Microplane Foot File review

Microplane Foot File Review

This is probably way too much information for most of you, but my feet? Suck. Well, I mean, they don’t literally suck – they’re feet, after all. But years of dedicated stiletto wear have left them looking rather the worse for wear. I have skin so hard on the soles of my feet that I could probably walk across hot coals and not feel a thing. Seriously. Enter the Microplane foot file.

Over the years I’ve tried just about every type of foot file and foot cream imaginable. Nothing has worked. But with my wedding coming up a few months ago, and a pair of beautiful new shoes to wear to it, I was ready to try anything – which is why the relatively expensive Microplane Foot File suddenly seemed like a good buy.

Microplane Foot File review

Microplane Foot File: a review

Name: Microplane Foot File.

What is it?: Um, it’s a foot file. Used for removing hard skin and callouses from even the most disgusting of feet.

Packaging: There are two types of Microplane foot file available. I got the paddle foot file, which has a long handle and oval head, and comes in a pretty green gauze carrying bag. The other kind is the “Orb” style shown in the picture above: it’s oval shaped and slightly more compact, with a case which will catch all of the, umm, foot shavings. I bought the paddle file because it was the only one in stock at the time: if I were able to choose again I’d probably go for the Orb, because trust me, there will be a lot of foot shavings for this thing to catch. Told you it would be too much information.

How does it work: The Microplane Foot File works in much the same way as any other foot file you’ll have used. You gently rub it across the skin and it’ll slough off the rough, hard horrible bits. The difference with this one is that you really will be able to rub gently with itno more frantic sawing until your feet bleed. Microplane are actually more used to making kitchen implements, and this uses the same kind of principles as a cheese grater. Nice.

Performance: Superb. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting this to work, purely because nothing else has. But it does work, and it works without too much effort on your part. I had smooth, soft feet again for the first time in years, and I had them after just a few minutes use of this
Foot File

Rating: 10/10. I reckon it’s probably as good as foot file gets.

Top tip: Unlike many other foot care products, this one works best on dry skin, so use it before you take a bath or shower, not afterwards. If you soak your feet before using it, nothing much will happen. Try smoothing on some foot cream afterwards, though.

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