Shopbop sale

Please don’t buy these things in the Shopbop sale (because I want them…)

Just as beauty product manufactures make sure they discontinue any products I come to reply on, I’m convinced clothing retailers all go out of their way to make sure to always hold their sales around a week before I get paid: you know, just to make sure I can’t afford to actually BUY something?

So it is that today Shopbop announced a further 25% off sale items, from now until Thursday – so that’s three entire days people could be snapping things up left, right and centre, so that it all sells out approximately three seconds before I can buy any of it. GOD. SO UNFAIR. Anyway, rather than dwell on the unfairness of life, I thought I’d quickly show you some of the items currently residing on my Shopbop wishlist. I have to warn, you, though – if you buy any of these, and they sell out because of it, I’m going to take my lunch and sit somewhere else, OK? So don’t, for instance, try to buy this dress:

Breton stripe mini dress

Seriously, do you know how hard it is to find a simple, Breton stripe dress? REALLY hard, is the answer. Which is honestly weird, because you’d think they’d be the kind of thing you’d see everywhere, right? Wrong. I can never seem to find any, and when I do, they’re either way out of my price range or from the maternity section. Why do clothing brands think only pregnant women deserve Breton stripes? (And by “clothing manufacturers”, I mean “ASOS”…) I’ll be honest: I’ve actually been tempted to just BUY them from the maternity section a couple of times. I mean, you can always use a little extra room in the belly, right? Right? Er, OK, this is getting awkward, so, back on topic, on no account should you consider buying this dress, either:

strapless tripe dress

I have the skirt version of this dress (Yes, you WOULD think that would stop me wanting the dress, too. It doesn’t, though.), and I wear it often: I wore it last week, actually, so I’m obviously a fan. Well, big skirt = stripes: what’s not to love, really?

Speaking of skirts, don’t buy this one:

gingham skirt

Actually, you know what? You can have this one. I can’t afford it. And, well, I have two three gingham print skirts already. Not that it’s stopped me before, mind you…

I’m also going to let you buy this polka dot trench coat, on the condition that you think of me when you wear it:

polka dot trench coat

I can’t afford it either, even with 25% off the sale price, but if you can, you have my blessing. Use code 25MORE at checkout to claim your discount, and remember to do it before Thursday, or you’ll regret it. Like I normally do…

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  • Tess


    The right Breton stripe dress with the right price tag is as difficult to find as the classic white shirt dress. I can’t help but thinking career women are not the main target customers of ASOS. They make a lot of dresses cut out in the stomach, both sides of the waist, upper or lower back or backless. It’s difficult to comprehend why they did that to those otherwise decent dresses suitable for workplace. They also make tons of mini dresses which would be more appropriately categorised as tunic. And a bunch of figure hugging dresses made of spandex or thin jersey. Having said that, I still shop with ASOS but I would have bought more, had they…

    June 27, 2015