My Blogging Secrets: everything I've learned in 10 years of blogging

My Blogging Secrets is now available in paperback!

You guys! My book is out in paperback! Like a real book. One with pages, and a cover, and everything!

Yes, after a lot of work from Terry, and a huge amount of cursing (also from Terry), the paperback version of My Blogging Secrets is now available to buy at Amazon. We decided to release a paperback edition, partly because a few people had told me they’d like to read it, but don’t have an e-reader (Just FYI, you don’t need a Kindle to be able to read the e-book version: you can use the Kindle app to read it on any device…), but also because, let’s be honest, I wanted to have an actual, physical copy of it, that I could hold in my hands, and think, “Hey, I wrote that!”  I would do the same with the blog itself, except the resulting “book” would occupy several volumes, all of which would be far too heavy to even pick up. Maybe some other time.

My Blogging Secrets: everything I've learned in 10 years of blogging
Anyway, even if I’m the only person who ever buys a copy (Which, FYI, I won’t be, because my mum has ordered one, too. So there.), it’ll be worth it for that reason alone, but if you do want to read the 50,000 word story of how I got started on a blogging career which has spanned a full decade, and been responsible for the purchase of a LOT of pairs of shoes, here’s a quick reminder of what you’ll find inside:

The Only Blogging Secret You’ll Ever Need

The Main Reason My Blog Became Successful

  • How I quit my job to start a blog.

How I Created a Blog That Became a Business

  • Things I didn’t do before starting a blog, but which you probably should.
  • The secret to making money from blogging.
  • How I came up with a blog topic I’m still writing about 10 years later.
  • The secrets of successful blog design.

How I Manage to Create Fresh Content Almost Every Day.

  • How to make people care about your cat.
  • Where I get ideas for blog posts.
  • The two types of content all successful bloggers write.
  • How to write posts that do well in search engines.
  • How to write posts that get lots of comments.
  • Why I write long posts, even although people tell me not to.
  • How I plan my content.

How I Create Images for My Blog

  • The importance of images.
  • My blog photography secrets.

How I Get People to Read My Blog


  • How I use social media to promote my blog
  • How I got half a million followers on Pinterest
  • How I used Pinterest to rapidly grow my readership.

How I Make Money from My Blog.

How I Grew My Blog to Over 180,000 Pageviews Per Month.

Blogging tips and advice from a full-time pro-blogger sharing everything she's learned over a decade of blogging

Finally, if you do decide to take the plunge, and buy either version of the book, can I ask you a huge favour? Er, other than the massive favour of reading 50,000 words of blogging advice, I mean? If you enjoy it, or find it helpful, would you mind taking a couple of minutes to leave me an Amazon review? The way Amazon works is that, the more positive reviews a book has, the higher it will appear in the Amazon listings, so it would really mean the world to me if you could spare the time to write even a couple of lines. Thanks in advance: you can buy the book here if you’re in the UK, and if you’re anywhere else in the world, just go to your local Amazon site and type ‘My Blogging Secrets’ into the search!

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  • Juan Sandiego


    Congrats! I’ve read your ebook recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest, I didn’t know about your blog before. But hey, that’s another way to get new readers. (I only follow your blogging tips, dresses do not fit me well…)

    April 1, 2017
  • Congratulations, Amber! That’s such an amazing achievement.

    April 1, 2017
  • Hey Amber, I’ve recently found your blog and I’ve been obsessively reading it! Your writing just flows so naturally and it’s interesting and enjoyable. Congrats on having the paperback version – it’s a huge success!
    I’ve bought the Kindle edition and honestly devoured the book in a day! Now going for a second read so I can implement all your amazing tips. I was wondering will you be able to offer some discount for people who’ve bought the Kindle edition but also want the paperback?

    April 1, 2017
      • Mili


        Hey Amber, I understand completely! Once again, congrats on publishing the book – in fact, I’ve ordered it because I much prefer reading an actual book and I’m waiting for it to arrive today! So excited!

        April 4, 2017
  • I hope that´s this great news isn´t the 1st April joke! :O Ufffff, I´ve just checked Amazon and it´s true! I am an old school and I can´t wait to leaf through your book in real. I´ve just put my order! 🙂

    April 1, 2017
  • An actual book! That is awesome Amber! 🙂

    April 1, 2017
  • I kept meaning to buy the kindle version but I’m kind of glad I waited because I still prefer actual books! Going to buy today, promise 😀 I always look forward to reading your blog so I want to be able to return the favor in some small way. Once I finish reading it I will also review it! Your blogging tips that your share on your blog are always so informative without seeming generic or too… money marketing schemey? Anyways, just want to say your blog is definitely one of my favorites, and I hope for your continued success!

    April 1, 2017
  • Buying it as we speak! Also, that’s incredibly good value!

    April 1, 2017
  • Woo! I bought it! ( I also have the kindle version) so amazing to actually to put a real physical book out xxx

    April 1, 2017
  • Congratulations on this and all your other achievements. 🙂

    April 1, 2017
  • Sharon


    Congrats!! I just have to ask, though. How in the world did you pick which picture to put on the cover? You have so many to choose from, :D.

    April 1, 2017
    • Sharon


      Oh, I love how you love your mom. (I have 4 daughters.) It was a good choice.

      April 2, 2017
  • Congratulations! I have ordered the paperback. Best of luck with it, author! Xx

    April 1, 2017
  • Rachael Dickinson


    I have downloaded this and will review on both my blog and amazon!

    Excited to read it!!

    Rachael xox

    April 2, 2017
  • Hi! Just grabbed a copy for my kindle to keep me company over the Easter bank holiday. Congratulations on the paperback – and I look forward to reviewing when I’ve read it. Laura x

    April 14, 2017
  • Kim


    I bought it, and it’s my favorite book on blogging so far. I really need an actual BOOK to be able to absorb and retain information. I need to carry it around with me, highlight stuff, or open it up and find that important part again. Anything I read online just feels temporary and fleeting to me, so I’m glad you made it available in paperback. What mainly attracted me to your book, which I spotted on Amazon, was that it was obviously GIRLY .( I have already made a vow to stop trying to read blogging books written by men because they just never seem to be speaking my language. The male idea of a blog is nothing like what I even consider a blog.) I liked your pale pink cover and the script on it, so I read the preview about you hating your job so much you were crying in the shower and I was sold. For those who are considering buying it, the book is not full of step by step how-to information. It’s more like you met a friend who has a blog and she tells you all about how she did it and what it’s like. It has given me a lot to think about. Right now I have a free unmonetized blog because I just wanted to have a place to express myself, but this book has given me some tips I will definitely remember when I take the plunge back into a self-hosted monetized one. Thanks, Amber!

    April 20, 2017
      • Kim


        Oh yes I definitely plan to, and I will have even more to say! All good stuff. I’ll do that when I have time this weekend to really do a good job of it.

        April 21, 2017
  • I have just bought the book and can’t wait to receive it! xx

    May 11, 2017
  • Hi Amber I read your book on Kindle and have just ordered the paperback (much prefer a ‘real book’)
    Your advice was great and helped me when I set up my own blog ( last month – loving the whole process. Thanks Jill

    May 14, 2017
  • I have just finished reading your book which arrived yesterday. Couldn’t put it down and I have post it notes sticking out all over the place. Today is the first time I have seen your blog and great it is too. Just wanted to say thank you for a fabulous book and all the advice it contained. I’ve not long started my blog but so glad I did and know I will be dipping in and out of your book for a long time to come.

    June 11, 2017