alphabet cushions

Type Anything and Press Enter

At the top left corner of my blog, there’s a little search box, which you can use to search the site for whatever takes your fancy.

The #1 term people search my blog for, however, is “Type Anything and Press Enter”… which is the instruction that appears when you click on the box (It’s obviously not a very good one, either, because it would seem that quite a few of you are simply pressing “enter” without typing anything: tut tut!), but also a pretty good description of how I blog some days. I’m thinking of making it my new tagline, actually.

Here are some photos that sum up the last couple of weeks…

alphabet cushions

MOAR cushions

I found these alphabet cushions in ASDA, of all places, and managed to sneak them in under Terry’s radar, even although he’d specifically requested there be NO MORE CUSHIONS in our home. HE thinks we have ENOUGH cushions already. What WE all know, however, is that you can NEVER have enough cushions, can you? I will stop with the ALL CAPS now, I promise.

Rubin's snow boots

What happens when Rubin goes out in the snow…

Despite the inevitable appearance of the “snow boots”, as we call them, he still likes to go out in the snow at every possible opportunity. I DID take a bunch of what I THOUGHT would be cute photos of him trying to run through it, but you literally couldn’t see him because he blended in so well.

Valentin's bubbly

Valentine’s bubbles

As I mentioned in this post, we didn’t go out for Valentine’s day, but we weren’t about to miss the opportunity for some bubbly, either, I mean, what do you take us for?

curly red hair

The flash for the camera broke…

…which meant that post I was planning about¬†hairstyles totally didn’t happen, because all of the photos except this one turned out crazy dark. I actually feel like I’ve basically spent the last few weeks taking photos… which is kind of odd, because I’m a writer, not a photographer. I’ve been frantically trying to schedule some posts in advance, though, so I can go on holiday and not have to worry about anything (well, anything other than plane crashes, obviously, which I worry about ALL the time. Like, I literally get into bed at night, roll over go to sleep, and then jolt awake thinking “OMGIAMGOINGONAPLANEWHATWASITHINKING?! So that’s been fun.), so it’s been all photos, all the time. One day last week I managed to clock up around 5,000 steps on my Fitbit, just running up and down stairs collecting various props and pieces of camera equipment. ¬†Speaking of my Fitbit, meanwhile…

Fitbit bracelet

New Fitbit bracelet

… I used some Shopbop credits to get a new bracelet for it. The idea was that the new bracelet would motivate me to do more exercize, but actually it’s just motivated me to go around saying, “Hey, lookit my new Fitbit band!” I promise I’m going to start getting fit just as soon as I’ve tidied up the mess from all of those photo shoots…

pre photo-shoot

This is the ‘before’ shot.

You do NOT want to see the ‘after’ shot. Well, I mean, you probably DO, but… well, just picture about 5x as many clothes as shoes, and imagine them all lying in a rumpled heap, rather than arranged neatly on the bed, almost as if in a tiny little shop. That’s more or less it, really.

And that’s more or less it for this post, too, because you know what they say: all work and no play makes Amber a… actually, let’s not even bother finishing that thought, shall we?

  • Your hair looks just beautiful in that photo! Looking forward to the hair style post if and when you get back around to it. I’m a little behind reading your posts, but if you haven’t gone yet, hope you have a wonderful winter vacation! Sunshine is always nice during these gray and dreary months! ?

    February 28, 2016
  • I want you to know that this mini challenge (pronounced in frou-frou French: sha-lange) was accepted by yours truly. She passed the search bar hurdle.

    March 1, 2016