be hard to find (Unless you’re not actually looking for them, obviously…), so I can’t really complain about being spoiled for choice right now, can I?

(Rhetorical question: yes, I absolutely CAN complain…)


Plus aaaalllll the stripes

Maternity wear brands think pregnant women only want to wear stripes. Most pregnant women think this is, well, a bit odd, really: I mean, we’re pregnant, we’re not sailors, right? This pregnant woman, however, begs to differ, because I actually DO only want to wear stripes. Most of the time, anyway. (Again, just this second realised I’m NOT wearing stripes in this post. I really didn’t think this one through, did I?) So, if you’re a pregnant woman who hates stripes, I feel sorry for you: I mean, that has to suck, seriously. I also feel pretty glad for me, though, because ALL THE STRIPES, GIVE ME THEM. ย And then give me some MORE…


This is where all the longline tops have been hiding

Before I got pregnant, I seemed to be permanently searching for longline tops to wear with leggings… which is kind of confusing, actually, because before I got pregnant I didn’t actually WEAR leggings, other than the sports kind? Maybe because I could never find the right longline tops for them? That’ll be it…

Over the last four months, though, I’ve figured out where the longline tops have been hiding: they’ve been hiding in the maternity wear section, that’s where. I’ll let you into a secret, too: most of those tops have clever ruching in the sides, so they’ll fit you at more-or-less any stage of pregnancy… so guess where I’ll be buying my tank tops etc even after the baby is here?


Not having to suck your stomach in all the time

This is more of a positive about pregnancy in general, rather than maternity wear specifically, but as the not-so-proud owner of a pot belly, I’ve basically trained myself to always suck in my stomach any time I’m having my photo taken, or even just standing sideways where someone can see me. When my bump first started to show, I actually had to un-train myself out of this habit (It’s like, I see a camera, I’m instantly all, “SUCK IN! SUCK IN!”), but now that I have, it’s sheer bliss to be able to just, er, let it all hang out, as it were…


Side ruching. Say no more.

Speaking of my pot belly (and I’ll stop speaking of it soon, I promise…), it can sometimes make it hard to buy certain items, because my regular size will make me look pregnant, even when I’m not, while the size up will make me look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. I totally don’t have this problem with maternity wear though: thanks to all of that clever side ruching, my usual size now has a handy little “pouch” for my belly. Why don’t ALL clothes have that?


Maternity knitwear

Honestly, I kind of love maternity knitwear. Following on from the point about longline tops, maternity knits tend to be longer and slouchier than regular sizing, and while I’m admittedly not in a great position to judge this right at this second, given that I’d been wearing a lot of slouchy knits before I got pregnant, I’m thinking I’ll be able to wear at least some of these pieces afterwards, too – for a while, at least.


Stretchy everything

Seriously, EVERYTHING IS STRETCHY. Everything. (Er, not these trousers, though: REALLY didn’t think this one through, did I?) It’s like wearing your pyjamas aaaaallll the damn time. And, OK, I know it gets boring, and I honestly can’t wait to be able to buy all of the amazing non-maternity stuff I’ve been oggling again, but for now, maternity wear is not so bad.

Ask me about this again in a few days weeks time, though, and I’ll probably be singing a different tune altogether…

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Dorothy Perkins maternity black bengaline trousers

New Look ‘Actually I Can’ jumper (currently sold out, but occasionally comes back into stock, so worth bookmarking…)

Boden shoes

Cambridge Satchel Company Cloud bag*

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  • Yeah and maternity clothes are so comfy!

    September 1, 2017
  • I found rather than boring, maternity clothes were HIDEOUS. Paisley, ratty hems, gross slogans about not touching the bump. Maybe that was the “fashion” 6 years ago but yuck. Basics are good with me. And stripes. I wore a lot of stripes before, during and after ๐Ÿ™‚

    September 8, 2017
  • Frida


    Stripes! Comfy! And that pouch for the belly… yep I too loved these things when I was pregnant ๐Ÿ˜€ not to mention I discovered the same thing as you, longer tops and sweaters to pair with leggings were all hidden in the maternity wear…! and that was when I started wearing (and living) in leggings, too (but at some point I got sooo bored that I was dreaming about dresses with a waist :D)

    September 10, 2017