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Products for Redheads | Revlon 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Red Hair

shampoo and conditioner for red hair

I’m constantly on the lookout for shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for red hair, so when I spotted this little product in the TK Maxx beauty section a few weeks ago, I knew I couldn’t possibly leave without it.

(Aside: is anyone else obsessed with the TK Maxx beauty section? Sometimes I’ll find absolutely nothing, but other times it’s full of the kind of products you don’t normally find elsewhere – this being one of them.)

This is by Revlon, and it’s called – deep breath – 45 Days Total Color Care Revlonissimo Sulfare Free 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Brave Reds.

(SERIOUSLY. What gives with the super-long names, oh beauty-product-manufacturers? Is no one on your marketing team thinking of the poor bloggers who’ll have to type that out over and over again if they want to review it? GOD.)

Anyway,  I bought this purely because of the ‘brave reds’ bit, (Because I quite like the thought of being a BRAVE RED. I mean, who wouldn’t?) and in spite of the fact that the BRAVE RED really refers to the fact that this is designed to help prevent red hair dye from fading. Now, I don’t use hair dye, but I do occasionally use my beloved Superdrug Colour Effects, so I decided to give it a go anyway. Well, it’s not often I find something designed for my hair colour, so why not?

This is, as you’ll have divined from the name, is a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. I was a bit dubious about this, because my hair generally needs a LOT of conditioner. Like, a WHOLE LOT. If I don’t use conditioner – or if I don’t use enough/the right kind of conditioner – I’ll emerge from the shower with a head full of tangles, which will dry to a fine, flyaway mess, so I wasn’t sure a 2-in-1 product would be enough for my slightly temperamental hair.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though, so I started using it the next day. It works slightly differently from other 2-in-1 products I’ve tried, in that, rather than just applying it once, and letting it both shampoo and condition simultaneously, you apply it once as a shampoo, rinse it out, and then apply it again as a conditioner. So, you do exactly what you’d do with your normal shampoos and conditioners, basically, but both products are in the same tube.

The first thing I noticed was that the product comes out of the tube bright red, which makes it a fun way to scare your other half into thinking some kind of Psycho incident has gone down in the shower. The second thing I noticed was that it smells gorgeous. (I’m really bad at identifying scents, so all I’ll say here is that it’s sweet, and makes your hair smell lovely, which makes it very pleasant to use. )

The third thing I noticed is that it feels much more like a shampoo than a conditioner when you’re using it: it lathers up in the same way a shampoo does, rather than coating the hair like a conditioner. This made me worry that it wasn’t going to have much effect, but it was actually better than I was expecting: it’s not as good as a separate conditioner would be, and doesn’t leave my hair quite as smooth, but while I don’t think I’d use it as a replacement for my usual products, it’s the kind of thing that’s handy to have around, either to use occasionally, or for travel, when you want to minimise the number of products you have to pack.

As far as the colour-protecting bit goes, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in how long the effect of my Superdrug colour lasts when I use this. I should stress here that the Superdrug product isn’t a dye – it’s a colour-depositing conditioner – so I don’t know what the effect would be on regular red hair dye.  I do know that when I’ve used Colour Effects, the colour stays in my hair for longer when I use this, and I reckon that’s probably a positive sign.

The text on the tube informs me that this product is sold “exclusively in hair salons”, but as you know, that should probably say, “Exclusively in hair salons, TK Maxx, and also on this website, which I found after thirty seconds of Googling.” Oh, and it comes in other colours too, so if you don’t have red hair, there should still be one that works for you.

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  • Anna Nuttall
    January 20, 2015

    Hi Amber 🙂 I’ve been using John Frida red hair shampoo & conditioner as I have found it to be the only product that is suited for red hair! (mine is dyed) I’m running out of the stuff now and my hair colour is now fading now so I need something like that to brighten it up again – or maybe I might just do the root. I also never know TK Maxx had a beauty section.

  • Roisin
    January 20, 2015

    I love the TK Maxx beauty section as well! It’s great for buying fancy nail polishes for Barry M type prices – recently I’ve bought Orly, Model’s Own and Essie polishes there for about £2.99 each, as well as a really good China Glaze topcoat. I’m not really into nail polish but can’t resist them when they’re that price!

    • Lauren
      January 20, 2015

      I love the food – for some reason I keep coming out with strange salted caramel goods, or unusual jams. Very hard to resist!

  • Myra
    January 20, 2015

    I love the TK Maxx beauty counter too and buy all sorts of odds and ends there, including soap (which Raymond uses in the shower so have to be a bit careful about the scent).

  • Suze
    January 20, 2015

    Sulfate-free is always a big bonus for me although I’m always a bit wary of 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner products as I don’t really understand how they can do both jobs (plus the fact that every time I see such a 2-in-1 product I start reciting the old Wash & Go tv ad in my head, which is very annoying!)

    Brave reds makes me think of the red-headed Disney character, Brave. Come to think of it, Disney have created a few red-headed characters in recent-ish years, which is great, don’t you think?

    I also love the TK Maxx beauty offering but, as you say, it’s very hit and miss. What I don’t love about TK Maxx is the fact that they always position the most interesting bits and bobs near the tills, so that as you’re queueing you discover all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff which feeble weak-willed shoppers like me just can’t resist!

    • Katharine in Brussels
      January 24, 2015

      Yes, it must be named after the Brave character! LOL. So for a red colour-depositing shampoo or conditioner, FWIW one can always use a henna gloss to bump up red: meaning to mix henna with conditioner and let it sit for half an hour to bump up one’s red and get the henna conditioning effects at the same time. It will not, however, look blood red or smell gorgeous, it will smell like hay or a spinach salad, LOL.
      Amber, one day you might be visited by the silver goddess who leaves a sprinkle of a diamond tiara–she has already visited me :-P–and henna over (ahem–grey) the diadem leaves these incredible highlights! Also safe for pregnancy. I’m 35wks and doing a henna touch-up overnight tonight.

      • Amber
        January 24, 2015

        I actually discussed henna gloss in a previous post: I’ve been using it for a while now.

  • Ana Zilio
    January 20, 2015

    As a natural redhead like you this caught my attention, wish they sell this in Brazil.

    • Katharine in Brussels
      January 24, 2015

      Try a henna gloss!

  • Jen
    January 21, 2015

    When I had red hair mine was dyed, I loved the Superdrug little bottles that lathered up and put some colour back into fading hair. I tried a few different products which did this but always found the Superdrug one the best result.
    The one you purchased from TK Maxx sounds good and I’d have given it a go if I had found it on sale too. If you want to cleanse your hair and give a great shine I recommend apple cider vinegar as a rinse it’s blooming marvellous, use half vinegar half water as a rinse before conditioning. My hair always looks nice and shiny and feels soft. I started going blonde about 4 years ago as I was going grey and blonde hides the grey better, with having the bleach on my hair I need good treatments and basically to really look after my hair properly or it looks dull. I also use olive oil, rub it into dry hair then leave for an hour or so then shampoo and condition works wonders!

    • Katharine in Brussels
      January 24, 2015

      Thanks Jen for the olive oil and apple cider vinegar tips 🙂 Sorry Amber, I don’t mean to hijack, just appreciating the replies from your readers.

  • Mel
    January 21, 2015

    Will keep an eye out for this shampoo/conditioner. I sometime use the Superdrug Colour Effects, have been going back to over and over again it for at least 15 years! I’m naturally light blode, but using the Copper Gold or Rich Red turns it a nice natural stawberry blonde (as long as I don’t leave it on too long, then I get OMGORANGE! too).

    Have you seen the Superdrug Colour Episode range? It’s a bit stronger and more long lasting, comes in a mousse and their Natural Rich Red is fab! I normally top up every 3 weeks.

    Also, I found your blog two weeks ago and have been reading back over all your old posts, it’s just brilliant entertainment 🙂