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The Mystery of the Abandoned Suitcase

shameless selfie

Hey everyone! Welcome to my regularly scheduled week-in-review, this week brought to you by this shameless mirror selfie, and quite a lot of coffee.

In last week’s round-up, I brought you the Mystery of the Missing Pint Glasses (Still missing, by the way. It’s a mystery which I fear will never be solved, a bit like the Marie Celeste, or why Crocs were ever popular…), but this week we have another mystery on our hands. Don’t worry, I don’t intend to make ALL of my posts mysteries – I mean, I’m not Nancy Drew – but, well, take a look at this:

suitcase full of clothes

(Er, there was no way to make this photo look “Pin-able”, unfortunately. Sorry.)

Terry found it on a piece of wasteland near our house while he was out walking the dog, and as soon as he told me about it, I had to go and take a look for myself. So: a suitcase full of men’s clothes, all neatly folded, just dumped on a random piece of land. WHY? Why would you pack a case just to dump it? And if it wasn’t the owner of the case who dumped it, WHO WAS IT? And how did they come to procure a fully-packed suitcase that didn’t belong to them? Is it a stolen suitcase? Did it fall from a passing aircraft? Has its owner perhaps disappeared under mysterious circumstances – circumstances which started with them carefully packing a suitcase – and now the case has been hidden, in order to hide the “evidence” it contains? Should I call the police? But then, if it’s supposed to be hidden, it hasn’t exactly been WELL hidden, which makes me wonder if someone WANTED it to be found? Which returns us to my original question: WHY? SO MANY “WHYS”.

(No, I haven’t searched it for clues. My younger self – the one who dreamt of one-day being a show-jumping detective – wouldn’t have hesitated, but my older self finds herself rather squeamish at the thought of rummaging through someone else’s rain-soaked clothes, and worries that she might find a severed hand or something inside it.)

(Oh, and near the scene of the suitcase, Terry also found a dead fish. I promise I’m not making this up. We don’t live near a body of water, so this is another mystery. Is the fish connected to the suitcase in some way? Was it perhaps INSIDE the suitcase at some point? Did the suitcase BELONG to the fish? Would it be possible for me to squeeze any MORE questions into this paragraph? I doubt it.)

If you think you have the answer to either of these mysteries, please leave me a comment. Meanwhile…

ballot paper for UK general election

This week I posted my ballot paper for the UK general election. (I get a postal vote, so I don’t have to go and stand in line at the voting booths on the day itself. I’ll do anything to avoid The Others, seriously…) I don’t write about politics here, partly because of the old “never discuss religion or politics” thing, but also because I’ve reached an age now where I just don’t have the energy for the arguments which always seem to follow any kind of political statement. When I was a teenager, I was super-opinionated, and would happily debate for hours – I think I thought it was the “grown up” thing to do – but now? Now I’m STILL fairly opinionated, but – for the most part – I tend to keep those opinions to myself.

One thing I’ve noticed is that people rarely change their minds during political debates – instead, they all just become more and more entrenched in their own opinions, and what started out as a civilised discussion ends up as a bun-fight. Last year’s Scottish Referendum was particularly nasty in that respect, so I’ve voted (and would encourage everyone who’s eligible to do likewise, because it’s SO important), and will follow the election with interest, but with my mouth firmly shut.

On a lighter note…

selfie fail

This is what happens when Terry and I try to take a selfie together while eating ice cream. The weather has been absolutely beautiful again this week – warmer than it usually is during summer, let alone in April – so we’ve been making the most of it by getting out in the sun while it’s there, and then catching up with work in the evening. Definitely one of the biggest perks of being self-employed!

One of those “making the most of the sunshine” days was Thursday, when Terry and I went for what I thought was going to be a gentle stroll along country lanes, but which ended up being an epic adventure complete with wise-cracking farm folk and me almost ending up in tears. And by “almost” I mean “actually”. I’d taken the camera, with the intention of taking some photos during that gentle stroll (ha!), but when we reached our destination, I discovered the battery was dead, so unfortunately all have is this iPhone photo, and, OK, some other iPhone photos, which I’ll probably post next week sometime, or whenever I get round to writing down the sorry tale:

spring outfit

So that’s something to look forward to for next week, huh? And hey: at least there were daffodils! Briefly.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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  • Fran


    I think they stole someone’s car which had inside it both their groceries (the fish) and a suitcase. Because the suitcase would be identifiable, they stopped in the wasteland, opened it to check if there was annythhing valuable, and left it. They also dumped the fish because it was probably starting to smell. Ooh happiness, right? 😛

    Also, I am really glad you wrote this about voting. I think there are a lot of people who think they’re too cool/jaded/savvy to vote (which is self-evidently horrifyingly wasteful, especially for women) so I think it’s great when people who have a following like you encourage people to care, get involved, and use their vote. 🙂

    April 25, 2015
  • GaiaT


    I think the fish and the suitcase aren’t related. The suitcase may have been thrown out by a woman who found out her husband/boyfriend/partner was cheating on her, and decided to kick him out of the house. I have no clue about the dead fish though.

    April 25, 2015
  • I like that your other commenters above are attempting to provide an answer to the mystery… I don’t have that kind of energy, all I can think is ‘WHY?!’ when it comes to clothes of any kind being abandoned. I will chime in on the camera thing though – it reminds me of the time I tried to take outfit photos without a memory card, as I’d left it at home. The frustration, when you’ve gone to the trouble of getting yourself done up for photos! So I totally sympathise. And it’s a good thing iPhone cameras are so good these days, eh? (And also, that you’re never too far away from a massive supermarket that sells memory cards, heh.)

    April 25, 2015
  • Maybe the owner went for a walk and forgot the suitcase there, and maybe the fish opened it. Ha.

    April 25, 2015
  • TinaD


    I’m not Nancy Drew either (really couldn’t manage the haircut), I’m not even Rebus, but the suitcase has been gone through, stacks of clothes moved to get to/see what’s at the bottom. If it had fallen from a plane the arrangement would be more “explody,” less “stacky.” So I plump for theft–found in a stolen car, left unattended at the railway station, etc. About the fish…I’m less sure. Is it freshwater or saltwater? Dead or preserved? There was that Midsomer Murder that hinged on packets of smoked mackerel… Sorry to get all Sonny & Cher about it, but is your neck of the woods subject to passing gypsies, tramps, or (car) thieves?

    April 25, 2015
  • Anna


    I used to find random items of clothing in the streets near to where I used to live in East London. Like jeans, t shirts, the odd shoe, and underwear (?!). Why someone would take off these items of clothing in the street will remain a mystery to me

    April 25, 2015
  • Stacey


    My guess for the suitcase is a pretty boring one – I’d guess that it was packed on top of a car not very well and it went flying off. The suitcase owner didn’t realize it until they got to their destination and have no clue how to start retracing their steps on how to find it. Someone HAS gotten there before you saw the suitcase though, and rifled through it – and possibly stole some items and left behind a fish as payment?
    On the path I take to walk my dogs, a perfectly fine tennis shoe appeared one day. I’ve been trying to figure out how that happened, as if someone was running, they’d NEED that shoe, right?! But apparently I’m not the only one that has noticed this shoe, as everyday it’s in a slightly different spot: one day hanging from a tree; the next a few feet away hanging from a light pole; then upside down in the grass, etc. It’s now become a game with myself to guess how the shoe will appear that day.

    April 26, 2015
  • First off, just have to say, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but am only commenting just now. You are absolutely gorgeous- your hair color is so perfect (I’m sure you hear this all the time) 🙂

    And, ah! LOVE the Nancy Drew references- I seriously want(ed) to be her. I still read the books religiously (though no one needs to know I’m way past being the age group that the books were originally written for). I have way too much confidence that if I just had enough time I would be able to solve half of the unsolved mysteries in the world, haha!

    Your mystery is quite an interesting one. The whole fish thing actually reminds me of a Nancy Drew computer game (gosh, this makes me sound like the hugest nerd but it’s the only computer game I play, I swear)…it’s called “Danger on Deception Island” and there’s a part in the game where there’s dead fish lying around the beach and you (as Nancy Drew) have to figure out why they’re “suspicious”…

    (And now that my comment is a mile long, I apologize! I hope you’ll find an answer to your mystery- if I was there, I’d totally help you piece it together!)

    April 26, 2015
  • emily


    The fish is probably from a bird that lost its dinner, as for the suitcase, not a clue!

    April 26, 2015
  • Absolutely love this outfit, your sunglasses are a dream!

    Louise x

    April 26, 2015
  • The suitcase and fish mystery made me laugh so much, I had to read it to my boyfriend. He says the fish is probably the corporeal representation of non-corporeal inter-dimensional being. The suitcase, clearly, is it’s luggage from the other dimension. Perhaps it chose the form of fish as common in our dimension, not realising it would need to be in water.

    Seems plausible…right?

    April 28, 2015
    • Lily


      Best answer.

      April 29, 2015
  • Here’s a tale… about stolen suitcase.

    A friend of a friend was Dogsitting while the family were on holiday.

    Dog dies, suddenly and unexpectedly. She called the family vet who asked her to bring the dog in… How do you take a dead dog to the vet? taxi? No no no… She thought about it for a while, and decided that she would put dead dog in suitcase and take the underground. Getting to underground not a problem, getting downstair, more difficult. Dead Dog weight praying heavily on arms. Kind man says “Can I help you?” “Oh, please, thank you”. He stands next to her on Underground train, and in passing says, “it’s really heavy, what was in it?” Thinking quickly because she didn’t want to say “Dead dog”, she says, “Sound System”

    Doors on Subway opens, man looks at her, pushes her back slightly grabs bag and runs….

    One lost suitcase…. One confused thief. One family missing dog.

    Er. Not a successful Dogsitting episode .

    April 30, 2015